Thursday, 24 January 2013

Whats In My Travel Make Up Bag!!

When im travelling i tend to vary my makeup bag so if im staying over somewhere say like a friends house where its just for a quiet night then my makeup will be pretty basic but if im off for a night out then it will be crammed full of more things. I thought i would show you my basic travel essentials :) 
My cute tan makeup bag is from River Island i got it this christmas from my sister and its the perfect size for travelling with not many items. 
So my non makeup items that i take with me is the travel size version of Bioderma which is really handy and of course its raved alot but i think it does the job for me especially for heavy makeup. I like to keep a little bottle of it handy with me. The next essentially is my perfume i do change this alot but at the moment im wanting to wear my Chanel Mademoiselle scent which is really strong. I like really strong smelling perfumes and ive had this every year since i was 18!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. My hands are getting very dry at the moment with this weather so ive been using this Cuticura Vitamin E handcream. Its really nourishing and leaves your hands feeling not greasy or sticky. The last items is the Tony a& Guy Sea Salt Spray which again is a travel size. Lately ive not been using straighteners or curlers at all been more having it in a bun or just abit like beach hair with this spray and ive noticed a real difference in my hair it feels much stronger at the ends yay.

In my bag i normally only carry a couple of brushes i dont like my bag to feel overcrowded. So my two essentials is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush if no one has heard about this brush then im very surprised as again its not another brush thats been raved about for awhile. It really does buff your foundation into your skin leaving you looking really flawless and well covered. My next brush hasnt got a name brand to it its just a simple blusher brush. 
The two lipsticks that i like to have with me lately is the Rimmel London 600 soft coral and the Collection 2000 plum perfection 4. These are gorgeous colours and feel really moisturising on the lips. I use the plum if im wanting more of a dramatic makeup look and the soft coral as an everyday colour. 
Of course i carry around with me my Mac studio sculpt in nc20. Absolutely amazing foundation with medium coverage but very buildable. It gives a dewy finish and leaves your face looking radiant. I also am loving the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder. Works well over the foundation and for me gets rid of the oil look on my tzone. 
Underneath my eyes i have the Rimmel wake me up concealer 030 classic beige. It has a full coverage and illuuminated under the eyes. It completely conceals spots and blemishes. The next is the Garnier roll on anti dark circles in 01 which is the lightest shade. It has a roll on ball and is cold it instantly feels refreshing and works well to cover the dark circles. 
When i was in my teens i used to love natural collection makeup i just really loved the colours and worked perfect for my skin tone. I still have a soft spot for this blusher in pink cloud. Its very long lasting on the cheeks and its a nice little colour for an everyday to have handy with you for a hint of glow. 
My eyelash curlers are a big part of my routine. If you havent read my previous posts i have to wear eye makeup beyond anything else otherwise i dont feel confident or ready to even step out of the house (Weird?!) I only have 2 mascaras for travelling and swap them again depending on what im doing. Of course i have to have my False Lash telescopic mascara and i have been also liking the Rimmel day 2 night mascara for added length and volume. Both in the shade of black. I carry with me my rimmel kohl black pencil for the waterline and one of my FAVOURITE eyeliners the Loreal superliner perfect slim in intense black. Really simple to use and doesnt smudge at all. Stays on well and is great for the cat eye look. 
I always have handy on me a compact mirror which mine was from a glossybox last year (wish i could get back into liking the boxes but i just had to cancel my subscription wasnt enjoying the products). I also carry with me some tweezers and vaseline which are pretty self explanatory. My cannot live without product - Embrylisse lait creme concentre. Lovely light moisturiser to wear underneath your foundation leaves you with smooth and soft skin :)
My last items is the MUA heaven and earth palette. Works well for everyday natural eyes or smokey eyes. The HD brow set in vamp and a loreal eyeshadow in 150 real silver.
What are your essentials for your travel makeup bag?


  1. Lovely post. Love your tanned travel bag. I can't live without my HD eyebrow kit. Might have to try the plum lipstick looks lush !


    1. Awww thank you :D i love my bag its very roomy :) yes you should try the plum its a gorgeous colour :) xx

  2. Love your makeup bag its gorgeous! :)
    I love the rimmel stay matte powder, it is literally amazing!! xxx

    1. Thank you hun :) the rimmel matte powder is one of my essentials cannot live without :D!! xx

  3. Wow your bag is really nice! I dont know where Id be without my eyelash curlers either!


    1. Thank you :) eyelash curlers are a MUST in my eyes :P xx

  4. Great post - im so bad at packing when I travel, I have to bring EVERYTHING!!

    I have an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY on my blog, hope you will enter;


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