Sunday, 13 January 2013

Redken Review

I have been using Redken religiously for 4 months. I tend to mix between two shampoos/conditioners as i dont want my hair to get used to the same product as it leaves it dull and flat. Whereas if i swap between the two my hair looks and feels the best. 

My hair for ages felt so damaged and horrible which was due to using too much heat on my hair so i was after a product that would make it look and feel stronger so i came across the Redken Extreme Shampoo. This little gem is a fortify for damaged hair and includes protein which builds up the strength in your hair. After my first wash this product i nearly screamed with joy my hair felt so healthy and looked glossy. WIN WIN!! It has an amazing smell to it which i cannot for the life of me think what it is. This shampoo makes your hair feel really nourished and protected and adds a healthy shine YAY!! It is abit of a pricey product but if you are after something to bring life and fullness back into your hair then i would say yes go for it you will not be disappointed. 

Keeping with the same Extreme collection i have also used the Extreme Anti Snap. This provides heat protection, reduced the friction when brushing and also helps prevent split ends. You do not rinse this product as you keep it whilst styling. It is one of my favourite products. Protecting your hair is one of the most important things and especially if you use heat tools on your hair everyday your hair will start to lack in strength and appear quickly with split ends. This product does the job strengthens and protects. Amazing!!

For christmas i received the Redken Colour Extend set which i think now has all sold out as a set but you can still purchase individually. These products i have never tried before so i was very excited to see if they were as good as the extreme range. I colour my hair probably not as much as i should because i leave it until my roots are showing and walk around looking abit trampy at times ( sometimes we have them days? ). So especially having coloured hair your hair is already damaged from the dye so again you need to protect your hair as much as possible. 

The colour extend shampoo has cranberry oil which provides a rich foam to enhance softening. It strengthens the hair retain the colour vibrancy and also creating a healthy shine.  I was not disappointed at all with this product i think it is the best shampoo i have tried for coloured hair and it contains all the right ingredients to protect and enhance the colour making it last longer.

  Why it works:
Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and the breakthrough Fade Resist TM Complex wrap around each strand to optimise colour retention and improve colour vibrancy. Four powerful key ingredients work together to fortify weakened areas, resurface the hair fiber and help protect the hair from colour fading.

In the set also came the Colour Extend Condition with cranberry oil. This enhances detangling and smoother conditioner without adding weight. I found that by having the shampoo and the conditioner its the best set ever for your hair. Its a lovely little treat when you feel as though your hair doesnt look healthy or its in need of some extra nourishment. 

Have you tried any of the Redken Range?



  1. Really interested in trying the Redken Colour Extend shamp & conditioner, sounds good from your review :)

    1. Yes lovely you should go and buy :) its made my hair in such hea;thy condition and has a lovely shine too now xx


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