Friday, 18 January 2013

NOTD & Plans for the weekend!!

As i have said on my blog i wont just be posting about beauty but also my life going ons and bits of fashion. I think it will be nice to look back of what i have done this year!!
Today in Stoke it is chucking it down with snow like it is across britain. To be honest i am not a big lover of snow i hate being cold :( 
So i have been paining my nails - white nail varnish with cute tuxedo nail decor!! So cute right?!!
My plans for tonight are to watch all of these rented films whilst having a little munch. That is after i have watched all the soaps of course :) Love cosey nights in. I am more of a staying in girl but i do love big nights out where it happens every few months then i get more excited and looking forward to it!! I think because i went out so much like every other weekend when i was 18 it just got so boring. The clubs by me used to be amazing such a good night but now its surrounded by 18 stuck up know it alls grrrrr....!! 


(the view outside my window. Snowyyyyyy )

The rest of my weekend will consist of spending time with my lovely boyfriend ( 6 years with him seems a long time but its been the best just to add)and then need to prepare for uni on monday as all of my semester has changed times and modules so need to get my head in gear thats if the snow isnt bad otherwise another snow day for me yayyyy :) 


( the no makeup look whilst rocking my knitted headband indoors. Yes its strange but i suffer with really bad earache :( )

What is everyones plans this weekend? would you want see more life posts from me in the future? :)


  1. Those nails are sooo cute-I tried them once and I completely failed lol. I love nights in - I used to go out quite a lot at the end of 2012, (i am 18 in march lol)so only a couple more underage nights left! ;) I love bridesmaids and friends with benefits, they are hilarious, I think I cried at bridesmaids in the cinema. I am going to see les mis tonight if it's okay to get there in the snow - i am SO excited.


    1. Aww thank you lovely :) you deffo have the patience with the nail decors as they are so fiddly grrrrr... I bet you will love finally being 18 it seems like such a wait i had wait till august and all my friends could go out before me :( think im turning into a granny at the age of 21 boooo!! Need to go out more!! Be careful in the snow hun hope you get there in one piece :) i heard les mes is meant to be really good so enjoy!!


  2. The nails are so fun!
    Watching movies-series is one of my 'addictions'!

    Love, A!

  3. omg those nails are so cute :D


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