Friday, 25 January 2013

Very mini boots haul!! and i mean mini....

Lately ive been feeling ever so stressed with uni and i thought i would have a mini splurge in boots today. Of course i went straight to the makeup section first to see what caught my eye :)

The first thing that i was really intrigued about and thought what a bargain was the Collection Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo in Light which is (new) - Boots - was £5.99 now £3.99. I have stuck with my trusty Mac foundation for awhile but my budget as of late is really tight so im trying not spend and save up abit for higher price items that i want. This year part of my resolution is to experiment and try more makeup products instead of sticking with the same brands. So when i came across this at first i thought this is such a bargain a foundation and a concealer in one BONUS!! 
 (Having a bad hair day so i had to chop my hair off but god i look awful!! ) I wanted just to show you before and after with the foundation and concealer

(This after pic my bags are still really visible but im sure if i applied abit more coverage it would look as bad :)
When you open the lid that is where the concealer is with a little tiny mirror which is really cute. The concealer is of good coverage and its not too thick the consistency is just how i like it. When you unscrew the concealer off the top of the tube is the squirty bit for the foundation. 
Now the foundation is medium coverage but definitely buildable. It feels really light and a silky like texture giving you a flawless glow. I love how it feels really light and not too thick and heavy so a thumbs up from me :) For me personally i think this is a lovely foundation if you just want abit of colour but with alot of coverage. Does the job and im so glad i picked it up!! 


 (Before no makeup)
 (Close of before no mascara)

(With the seventeen doll'd up mascara) 
The next item that i picked up was the new Seventeen doll'd up 24hr curl mascara in black. It has a plastic wand and it says that it gives you doll like lashes. Personally for me i dont like plastic wands too much but this mascara totally does me justice. I got this for £6.29 and came with a free doll'd up eyeliner. Now with the wand being quite tricky i didnt expect my lashes to be good at all even with curling them. But to my surprise i love this mascara. My lashes look really long and with volume :)so yes i really do love this mascara and would recommend trying it out. 

The last items is the Seventeen Doll'd 3 way liquid eyeliner. Now i was really curious when i opened the top it to find it had 3 bristles. In boots it actually said to youtube to find out the 3 ways to use it so i did. You can watch the three videos here: 
I really liked how you could sweap the eyeliner across your eye to give a fuller dramatic line on the eye which is what i did but i will also be trying out these 3 videos. Its quite an unusual eyeliner to have 3 sort of bristles but its one you could have alot of fun with!!
Have you tried any new products out that made you curious but worth it when you tried them out?


  1. Replies
    1. Its really good lovely id recommend it :) xx

  2. I really like the end result after you've used the mascara! I've never tried anything from that brand before, maybe I will now!

    1. You should have a try lovely :) i only noticed the brand the other day in boots. Its nice to try out different brands :) xx

  3. I was looking at this mascara today! Now I've read your review I might have to go have a splurge :D x

    1. You should go and try it out :) its an amazing mascara :) xx


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