Saturday, 30 November 2013

Review: Soap And Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter |

Soap and Glory is a well loved brand for indulging in as its so affordable and the quality of the products are second to none. Every product i have tried from them i have loved and i always try different products from the brand. With the coldness being sprung upon on us and one of the chores that i hate doing in this weather is moisturising my body. Since using the nivea in shower moisturiser and really loved the concept behind it and also its a great quick and easy way for lazy people like me i was after something similar to try. I noticed that Soap and Glory did a similar product called the Whipped Clean Shower Butter.

The Whipped Clean Shower Butter is a body wash and butter in one which is made of moisture oils and butter such as sweet almond, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa & shea butters. Its a thick consistency and after you have rubbed it on your body it has a lovely lather to it which has a luxury feel to it. The smell is rather musky but not too overpowering and it lingers on the skin for quite some time. I noticed after my shower my skin felt incredible!! so soft and silky and after a couple of days after using it my skin was still soft. I like to use this twice a week and then inbetween moisturise if i feel like it. A little of the product goes along way and i think for £8 its a reasonable price especially is using it like i am. I love the concept in the in shower moisturisers it really saves a lot of time and is a nice treat for the body.

Its a lazy girls best friend and is perfect for a quick dose of moisture on the go.

Have you tried this product?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Loving Lately |

I have been loving getting ready for the colder months even thought i absolutely hate it but i like layering and wearing things that are really snug and cosey. Of course i have been loving animal related things always. I have also been loving a fab social platform for bloggers called Glipho which is another place you can share your blog posts and meet other variety of bloggers too. Its so easy to sign up and use too.

 - My cat hasnt been very well lately and having him for 15 years i want to treasure him even more. Hes such a loveable character and i think anyone who is cat crazy can relate to how much they are precious. I mean come on look at his little face

 - Had a spanking new phone case from Marc Jacobs here. I love that its silicone but at the same time it really has protected my phone.
 - Getting way too excited for christmas this year which is quite unusual for me but i saw this mug and instantly had to buy it. Im going to be drinking my hot chocolate from this and it will be toasty warm with the added jumper too.
 - This geek rabbit jumper i saw on milkbubbletea blog and it was so adorable not to get. Its a thickish jumer and i brought it in a bigger size to be more baggy and snug. I have been wearing it contantly around the house on my lazy days.
- Ooh another animal dog related purchae. Seriously it needs to stop but will it? ;). These mittens were a mere £3 from primark abit ago but they do keep my hands warm for now until i wear thicker ones for when it snows etc

What do you think of my animal obsession? ;) 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Budget Buiy: MUA Makeup Academy Ever After Matte Palette |

I like to post about affordable/budget buy products from time to time. I love nothing more then finding a product at a cheap price and wowing me with the results. MUA is a a brand that i have grown to love this year and have built up quite a little collection. I think that with the easy on the pennies and bank balance price tag it also delivers in results.

After being completely won over by the heaven and earth palette that has been featured on my blog a couple of times i thought it was time to invest in another. I noticed that a couple of new palettes had been released and straight away my eyes were draw to the 'Ever After Matte Palatte'. As you can guess from the name the shades are all completely matte which is ideal if you arent a big glitter lover.

The palette has 10 shades that are all neutral colours and consist of warm and cool tones which can be worn alone or blended together. 

Shades: Unwrap (white), Butter (cream), Bare (Nude), Taffeta (Peach) , Fade (brown), Penny (bronze), Chino (taupe), Truffle ( chocolate), Fog ( dove grey) , Smoke ( black) 

 I start off with using two of them as a base colour which is either 'butter' or 'bare'  and then choose either 'penny' or 'truffle'  as a main colour and then if i am wanting more of an intense crease look then i will have either 'chino' or 'fog' blended in the crease. I then also use 'unwrap' as an inner corner shade and use it under my brow bone as a highlight.

What i love most about the palette is how it is very versatile which can be used either for a simple day look and then you can transform it for an intense smoky evening look without breaking the bank. The texture of the eyeshadows arent overly chalky or creamy they are just in the middle. I find that with using this palette an eye primer is definately needed as the lasting power isnt all day. The shade range is perfect and they are of decent quality too.

For blending they do a really great job but if they were more creamier then they would work alot better but i am really impressed of how well they do. I think using this palette for this season is working so well for me and it compliements wearing a bold lip too!!! ?The pigmentation of the colours are lovely and i find that i am using this palette on a daily basis as it has all the colours i need. I think that MUA have done amazingly well in creating such a lovely affordable product.
Have you brought this palette? what do you think?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Review: Nude Purify Cleansing Wash |

Ooh look at that ANOTHER skincare review. I just cant help myself as skincare seems to be my pride and joy of late and im loving it. Finding out what works for my skin is trial and error, i never feel like i am completely happy with my skin and always on the hunt on ways to improve it. I have heard so many great things about the brand Nude so i thought that i would dabble into the brand and buy a cleanser. Cleansers are the main part of a skincare routine along with a moisturiser everything else is just an added bonus. I can normally tell after a few uses whether its the right product or not for my skin and i was so impressed with the results from nude.

The Nude Purify Cleansing Wash is a cleanser designed for oily/combination skin types and has a cinamon scent to it which helps to remove impurities and excess oils making your skin more clear and healthy. At first its a like a gel like texture until it comes into contact with water and then its becomes a lovely creamy lather which is just heavenly on the skin. You wet your face first and then gently massage the product and its such a nice experience. I havent said that about a cleanser after a few uses in a long time but its so so nice. I dont use this cleanser to remove my makeup as i want my second cleanse to be really thorough and calming on the skin. 

You dont get any tight sensations when using this cleanser as after use your skin feels like baby soft and has a slight healthy glow to your skin. Using this product has really helped with my breakouts but also i just find using this makes me more relaxed for some reason maybe its the cinamon im not sure. It feels very luxurious on the skin and i will happily repurchase. If you are after a more deeper cleanser which adds abit of a luxury feel then this is the one for you.

Have you tried nude as brand?

Friday, 22 November 2013

What's In My Bag (Updated) |

I thought i would do an updated whats in my bag post seen as ive had a new bag for my second year at uni and it feels right to show you what i carry around with me on a daily basis. My bag is from ebay and its a celine dupe, its all black with many compartments inside and is so ideal as it is the right size for everything to be carried. It had a black strap that you use to carry on your shoulder or take it off. Even though its from ebay its actually very very sturdy and has been tested out in the rain etc. I am in love with this bag and its at a cheap price too here. They come in loads of different colours and variations. The only downside to the bag is the lining as you can tell its abit cheap but apart from that i love it.

My bag has been so tidy lately and this is how its been left - so il start with my purse which ive had for awhile now and its from river island not sure if you can still get it. But i love the nude colour and its the right size for all my cards and money etc. The quality is so good and it still looks fairly brand new.

I always carry some sort of mittens or gloves and they change all the time. These are some white fluffy ones i got from primark and they are so soft and cosey. Think they are around £3 but untill the weather gets really cold then these are staying for now!!

The A4 notepad and the smaller notepad are from whsmith. I love the polka dot spotty print and both of them are so handy to write down my to do lists and also my modules that i am doing to take notes. 

The white piece of electronic you can see on the notepad is actually my iphone portable charger which i got from ebay awhile back but there are plenty around from other places. I charge this using my iphone lead to my plug and then it has full battery for any time i need some battery on the go. I would highly recommend these as you never know when your phone may die and infact my iphone battery went abit crazy recently and this was so handy as i broken my power button so if it died i wouldnt of been able to turn it on without it being plugged in somewhere. 

My house keys which have been shown a couple of times with my pig key top thing. Helps me to see them underneath all the chaos in my bag usually. Also the black and white polka dot travel holder has my student id and travel tickets. Im so happy i brought one of these so it keeps everything in one place. 

The flowery pencil case is another purchase from ebay. Its so different from normal pencil cases and abit more grown up for me which is a surprise from cute animals. Its a good size to carry pens and highlighters with me on a daily basis. 

The leopard print umbrella from river island is from last year and its on its last legs but its still going strong. I always need an umbrella as where my uni is it rains alot of the time and especially as i travel to and from uni always need to be sheltered from the rain. 

And lastly the cat makeup bag from primark is so handy and such a small size for my bag to carry 'girly' things, paracetamols, deodrant, hand gel, powder, some bits of makeup etc. 

My bag doesnt seem to carry alot at the moment but im sure in time it will get abit chocker with many library books etc. I really really love my bag and if you are after a similar sized bag then this would be a fab one!!

Do you like my bag?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Budget Buy: Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner |

Its not very often that i rave about haircare on my blog but when i find i product that has amazed me so much its worth a post of its own right? Since buying the Dove Leave In Conditioner Spray and also the shampoo i thought that i would try one of the conditioners that they have. I notice the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner in Boots for £3.99 and thought it was worth a whirl.

The conditioner is aimed to give a deep nourishment to the hair and help to repair split ends and breakages. It has a micro moisture serum which intensely nourishes and seals lifted cuticles against future damage and is packed with all the benefits of a treatment at the quick speed of a conditioner.

First of all i love the smell of the dove products i cant quite but my finger on it but its sort of fruity i guess. I use the conditioner through the mid lengths to the ends and leave it on for a minute. Once washed out my hair feels so soft and silky and generally more hydrated in the ends. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and have really seen a lovely difference in the way my hair looks and feels at the ends. Its so affordable and im only a quarter of the way into the tube so its great value for money. I am so impressed with the dove range and i really want to try out many more of the products. But this conditioner is so quick and simple to use with fab results. Would really recommend if your hair is in need of a boost.

Have you tried Dove conditioners?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Cold Skincare Heroes |

With the weather getting colder much more quickly and its nearly into the winter months i thought i would share with you the products that i have been reaching for and will do in the colder months to come. As soon as the weather changes so does my skin which alot of time i get much more drier and dehydrated skin. 

The Aesop Anti Blemish Masque is an absolute life saviour with under the skin spots. Not saying that it completely makes them disappear overnight but it certainly takes away any swelling and calms it down. I like to apply this directly to any spots instead of a full on face mask which i have done both so its a lovely product that helps to soothe and calm everything down as its packed with chamomile. Its rather pricey but i am only 1/4 through and i used it on a regular basis so i am definately getting my moneys worth out of it. 

Next is a new product that i have been using in the last few weeks and something that has saved my skin. Out of the blue my skin has just been awful just really red and painful with spots so i was looking at a new cleanser that would help deal with this. The Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Cleanser is a rich milky concotion full of gentle ingredients that help with sensitive and red skin. Again its another product that helps to calm everything down which is what is needed in this weather lately. You can either wash or take the cleanser off with damp cotton pads and it leaves your skin so soft and silky. Its ideal if you do have sensitive skin as its so gentle and i find its calming to use before bed too.

Another Origins product is the Drink Up Intensive which is a favourite of mine. First of all it smells like delicious peaches and fresh fruits. Its a thick consistency and i love packing this onto my face for a lovely heavy dose of moisture. Everyone needs moisture and i find it helps with any dry patches and heals spots alot quicker too. I use this twice a week to really benefit my skin as it feels quite parched with the coldness and the change up in heat at home. One last Origins product to talk about which again is another staple all year round and its the Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment - this is such a good product that really helps to lock in moisture but also give that much needed dose of hydration to the skin. I love using this on a night before my moisturiser for an extra added dose and i really see the difference if i dont use it.

Next is two products from La Roche Posay which has been a welcomed addition to my skincare stash. The Serozinc is a product i have talked about numerous times in the last few months and i use this as a toner which is so good to lock in moisture but also it helps to soothe any irritations that you may have. I can see the hype that it has been given as it really does help to change your skin in the matter of days and its still lasting me a fair while. You can get this online or ebay as its more readily available but its a great one to add in more hydration to your skin on a daily basis. The Cicaplast is a very new addition and is designed to be used if you have had dermatology procedures but even though i havent its a lovely recovery product for the skin as it helps to tackle with dry patches, flakiness and irritations within a couple of days. I recently used this on my neck as i had some sort of irritation from something i must have used leaving me with red and dry patches of skin i used this twice a day for two days and it sorted it out. I use this as primer for my makeup base just on my cheeks where they are dry, it helps to make my base alot more even too.

Last up is a hand cream which i use every day and it leaves them feeling so soft. The Garner Intensive Hand Cream is very much needed in these colder months. Its non greasy and only a tiny bit is needed to help keep your hands soft all day long. Even after washing your hands still feel as though they have been moisturised and hydrated which is something i havent found in many hand creams. Its also really cheap and will last you awhile too.

What are you cold skincare products?

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisturising Cream & Hemp Hand Protector |

Anyone notice a running theme with Body Shop lately? i just cant seem to get enough of the products that they have. All of these codes and offers they have i just cant resist. I have been wanting these two items for a long time but i have never got round to actually buying them until now.

The first product is the Vitamin E Illuminating Moisturising Cream. My latest post for these range was the facial oil which i love so much and i also have the sink in moisture mask which is another favourite of mine. I love this range and i think it would really help with all skin types as everyone needs added moisture some more then others. Now this cream is slightly different as it contains a slight glow to the skin which is fairly noticeable. The product itself feels abit like a paste to look at but it sinks into the skin beautifully and isnt heavy on the skin. The actual glow is a real winner as it looks like your skin is healthy and perks you up. This is something i would recommend if you have dull skin or if you just want abit of added radiance to your skin with no fuss. It brings it in terms of not being too sparkly but i think for problem skin it can draw our the imperfections more which is way i like to use this just on my cheekbones before foundation and instead of a hightlighter. Its a lovely subtle product that would be great for going out or if you have any special dates and you want to look radiant. At £10.00 or cheaper with any offers they have its a product that i think im going to get a lot of use of.

The next product that was actually a free gift offer going on at the body shop so i decided to try the Hemp Hand Protector. Now the weather is colder my hands are such mess with broken dry skin and even broken nails. My hands just cant take the cold weather. This hand cream is exactly what i needed to sort them out. It really has worked wonder and one of the things that i really like is that even after you have used this and then wash your hands again your hands still feel so soft and moisturised. Im not overly keen on the scent as i think its abit manly for my liking but its packed full of lovely moisturising ingredients so i cant complain if it does the job. Its not greasy at all but it can be if you apply too much and you only need a small amount. Really love this cream and its a must if you have dry chapped hands.

 Have you brought anything from the body shop lately?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Iconemesis Iphone Pug Phone Case |

I love nothing more then changing my phone cases and after another cute one to top the previous one. Ive mentioned a number of times on my blog that i am a big animal lover and so when i was sent a phone case by iconemesis* and asked to choose one i knew it had to be pug related.

The design of the pug pattern is by a talented woman named Gemma Correl who is a freelance illustrator and exhibited all over the world. This being said Iconemesis brings all illustations together and displaying them on phone cases with which you can carry cute designs wherever you go.There are so many designs which you can check out here. You really are spoilt with choice as the designs are amazing.

I have never been so excited about a phone case before but i think from the illustration you can see why as im all about pugs and its just so me. The phone case is plastic and is really sturdy which by accident i have dropped my phone several times and the case has protected it so well. I would really recommend you to have a look at the website if you are after some adorable designs for your phone!!

Do you like this pug design?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Primark Haul |

So Primark has won again with my bank balance and ive ended up having a cheeky splurge which was a few weeks ago so bare with me in it being slightly late being posted im sure alot of things will still be in stores. Looking at all the things i have brought i sense abit of an animal theme going on. So if you are an animal lover or into cute items then this is the post for you!!

In my other primark haul i shared with you a quilted tshirt and i picked up another one in a gorgeous rich red colour. The quality is amazing and its a thickish tshirt so will be good for layering. I love the small chain detail on the pocked and its a bargain at £6.00.

Because of the weather getting much colder and instead of getting an ordinary jumper i saw this sequin jumper in the corner of my eye and it had to be mine. Its not an overly thick jumper but i got it in a bigger size so i can wear it oversized and baggy. I love the gold sequins as it looks really autumnal aswell. This was £14.00 which i think for what it is slightly pricey but i think it will be a good staple i will wear alot in the colder coming months.

Now lets just pause a minute - this jumper may be looked at as a barbie fantatics dream or tacky but i actually really like it. Its so soft and its exactly the same fluffy design like the cardigans that have been shown on alot of blogs. This is something i will be lounging around in and its perfect!! - £10.00

I have been after another jumper in a colour that i wouldnt normally wear alot of and this subtle mint green colour is ideal. The jumper is lovely and thick with a slashed neck collar. Its another jumper that i will wear oversized and its so cosey. - £8.00

Where so i start with this animal themed goodies?!! 

The gold roped necklace is lovely to wear with plain tshirts and i love wearing statement jewellery to make a boring outfit interesting. - £4.00

The dog and panda mittens are adorable so cute. I can tell that these wont last long and im only wearing them before the really colder months hit us but at £2.00 they do keep my hands warm. 

I noticed the polka dot travel card holder just randomly thrown in a pile and thought it would be really handy to keep my student id and any train tickets or bus ones etc. Its a waterproof material too so it really protects the cards.- £1.00

The little cute guy you can see as in the penguin is a hand warmer. Ive never seen one of these before and its so handy. Inside the cover is a gel like substance where you boil it in a pan of hot water for 5 mins and then pop it back inside the cover. Its lovely and toasty warm on your hands. For £1.00 its too cute not to have.

Carrying on my footlet collection i needed to have the dalmation ones in my life. They are just like slippers except a thiner material and not as chunky but none the less they keep your toes warm. I used to love 101 dalmations so much when i was little. Its a nice reminder of my childhood. £3.00

I have been after a thermal mug for a little while as i love soup especially in these colder months and they are great to travel with aswell. Again i love dogs and this is too cute not to have for £2.50. Its actually really sturdy and doesnt spill at all its passed the test run for me.

If you didnt know already i am pug crazy and i really want one so badly. I remember seeing the duvet set awhile back on a few instagrams but could never find it in my store so as soon as i saw it it had to be mine. I love the print its adorable and im after another duvet set for christmas time they have some lovely designs at the moment. £9.00

The owl figure you can see is actually a vanilla scented candle and its super cute. Its been decorated beautifully and it reminds me of all these dark nights. I dont know sets the cosey mood i guess. £2.50

Again i had to buy some more footlets like the dalmation ones above the koala bear ones are adorable. £3.50

The two packs of flannels you can see are for when i take my cleanser/masks off etc they are so soft and really help to get rid of everything so easily. £2.50 & £1.50

Last are some cosy socks and super cosy tights. I love stocking up on both of these for winter time. The tight have a lovely fleecy lining in them which are great for when you are wearing dresses keep them legs warm!! 

Have you been to primark lately?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Review: The Body Shop Mango Beautifying Oil |

Having brought this oil recently in my latest haul i have been using it so much and thought it was time to give my thoughts on it. The Body Shop Mango Beautifying Oil is a light dry oil that can be used for the body, face and hair. With an added ingredient for hydration such as marula oil it really helps to boost moisture.

I love using this oil after having a shower as it really packs in the moisture and keeps my skin feeling so soft and supple. With it being a dry oil it is completely mess free, has no greasy residue either and a little goes a long way. The mango scent also lingers on the body which i am in love with.The actual product itself absorbs really quickly and although the size of the bottle is very small i would be willing to repurchase as i do think it could last awhile.

Asides from using it on my body i thought i would test it out on the ends of my hair to see if i saw any results. Using the most tiny amount on the ends of my hair and leaving it overnight my ends felt so silky soft and really nourished. I loved the way it made my hair feel and also the mango scent lingering in your hair is an added bonus. 

I love using this oil and its even ideal for travelling and using it for the body and hair. Its so affordable and will last while too!!Its a lovely treat!!

What are your favourite products from the body shop?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Review: Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash |

Having blemished prone skin is half the daily battle of my skin its also the scaring that is left behind. It used to really affect my confidence and caking myself in makeup just to hide them which looking back they werent overly bad but i just remember wanting to always hide my skin. This past year i have discovered so many new skincare products that have dramatically changed my skin and keeping it under control which is why now im able to use less foundation/concealer and be able to show my natural skin more which im so happy in doing. A product that has really helped my skin the past month is the Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash

The Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash is a product that helps to smooth and renew your skin by removing dead skin cells which will improve your overall complexion. It has a non abrassive exfoliation ingredients which will help replenish moisture levels. I decided to buy the smaller size to try out and to see how well it got on with my skin and im very very impressed. 

I use this twice a week on a night because if you do use it in the morning you will need to follow up with an spf with it containing renewing properties and being in the daylight. I splash my face with some tepid water and use a 10p piece and then massage. I love how soft it makes my skin feel with the exfoliation and its so gentle aswell. It doesnt dry out my skin or irritate it in any way. Its helped with clearing blemishes and the texture in my skin is much more even. I think after continued use i will see more of a difference and will buy the full version. 

My scarring from blemishes have faded over a week and it makes me feel confident that i get things under control when the whole blemish/.scaring cycle starts again. This is suitable for all skin types so i would highly recommend to give this a go.

Have you tried this product before?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn To Do List |

This Autumn i really want to make the most out of as this year seems to be flying by so quickly so i thought i would share with you the things that im going to be doing this season.

1. Dress up for halloween in something abit more scary then your average cat!!
2. Make soup from scratch
3. Enjoy a rare lazy day with plenty of films
4. Actually carve a pumpkin as ive never ever done that
5. Go to a bonfire
6. Go to a beer festival
7. Do more workouts then twice a week
8. Be able to make a sunday dinner 
9. Make memories with friends
10. Make each day count - no regrets!!

What is your to do list for autumn? id love to know!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Review: Klorane Peony Shampoo For Irritated Scalps |

The last few months my hair has been having abit of a weird phase where sometimes it can get dry and feels really sore. Ive stopped using heat styling tools for awhile too as it was just making it feel worse. To add to this now and again i appear to have dry patches too. After using the Oilatum Shampoo which i still use i found that i could only use it once/twice a week as a thorough treatment as directed so i needed something else for the other days to clean my hair whilst still being gentle. 

I was reading through Nouvelle Daily which i love reading and saw one of the posts for scalp sos. I decided to order the shampoo and give it a try. 

The Klorane Shampoo works to gently cleanse the hair with extracts of peony which is naturally soothing for the scalp and provides much needed relief from itching/burning too. Its adapted to suit the most sensitive scalps which helps to balance and regulate. From first use and continued use my scalp is less itchy and sore which has eased dramatically which is a better result then other shampoos i have used which felt like they left a residue which this one doesnt. It leaves my hair manageable, shiny and soft too.

I really like how gentle and silky like it feels in my hair afterwards and im so happy that i have found something that soothes my scalp. So happy with the results and recommend this to anyone who has sensitive/itchiness or dryness. Its not very often that i rave about shampoo but something like this that has helped solve my scalp issues is worth it!!

Have you tried klorane shampoos before?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Favourites |

This month has been so hectic, busy and just non stop. I havent had much time to discover new products but ive been really into my skincare surprise surprise. Only four products this month that i have been using every single day non stop. 

First up is the Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Cardinal. Ive done a small post on this cream blusher and i absolutely adore it. The texture, the long lasting of it and the colour is everything that i want in a blusher. Its a perfect colour for this season and its a colour i think that really suits me. It also so ideal to carry on the go as its teeny tiny so cute!!

The three skincare products that i have been using everyday - The Trilogy Rosehip Oil which i have spoken about before is amazing. The oil is lightweight and besides reducing scarring it also seems to help with blemishes/blackheads whilst providing some adding moisture to the skin. Im over halfway with using it and its lasting pretty well so its really worth the money. I do notice a difference when i dont use this product especially now with the weather being alot colder and harsher on the skin. 

Next is the Effaclar Mat which again ive spoken about. Its the one moisturiser i think oily/combination types need. It instantly absorbs into the skin so you cant even tell you have it on your skin as its so silky feeling too. It helps keep oil and shine at bay whilst slightly minimising pores. Its a 40ml tube and i can tell that i will need to repurchase again which i happily will. It has to be my FAVOURITE ever moisturiser ive tried. Cant rave about it enough!!

Lastly is a new discovery from Bioderma Sebium range which is the serum. I apply the serum every other night after cleansing and just leave it on its own to work its magic. When i wake up in the morning any blemishes are significantly reduced and the texture of my skin is so even and smooth. I would say that this is more like using a spot treatment which im actually using this more then my other treatments as the results are so good. 

What have been your monthly favourites?