Wednesday, 30 January 2013

LAQA & CO - Nail Polish Pen

Im a big nail lover. Im a sucker for a new twist on nail products and this polish pen completely drew me in. The first thing i noticed was the gorgeous art work on the packaging. Each colour has a different artist on the box. 

The design is by Carol Del Angel. Carol is an illustrative artist from London and her specialty is mixing photography & freehand but she’s also outrageously good at rich patterns.
 Squid Ink Nail Polish Pen
The colour i chose was Squid Ink - its a beautiful shade of teal. (Definitely has brightened my day! Nail colours changes my mood big time. You have to give the pen a good shake before application and then give the coloured end a push. You may have to push it 5-6 times but be patient :) i applied 3 coats which i think you really need to get that high glossy look. 

Check out this leaflet that came with it - You might not be able read all the writing. (It made me giggle) !! This is what it reads:

I, the leaflet of this product.....

would just like to say how wonderful you're looking today. REALLY!!! I know what you're thingking by the way " A TALKING LEAFLET IS RIDICULOUS!". Well missy who's the one asking a leaflet questions? YOU? Quit questioning the leaflet and read carefully. See the artwork lathered all over the box? it was crated by an INCREDIBLY TALENTED YOUNG ARTIST. And because they're talented and young they'll see a share of profit whenever you buy me. And if you just hae to know more about these awesome artists. Check out LAQA AND CO.COM. Just quietly thank GOODNESS you brought one. You dont want anyone blaming you for the starvation of young creative people. But if that doesnt bother you at least your nails will look good. 

(ha!! i loved this leaflet never read anything quite as funny before)


Overall i love this colour and the quality of the polish. The pen may get abit stuck at points if you have to keep pumping it. But the pen on it is really lovely and easy to use. It is abit pricey for nail varnish but if you wanting to try out a new concept with high glossy colours then i would recommend it!!

This is an exclusive at Selfridges - For £11. here
Do you buy high end nail varnishes? What are your thoughts?


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