Monday, 7 January 2013

Sleep In Rollers

So i thought that i would blog about this non beauty product as i havent seen it much around the blogging world and thought that i would share my views on it. 

Now the sleep in rollers are created by the lovely Hollie Wakeham and has been featured on Desperate Scousewives tv show on E4 (If any of you have seen it from last year?)I am quite lazy at times with my hair and i thought that these rollers would be perfect for me. I have naturally thin hair so i always like to have volume on the top (not too much) just so it looks and feels abit thicker. 

The sleep in rollers come in this cute pink drawstring bag which is ideal if you want to take them on a sleepover or even just to hang up inside your wardrobe. Inside the bag you get 2 packs of 10 rollers.

The rollers are velcro on the outside of the roller and foam in the middle so they are really squishy (if thats a word haha) and foamy and then in between the velcro and the roller there is room for a bobbi pin to be clipped onto your hair so that the rollers stay in place. Inside the bag there is also a mini bag full of bobbi pins. 

On the front of the bag it reads 'GOODBYE SLEEPLESS NIGHT. HELLO GREAT HAIR!!!'. On the front of the rollers it comes with some top tips on how to get the ultimate look. 

So i sectioned my hair when it was dry and rolled my hair in the direction the curl that i wanted and secure the roller with the bobbi pin. This took me about 10 minutes to do before i went to sleep. When they are secured to be honest you dont really realise you have them in which is a great bonus!!

As i got into bed ready to go to sleep i found that resting my head on my pillows with the rollers in was the most uncomfortable ive ever been which when i woke in the morning (God knows how i went to sleep) i woke up with the WORST headache :( so i wouldnt agree with there slogan of goodbye sleepless nights. More like be prepared wake up in the morning with a massive headache.

On the other hand i would recommend keeping these in throughout the day or even a few hours if you are heading out. 

(I am pulling a sad face due to the fact of the rollers giving me the worst headache experienced) But on the plus side my hair is VERY curly yayyy!!

Anybody tried them out?

Love Emily xx



  1. YES i love sleep in rollers. just... not sleeping in them. I wear microring hair extensions so i find they pull them and push the rings into my head too much.

    love your blog! xxx

  2. Hi Em, thanks for leaving a comment and yes i did get a headache and i wondered why, never thought of it being the rollers!
    have a nice day :)



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