Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Alert Alert!!

As todays economy of the country our money budgets are very tight and as girls we do love shopping and to get a bargain will make our days ( it does mine :) ) So i thought i would research abit more into buying maybe good brands of makeup like MAC and benefit and spotting fakes. Its something that i have actually been ripped off on and want to alert you other girls into not doing the same thing being disappointed and duped of money. 
We all know that ebay is a very popular website worldwide as its like doing a car boot sale from your own home and getting rid of unwanted items. You can find some great bargains on ebay but unfortunately alot of fakes are being sold and people are victims to it every day. The auction may state that that the product is a popular brand and it might even look just like it but its possible it might be a fake. The common fakes being sold are MAC, Benefit and Smashbox which i have been noticing. (Only from my own experience i can spot them a mile away). With these brands the packaging is very easy to replicate. So my advice would be to always check the sellers feedback to make sure similar products are being sold that are legit. If you notice alot of people commenting thats its not authentic then there is your red alert. Have a look at the rest of the sellers items  if they are selling a large amount or even limited edition it could be fake. Be very wary of products from Hong Kong. Check the pictures that are on the sellers page if it is blurry then ask for a better picture if you get no response then again you could assume that they are hiding something. One thing i have noticed is that if a seller has stated that the items has been discontinued or limited edition then always google for reference to see if it is correct. 
Something that happened to me on Ebay was that i was buying a MAC called pigments awhile back and they sold me a sample jar with the pigments in which at the time it was like a lot and i thought i was getting a good deal. At the time i could afford the real MAC prices and it wasnt untill i had an email to say that this seller had been suspected of being suspicious and that i would get a full refund. So to be honest i dont know what went on but im glad that i had my refund and learnt from the mistake. 
This was quite a short post but i didnt want to ramble on :) Hope you found at least insightful to beware. 

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