Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Body Skincare Routine

For many years i have never had any kind of routine when it comes to my skin, makeup or even hair but i slowly started creating my own routine that suited me. I think in my teen years i never sort of stopped and looked that straightening my hair everyday on the highest setting was going infact make a difference to my hair in years to come or plastering 2 layers of foundation on every day. Since my teen years i have learnt ALOT in terms of how to look after everything as i have to cherish what ive got and maintain otherwise im going start having problems in my older years.
As it is the winter season most people enjoy wrapping up in cosey jumpers and snuggling up next to the fire. But no matter how well you wrap up the wintry weather can still strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier causing the top layer of skin to be dry and flake off. So its really essential that you moisturise as best you can!!



My first item is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. It softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin. Also smoothing marks and tones skin. This is one of my favourite products that i have i absolutely can not live without it. Its quite a thick consistency with a gorgeous bit of smell too it. It does wonders on stretch marks and scars. I find that with this product my skin has more elasticity and feels much more toned. Especially on my hip area which is where im most uncomfortable about its really helped with my marks making my skin so soft and nourished.
The next item is the Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub. It has natural pumice, rejuvenating patchouli and soothing orange oil. I like to mix body scrubs so i dont stick to one for the whole month. But i picked this up and thought il give it ago as ive heard that its a good brand and also i think its quite handy for going on holiday. (Hmmmm i want to go on holiday now :(. I use this with my exfoliating gloves and you massage on wet skin then rinse it off and your skin feels so velvety. Its a lovely little scrub and does the job for me. 
Being in the spa i have to have my feet looking good all the time as i walk around in flip flops or bare feet so i have to pedicure my feet twice a week. My heels are always dry from the spa so i have been using the Scholl Deep Moisturising Cream. It really softens them and gives them much more hydration leaving my feel soft, smooth and conditioned. 
The last item i have saved till last to say about. OH MY GOD what a brush. The Botanics Detox Brush is my little beauty!! Cannot rave about it anymore.It invigorates and smoothes the skin and removes impurities from the body. You brush dry skin in an upwards motion toward the heart and the more you use it you can put abit more firm pressure on. It does wonders for your circulation and also cellulite and scars. Now my hip area as i have mentioned above is the most conscious part of my body. I have been using this brush for just over 2 months and the difference in the fading of the marks is AMAZING. If you use everyday before a shower or bath you will notice results. 
What is one of your skincare products for the body one you cannot live without?

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog lovely! I keep meaning to try dry body brushing, I always think I'll hate the feel of brushing my skin, but if it helps cellulite etc I'd bear it! I'm very self conscious about my hip area too.
    This post was really helpful :)
    Chloe xx


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