Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Primark Haul |

So Primark has won again with my bank balance and ive ended up having a cheeky splurge which was a few weeks ago so bare with me in it being slightly late being posted im sure alot of things will still be in stores. Looking at all the things i have brought i sense abit of an animal theme going on. So if you are an animal lover or into cute items then this is the post for you!!

In my other primark haul i shared with you a quilted tshirt and i picked up another one in a gorgeous rich red colour. The quality is amazing and its a thickish tshirt so will be good for layering. I love the small chain detail on the pocked and its a bargain at £6.00.

Because of the weather getting much colder and instead of getting an ordinary jumper i saw this sequin jumper in the corner of my eye and it had to be mine. Its not an overly thick jumper but i got it in a bigger size so i can wear it oversized and baggy. I love the gold sequins as it looks really autumnal aswell. This was £14.00 which i think for what it is slightly pricey but i think it will be a good staple i will wear alot in the colder coming months.

Now lets just pause a minute - this jumper may be looked at as a barbie fantatics dream or tacky but i actually really like it. Its so soft and its exactly the same fluffy design like the cardigans that have been shown on alot of blogs. This is something i will be lounging around in and its perfect!! - £10.00

I have been after another jumper in a colour that i wouldnt normally wear alot of and this subtle mint green colour is ideal. The jumper is lovely and thick with a slashed neck collar. Its another jumper that i will wear oversized and its so cosey. - £8.00

Where so i start with this animal themed goodies?!! 

The gold roped necklace is lovely to wear with plain tshirts and i love wearing statement jewellery to make a boring outfit interesting. - £4.00

The dog and panda mittens are adorable so cute. I can tell that these wont last long and im only wearing them before the really colder months hit us but at £2.00 they do keep my hands warm. 

I noticed the polka dot travel card holder just randomly thrown in a pile and thought it would be really handy to keep my student id and any train tickets or bus ones etc. Its a waterproof material too so it really protects the cards.- £1.00

The little cute guy you can see as in the penguin is a hand warmer. Ive never seen one of these before and its so handy. Inside the cover is a gel like substance where you boil it in a pan of hot water for 5 mins and then pop it back inside the cover. Its lovely and toasty warm on your hands. For £1.00 its too cute not to have.

Carrying on my footlet collection i needed to have the dalmation ones in my life. They are just like slippers except a thiner material and not as chunky but none the less they keep your toes warm. I used to love 101 dalmations so much when i was little. Its a nice reminder of my childhood. £3.00

I have been after a thermal mug for a little while as i love soup especially in these colder months and they are great to travel with aswell. Again i love dogs and this is too cute not to have for £2.50. Its actually really sturdy and doesnt spill at all its passed the test run for me.

If you didnt know already i am pug crazy and i really want one so badly. I remember seeing the duvet set awhile back on a few instagrams but could never find it in my store so as soon as i saw it it had to be mine. I love the print its adorable and im after another duvet set for christmas time they have some lovely designs at the moment. £9.00

The owl figure you can see is actually a vanilla scented candle and its super cute. Its been decorated beautifully and it reminds me of all these dark nights. I dont know sets the cosey mood i guess. £2.50

Again i had to buy some more footlets like the dalmation ones above the koala bear ones are adorable. £3.50

The two packs of flannels you can see are for when i take my cleanser/masks off etc they are so soft and really help to get rid of everything so easily. £2.50 & £1.50

Last are some cosy socks and super cosy tights. I love stocking up on both of these for winter time. The tight have a lovely fleecy lining in them which are great for when you are wearing dresses keep them legs warm!! 

Have you been to primark lately?


  1. Aaah I need the koala slippers! Love everything you picked up :)


  2. the duvet cover is so cute!



  3. The animal themed goodies are my favourite! I love getting accessories!


  4. Love everything you got! I really want the fluffy jumper.. I love picking up decorations, candles and bed clothes from Primark too ♥

    Leanne | makeupblast.blogspot.ie | bloglovin.com/blog/3923219

  5. The mittens and socks are so cute! I love fun little things like that to add to your wardrobe :)

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  6. I love Primark at this time of year! The tshirt and sequined jumper look so cute! x

  7. Great buys! I bought the slash neck jumper too a few days ago in a lilac shade - love it! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  8. I have the same fluffy pink jumper but in red and IT'S THE LOVELIEST JUMPER I'VE BOUGHT THIS SEASON I literally cannot get over how cosy and snuggly it is! Perfect ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving


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