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Review: Liz Earle Skincare Products

Having combination skin i find it very annoying to get the balance of right products to use on my face as part of it is really dry and then other parts will be oily/spotty. As you may have read in my grease lighting post i have tried so many spot products for the face numerous times and also for dry skin. To be honest it probably didn’t help that i didn’t really know what my skin type was as it just had bursts of being weird!! I had heard so many reviews on the cleanse and polish and read that it had won awards so i thought that the product must be amazing.
I brought the cleanse and polish starter kit a couple of months back. I loved that it came in a case with the product, 2 muslin cloths and a easy to use guide on how to apply the product. The smell of t is gorgeous and can definitely smell the eucalyptus oil the most from it. It has naturally active ingredients -  Rosemary, Chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil.
“Cleanses and gently exfoliates for smoother, clearer skin”. 
The product is a rich concentrated cream and you apply it to your dry face gently massaging it to purify and stimulate the circulation. You then fill your basin with hand hot water and place your muslin cloth in the water. You then wring the cloth and gently polish off the cream. Finish by splashing cold water onto your face. 

My opinion: I absolutely love this product and i don’t know how i have not noticed it. It has completely changed my skin and my routine making it healthier and clearer. Using morning and night i feel as though my face is thoroughly getting rid of all the grime on my face and leaves my skin feeling so soft ( which makes me want to touch my face all the time haha). I honestly cannot now see my skincare routine without this product. It feels really fresh and hydrating.

As a complimentary free sample with the starter kit i also received the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which was a real bonus. It contains organic aloe vera, calendura, rose-scented geranium, cucumber and natural vitamin E. 

“Revitalises, soothes and tones for instant radiance”.

You pour the toner onto cotton wool and then gently sweeping over the face and neck after cleansing. I really do love the toner it works amazing with the cleanse and polish. Your skin feels so much better and you can see it works to get rid of all the last bits of makeup. I have just ordered the full size bottle of the toner yayyyy!! Again this is another essential item that is now firmly staying in my skincare regime. It works wonders on my skin and i feel that bit more confident about my face.

After using the cleanse and polish and toner i thought that i would do the online skin consultation on the liz earle website. It provided me with all the products that would suit my combination skin.
I then ordered the try me size of the skin repair moisturiser for normal/combination skin. I am really fussy with moisturisers it has to not be too greasy or too thin so anything in the middle is a winner. This little beauty contains borage, avocado oil, Echinacea, beta-carotene and natural vitamin e.

“Intensely moisturises, smoothes and protects”.
It is a light consistency and contains the natural antioxidants to replace lost moisture and help protect the skin. This moisturiser is great for my skin. Makes my skin feel hydryated and works well with parts of my skin that is dry. Its works really well with the cleanser and toner as a three some. Cannot fault this moisturiser at all. Its the best moisturiser i have tried and loved instantly.
So whilst i was online with my order i thought again i will order the try me size of the deep cleansing mask and gentle face exfoliator. I think that this is a great option for people to try out the products instead of maybe feeling hesitant to have wasted money if they don’t like the product. Even for the try me size they are like just a little over £5 so its not alot of money. 

The deep cleansing mask contains green clay, manuka, honey, propous and rose scented geranium. It has quite a thick consistency that comes out green so it looks like you have camoflauge paint on haha. It also comes with 2 deep cleansing sponges which are a bonus for wiping away the mask making it much more easy. You leave the mask on for 5-10 mins. I love this mask and i am so glad that i have tried it out. My skin felt so smooth afterwards and my oiliness had completely vanished. Its nice to use this product say once a week for a treat to your skin 

The last product that i have been using is the gentle face exfoliator. This contains eucalyptus, cocoa butter and fine jojora beads. “Gently sloughs away dead skin cells and impurities”.  I hate when my skin looks and feel tired. You know when it just looks really puffy and dehydrated?. This little beauty is one of my favourite products i have tried. You use it whenever your skin feels dull and it leaves it looking clear and radiant. After using this product my skin felt so much better and looking to have its shine back. I have been using it twice a week at the moment as my skin has been awful due to me feeling really run down.

Overall i cannot fault the liz earle skincare products. Every single one of them has worked wonders on my skin and i have loved using. I feel much more confident in my skin knowing that it looks and feels more nourished, hydrated and healthy!! 

Have you tried any of the Liz Earle skincare products?



  1. Agree so much with you! No matter how many different cleansers or skincare products I buy- I always end up going back to Liz Earle! My mum always buys me the set for Christmas & Birthdays as she knows how much I love it! haha xx

  2. You're a spa therapist? And you work with Elemis too? Yayyy XD thank you for your lovely comment...Xx

  3. Really want to try Liz Earle! :)

  4. I love your blog, just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

    -Lucy xox


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