Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil |

Wow i have really been loving these cheeky 40% off body shop has been having lately. I always have mini lists as i love so much of the products that they have. Everything i have tried i have never been left disappointed!! After using and loving the Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask (which is on its last legs at the moment) and seeing so much of a difference in my skin i thought i would dabble in more of the Vitamin E range so the facial oil really appealed to me and after ordering i eagerly awaited the arrival. 

The Vitamin E range provides a high dose of moisture back into the skin leaving it looking more plumped, soft and hydrated. Being a fan of facial oils and seeing the difference they make to my skin and with the colder months i thought that this would really help keep my skin moisturised. The facial oil is packed with essential oils including rose to help soothe the skin and the senses aswell as this it is also rich in essential fatty acids that help to restore the skin’s moisture barrier and help to keep it smooth and supple. The oil has a mild scent of roses so it isnt too overpowering and the feel of the oil is very light in consistency which sinks into the skin quickly.The oil is a lovely pre treatment before moisturiser which will help to boost moisture levels and nourish the skin. 

I use approx 2 drops before my moisturiser or sometimes i mix it in and the results in the morning are amazing. My skin is left looking fresh, radiant and plumped up. After using this for a good month i have noticed that whenever i get blemishes they heal alot quicker with a dose of this facial oil every couple of days and any pesky dry patches on my face are cleared in a couple of days. I think that this will last a good while to as i havent used much and still have over 3/4 left. I use this at night as i find it gives my skin a much better dose of moisture and it hasnt broken me out or clogged my pores which is a bonus. 

If you are after a light oil through the chill cold months and want to help rid of dry patches or add a dose of extra moisture then this is a lovely product to try. 

Would you try this product?

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn Beauty Picks |

So as the nights go darker quicker and the weather is getting colder its time to change up the makeup look. As ive said before im a very simple makeup girl and tend to stick to the same things for awhile but as its a new season i slightly change the products ive used. Ive chosen two products for eyes, lips and blusher which are the ones i use on a regular basis. 

Eyes - For the autumn months i like to wear a stronger eye look then normal which includes one of my favourite eyeshadows. The shade is called 'Mocha' which is a lovely rich bronzy colour from ELF. Its finely pigmented  and creates such a lovely intense look. To pair up with this i use the MUA 'pearl' eyeshadow for a brow highlighter and inner corner. It really helps to open the eyes in a subtle way. I then like to add a thin eyeliner look thats close to the lashes to define them slightly. 

Blusher - I am a big blusher lover and i think it really can add warmth to your face which is something that i need more in the colder months as my skin goes very dull. To help perk up them cheeks i have loved using the Maxfactor Miracle Blush in 'soft cardinal' which i have spoke about recently. Its a lovely bright pink colour that is a natural flush colour and perfect for paler skin tones as it really warms the skin up. On other days i have dug out one of my powder Illamasqua blushers 'Allure' which is a pretty muted coral colour with fine bits of sparkle added which adds a subtle glow to the skin. Both of them are my go to for this season.

Lips - I have two colours for autumn which i tend to stick to either a nude or a bold coral colour. For the bold lip look i have been using the NYC lipstick in 'smooch' which is a pretty pinky red colour. It makes my teeth look so white and i love wearing this dabbed on the lips after some balm likewise the ELF lipstick in 'natural nymph' a lovely nude colour that is suited to my skin tone and perks up my everyday look to make me look more natural fresh faced.

What are your autumn beauty picks this year?

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Boots & Superdrug Haul |

I thought i would share with you all my recent purchases from Superdrug and Boots. I didnt seem to find alot of things as i was in a complete rush. Hoping my next trip i can spend a good hour so in there which can easily be done. 

First of all in Superdrug i only picked up one item which is a repurchase - the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have spoke about this before in a post and i absolutely adore it. Sometimes shop own brands can be misleading in my eyes i never think they are going to be great due to the fact they are so cheap to buy but my opinion has quickly changed with this cleanser. Its a rich cleanser but at the same time lightweight so its not something that is like a balm but it still feels like you are getting a high dose of moisture. I think this is a good product to have on rotation so maybe one day your face may be feeling abit dry and pop this on and you are good to go. Its so affordable and the results are noticed after first use. 

Next part is Boots - I picked up some more cotton pads which i like to get the baby extra large ones as one cotton pad is all you need to get rid of everything. You also get 75 in the pack which lasts a good couple of months with me. I decided to try a new deodrant as im getting bored with the same one i use. I chose the Mitchum Advanced Control Unscented. This is amazing and i actually like the no fragrance too it as sometimes i find that the scents can be too strong. 

The last things i picked up was two things from Dove - the Nutrive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Intensive Repair Mask. After using the Dove Leave in Conditioner which now is one of my favourite products to use i thought i would dabble more into the brand. Both of these were on offer at the time which i cant resist a bargain. They both offer hydrating to the hair and helping to get it back into good condition. Looking forward to trying both of these out. 

Have you been shopping recently?


Friday, 25 October 2013

Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation In Opal |

I have had always had breakout prone skin from my teenage years and the thing that most affects me is the scarring that is left behind. Over the years i have caked myself in foundation just to be able to cover these minor imperfections and to others it will look minor but to me it was always a big deal. The past year i have been using foundation less and less and opting to get in a good skincare routine habit which has totally helped to clear up my skin from how it used to be and i still help to control it by testing new products aswell. 

I was considering buying the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation but after watching Lisa Eldridges Video on how to cover acne i decided against it. Her advice when it comes to foundation and skin especially breakout prone is less is more which means that spending more time on the area where your skin isnt as breakout or enhancing a feature. So mainly for me i focus on my eyes and cheeks to enhance them. Lisa explains that you dont need a heavy foundation to cover up everything on your face as for example 10% of your face could be breakout and the rest is healthy skin. So as i watched her use the Vichy Dermablend Foundation i had to try it for myself. 

Lisa uses the foundation as a pin point spot concealer with a fluffy brush. A light base beforehand and then concealing on top. The Vichy Foundation is a corrective one where it gives total coverage to imperfections which offers twice the coverage of a normal one. 

The wear time is second to none providing you apply a primer beforehand to make sure it stays place all day. It has a lovely blendable texture without being cakey at all. What i really love about using this foundation as a concealer is how well it covers spots and breakout scarring and is something that i would of never considered to have done or used before. It has really helped to give me that confidence to wear less makeup and more natural skin to shine through. 

Im not too keen that comes in a tube as only a little is needed and sometimes too much product comes out. I like applying powder to help set everything in place afterwards. Opal is the lightest shade and is very yellow toned for my liking but as im onl spot concealing and pin pointing it is easily blendable to match my skintone. 

I think that this a great product to try especially if you have any skin problems or redness that you want to cover up and its also well worth the money in the long run too so  it will last awhile. 

Have you tried this product before?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Recent French Skincare Purchases |

After hearing alot of great things about french skincare brands and having tried Bioderma and La Roche Posay before i thought that i would try some other products out too. I was watching Lisa Eldridge Youtube French Pharmacie video and it meant me really excited to try some more products. I love france particularly Paris as ive been so many times and its such a lovely cultural place and the shops are gorgeous. Id love to go back!! Anyway after watching the video i searched for a few of the products and got ordering straight away.

The first product i ordered was from La Roche Posay. The Cicaplast ProRecovery is a product that accelerates reconstruction of the skin barrier and is a soothing moisturising treatment that relieves itchiness and tight sensations. This is also advised to use after minor dermatological procedures too. Its a gel like texture but soon as it touches the skin it feels like silk and sinks in the skin almost second after. I really think that this a great product for the face as the weather is getting colder and eespecially my skin becomes much more drier and this aims to accelerate the repair of the skin within a couple of days. You could use this with any dry patches you many have or if your skin becomes inflammed or sore due to the weather. I have been so impressed with how light yet really nourishing this product is. 

The next product is from Biodermas Sebium Range. I have never tried anything from the sebium range so i was eager to try them out. I brought two items from this range. The Sebium Pore Refiner is a great addition for your everyday make up base. If you suffer with clogged or enlarged pores then this really helps to make them less visible but also making makeup application easier. When smoothed on the skin it makes your skin so soft. Aswell as tightening the pores it helps the texture of the skin. This is aimed for people who suffer with blemishes and i am so happy that this is in my life. I use this on my tzone and chin and it helps keep shine at bay but also helping to soothe blemishes. 

The last product also from the Bioderma Sebium range is the serum. Now this was one that i havent heard much about and i have been testing it for 3 weeks now. Its a purifying concentrate that helps to soothe and reduce blemishes whilst trying to add abit of radiance to your complexion. This is suited for combination to oily skin with persistent blemishes. The serum is light in texture and sinks well into the skin. I decided to use this after cleansing and toning and leaving it just on its own without any creams on top to give it more of a boost and effectiveness to my skin. It suggests to use this every other day for 4 weeks which is what i have been doing. I absolutely LOVE this, i cannot even explain my love for it. From first use i noticed my blemishes were almost halved and seemed to be less angry and red. This has also helped to clear them up quickly and more effectively then other products i have. I still want to trial it for a longer period but im so so happy with the results. 

Have you tried any french brands for skincare?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Affordable Purchase: Maxfactor Miracle Creamy Blusher in Soft Cardinal |

Cream Blushers have fast become one of my favourite types of blushers. They are so versatile and last amazingly well all day. I was looking for a blusher that would help to give me a healthy glow which would add a pop of colour to my cheeks which would look completely natural too. I decided to try the Maxfactor Miracle Creamy Blusher in the shade Soft Cardinal

The packaging is a simple black casing with a translucent lid which helps to clearly identify the colour. The size is tiny but is ideal for travelling or on the go. The colour is a lovely bright pink that has a slight red tone to it and a dash of shimmer that is hardly visible but helps to create a subtle glow. Its a quite a sheer texture and i like to apply abit at a time to the apples of my cheek to build up the colour slowly. The pigmentation is amazing quality and adds a nice healthy flush to the cheeks. 

I think that this colour is perfect for pale skins especially with the red tone as it adds a lovely bit of warmth to the face. I love everything about this blusher and can see it to be an everyday staple of mine in months to come. 

Have you tried this blusher?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Body Shop Haul |

I love Body Shop as a brand as i am a big fan of the ethics they believe in and also how amazing quality the products are at such affordable prices. The other day browsing my emails and i found a cheeky 40% off they were having online. I always have mini lists waiting for a body shop sale as they seem to have them alot. I didnt find alot of items that i wanted as they were out of stock but im so happy with the ones i did purchase.

The first item which was abit of a random purchase was a plain white material headband. All this year i have been on top form with my skin and looking after it as much as i can. Applying masks and various other products somehow always ends up in the front of my hair which is so annoying. This headband is perfect. It fits so snug and holds your hair back whilst tending to your face needs. Ive seen brands sell these for alot more money so this was a bargain in my eyes. 

I seem to have a mango obsessions. Im eating mangos, drinking mangos and wanting everything mango. As soon as i clicked on the mango items i knew it wouldnt take me long before one click and they would be in the basket. I decided in getting both the shower gel and the beautifying oil. Ive had the shower gels before and they are so dreamy. Not overly powering with the scents but do a good job of giving the skin a little bit of hydrating and also keeping you squeaky clean. The oil is completely new for me and ive never had a body oil before so this hopefully good things will happen. Both smell absolutely divine and i cant wait to try them both. 

Lastly ive been upping the amount of time i spend on my feet and making sure they are in tip top condition. As soon as the weather changes my feet go completely dry. I already have the pepermint moisture foot butter and i thought to team up with that and give my feet abit more of a pamper i would try the pepermint reviving foot soak. This is meant to revitalise your feet but also help cleanse your feet too. I know what il be doing tonight. 

What are your body shop wishlist items?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review: Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask |

Ren has fast become one of my favourite skincare brands this year simply for the fact that the products that i have tried have given the results promised. At affordable prices and quality products you cant go wrong. Having been impressed with the Smooth and Renew Mask i thought i would try out the Invisible Pores Detox Mask having heard alot of great reviews. 

I love the packaging for Ren as its so simple and ideal that its a clear tube which helps you to see how much product you have left. Also the idea that the masks come with a nozzle and a small cap is great for making sure that the product doesnt dry up or oozing all over the place. 

The Invisible Pores Detox mask is clay based which is aimed at oily/combination skins and aims to draw out impurites and reduce the size of pores and blackheads. It has a slight lavender scent which i find really relaxing and helps to get you in the pampering mood. I leave the mask on for about 15 minutes with a thin layer as the more you apply the longer you have to wait. I like to remove this with a flannel as i find it gives a more gentle helping hand and a slight exfoliation at the same time. The texture is a creamy number which is unlike anything i have tried before and it feels ever so fresh feeling on the skin too. This is such a gentle masks that no redness occurs afterwards and it feel so soothing with the lavandar oils aswell. 

I found that this mask really helped to control and soothe any breakouts that i had and with continued use it would help to keep everything under control. My pores were alot less smaller which was a bonus. Overally i really really like this mask and i think i need a few more uses to see the continued results but after a couple of uses i love the way it looks and makes my skin feel. Ren you have made another excellent product!!

Have you tried this mask from Ren before?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Small Primark Haul |

I havent been Primark shopping in awhile and ive seen so many lovely things. They are definately giving the likes of Topshop and New Look a run for the money as majority of the items are bang on trend and so much more cheaper. Im abit of a mix and match i like to have a few higher end purchases aswell as cheaper ones too. Its always good to find a bargain!! 

 I have been really getting in to wearing plain tops and then jazzing them up abit with some chunky jewellery. This is just a plain black tshirt with mesh sleeves. The top isnt sheer either and is abit different then your average tshirt. £4.00

I am a big fan of skater dresses as i think that they are really flattering on myself and it suits my shape aswell. If you could guess by my blog design i am a big lover of leopard print and this may look abit trashy to some but im going dress it down with a black blazer, tights and boots which i think will be perfect for autumn. This was one of the £5 wow dresses.

Quilted clothing seems to be big in the shops at the moment and i actually saw a quilted jumper in topshop i really wanted but everytime i went in they never had my size online or in store so when i spotted this one i just had to buy it. Its got grey quilted sleeves then a white panel. Its a lovely material that is very warm so will be ideal to layer in winter too. £8.00

 Again carrying on with the quilted theme. This black quilted tshirt is lovely. I love that its completely plain with a jewelled edging by the pocked which adds abit of something to the design. Its not sheer at all and is quite thick material. Im after the white one next time. £6.00

I spotted this lovely marl jumper on the sale rack and for £3.00 you cant grumble. Its a lovely slouchy jumper that is ideal for autumn so would keep you nice and warm layered up. 

 Lastly i brought this snood scarf for £3.00 i love the colour and the printed bows im abit addicted to scarves as they are so versatile. The necklace is so pretty for £3.00 and im going be teaming this again with plain tops.

Have you been primark recently?  

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Two Bold Lip Choice |

I am not an overly massive lip girl to be honest and if you are a regular reader of my blog then im much a nail/skincare girl but still love a lot of makeup too. Recently i have had a bit of a change in my makeup and trying switch things up. A night out planned in advance was the perfect excuse to experiment with a new makeup look - the bold lips. You might be reading this thinking why on earth doesnt she wear bold lips as they are a classic look but for me i just never thought i would get the perfect combination right. My night outfit was a little black dress number that had some pretty detailing but i didnt want to overdo my makeup so the bold lip was put into action.

I started applying my makeup with a subtle bronzed cheek, a lot of mascara but nothing on the lids as i wanted the main focus to be the lipstick. The two colours that helped achieve my look was the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 111 Kiss of life and Rimmel Apocalips in 402 Across the Universe. They are the perfect match as the Kate Moss colour is very matte but the Apocalips draws out more colour and a slight gloss to the lips. I really loved the combination of them both and i think that a classic red look can give an instant makeover and can make it appear that you have made some real effort!!

Do you wear a red lip on nights out?

Friday, 11 October 2013

The 10 Minute Quick Makeup |

 Ever had the moment where its cold outside and its time for you to get up so you keep snoozing your alarm again and again until you are left with not long to get ready to start your day. This has been happening to me all week ive just been so tired and especially with the weather being so cold. 

The first thing i have been doing instead of my normal morning skincare routine just applying the Loreal Micellar Solution to two cotton pads sweeping them all over my face just to get any grim from my nights sleep. This literally takes 10 seconds and no less. 

Next i apply some moisturiser to my face and the one that i adore so much is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat as it sinks in quickly and doesnt leave you with a sticky or greasy face. Its a perfect base for makeup too and makes my makeup last all day. 

After the moisturising i apply the Rimmel BB Cream in light very slightly all over my face as i like abit of colour but nothing too heavy and using your fiingers to apply this is such a quick no faff process. The coverage is a good light/medium but can be built up if you have the extra time. This BB cream also helps to cover up blemishes so i just tend to use a small angled brush to spot apply precisely on any breakouts. 

Once my base has been applied evenly i then go in with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to hide any darkness under my eyes. I use my ring finger to apply this with abit of blending and its done.

For the cheeks i normally go for a cream blusher when i need to get ready quickly  - the one product for this is the Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 its a lovely natural peachy pink and using my fingers to dab onto the apples of my cheeks creates a natural flush of colour. Takes less then 10 seconds to apply. 

I then curl my eyelashes to make my eyes appear wider and alive. I use the Cosmopolitan ones for now they are pretty average so i need to invest in better ones but as i have naturally quite curly lashes this just adds a slight definition to my lashes. 

Pop on abit of colour to the eye lids which i use the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick - Bulletproof Beige which is a gorgeous champagne gold colour. It really makes my blue eyes stand out. 

After my lashes are curled they are then ready for a coating of mascara. The Seventeen Dolled Up Mascara is perfect for natural lashes and an everyday look. 

I then quickly use my Elf Lip Exfoliator thats in the form of a lipstick to gently get rid of dead skin and then im ready for a coating of lipgloss from Rimmels Vinyl Gloss which is a pretty peachy colour.

What do you think of my 10 minute easy makeup look?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Palette Of The Month: MUA Heaven & Earth Palette |

Having recently discovering this beauty again and using it every single day i just had to express my love even more for it. Even though its been featured in my latest monthly faves i just had to mention it as its a firm fave of mine. As the nights come more darker and the weather gets more colder i find that 'autumnal colours' are very much needed to be brought into life. The plain jane of eyes (me) is long gone as im experimenting much more with smokey, warmer tones on the eyelids and having more darker colours blended in the crease. This palette is one of the best that i have used. 1. the price tag is amazingly affordable at a mere £4.00. 2. the colours are highly pigmented and blendable. 3. possibly a couple of chalky colours but that is it. 4. possible mac dupes. 5. easy to work with. 

The shades of the palette ranges from a soft highlighting shade, copper, muddy browns and dark browns which all can be used as one swipe on the lid of blended for more intense fun looks. I like to use the very lightest shade as an inner corner highlight as its not overly shimmery and really opens the eyes. I love experimenting with all of the colour shades and its made me get into creating more daring eye looks much more.

If you are on a budget and are after a good trust working eye palette selection that can be mixed up and suits all skin tones then look no further. This palette is the ONE.

Have you tried this palette?

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

Monday, 7 October 2013

Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat |

 La Roche Posay is a brand i have heard so much about in the blogging/beauty world. After Caroline Hirons mentioned about the Serozinc which i have also done a review on its always left me wanting to try more. A recent chat to Jen and asking for a cheapish moisturiser that helps battle breakouts at the same time she recommended for me to try the Effaclar Mat. That very same day i ordered the moisturiser and was so eager for it arrive. I have no expectations of this product at all and straight away as it arrived i put it to the test.

The texture is a gel like consistency and very lighweight. As soon as the cream touches your skin it sinks in almost immediately leaving you with a no tacky feeling or residue. From first use i noticed that my pores were not very noticeable which i thought at first there was something wrong with my eyesight but continued use proved i was right. The moisturiser leaves you with a shine free face but at the same time packed with hydration. I would think that this is great for a base makeup but i have yet to test this as im trying out other bases. It really helps to keep your skin matte all day and is perfect for oily/combo skin. I have actually noticed that with using this moisturiser my breakouts are less frequent but also it really helps to clear them up too. I have been using this just in the morning as i find at night i need something a little more richer but overall this product could quite possibly be a holy grail in my eyes. Keeps your face matte all day check, helps breakouts/soothes them check, No greasy/oily residue check, All of the three things i want in a moisturiser. 

Have you tried out this moisturiser?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nail Add Ons: Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener & Rimmel Ultra Shine Top Coat |

If you are a big nail lover like myself and love switching up the colour on your nails weekly then finding products that give your nails a much needed boost or shine may be something you look for but not necessarily have in your stash. My nails lately have become really dry and somewhat brittle and to have no colour on my nails it just feels weird but for a good week or so this is my aim to let them have a big of downtime away from polish. Wearing nail polish frequently actually wears your nails down even though it may not show signs and once in a blue moon i catch a glimpse of them looking bleak. Ive had the Sally Hansen Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener for a little while and it is my go to nail aid. It aims to bond and seal fragile nail layers to resist breaking and with regular uses help nails back to full health. If you are wanting bare nails then just applying one coat will be perfect but for getting colour back on your nails you apply it as a base coat and then as a top coat over the colour which helps to seal and protect. The drying is pretty quick so ideal if you are a little impatient. The finish of the nails is super glossy and i realy love that look with nails. After using this for a week i noticed that after my nails had slowly started to show signs of chipping that my nails looked so much more stronger and no peeling whatsoever. I really think using this regular would benefit my nails.

To add to my nails when painting i like to use a top coat which makes my nail polish last alot longer then without. I have been loving the Rimmel Ultra Shine Top Coat as its has a lovely wide brush which covers the whole nail within two strokes and seems to pick up just the right amount of product. The finish is super glossy which makes the nails gleam in the light. The lasting power using this for me is about 6-8 days and with only two chips which i think is amazing for a drugstore product. The drying time isnt too bad but not overly quick. I love using this product and even on my toes too!!

Have you tried either of these products?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water |

Im a little bit late to the party with this but i thought seen as this is my second bottle of the stuff it deserves a review. With this being described as a dupe for Bioderma it just had to be tried out. The latest beauty/skincare has gone crazy for micellar water which helps to dissolve makeup, unclog pores whilst keeping the skin supple. The L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water comes in a generous 200ml sized bottle and has an easy pouring out system on application. But do be careful as the water can just come shooting out at times. I really like how it gets rid of makeup easily and i wouldnt say a couple of swipes and your done like some claims but i do think a good few gos will get it off. The only bit i struggle with is getting off waterproof makeup with this as i dont think it does enough to get it off so i do use a eye remover product for this. The texture of the water is abit oil like which i think is really gentle on the skin and not harsh in the slightest. I do like that it gets off my face makeup but i dont personally see it as a cleanser as i think that i need something abit more to go in with a deeper cleanse. I tend to find this a much better option for lazy days as a pre cleanse and my skin is alot fresher and clean.

I didnt see any results with this benefiting my skin or pores but i just found it was alot better then using other makeup removers i have tried in the past and for your moneys worth its a cheap option if you are on a budget or if you go through makeup removers quickly. 

Overall i am really loving this product and will continue to repurchase as its cheap and simple.

Have you tried this product compared to bioderma?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites |

 This month has been pretty hectic and i have been trying to keep everything as simple and as quick as possible. Its been hard to keep up with everything going on as it happens all at once. I have been loving experimenting more with my eyeshadow as normally i am a very plain jane kinda girl and im really wanting to try more eye looks. So keep your eyes peeled i may do some eye look posts very soon. 

My skin has not been at its best this month and i panic so much that it will never settle but i have my two trust saviours as always. The first is La Roche Posay Serozinc which i have mentioned before here and i love that its a calming toner/spritz. It helps to settle the skin whilst providing a dose of hydration too. I wont go on too much about this product but its a firm favourite in my skincare routine.

The next skincare hero has been the Lush TeaTree Water. Again it really soothes breakouts and redness which is something i battle with daily. Its so affordable and it can last a good couple of months. Again i have a full review on this here.

A favourite of mine from the beginning of the year and has got back into my daily makeup is the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette mentioned here. So many gorgeous smokey, dramatic colours that can easily change your makeup look. The quality of these eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented. I am so happy that i have rediscovered my love for this palette and its perfect for the lovely autumn months we are 
having. To team up with this palette i have been using the ELF Brightening Eyeliner in the shade 'Coffee'. With having blue eyes i find that the brown slightly smoked out eyeliner really makes them stand out and creates a more subtle warmth to my eye look. The palette and the eyeliner are the dream team as of late.

The last product that has been a love of mine is the 17 Blusher in the shade 'First Flush'. I have been trying to rattle my memory to when i brought this but i honestly cannot remember. Buts its a gorgeous deep peachy pink colour and you only need the slightest bit to sweep on the apples of your cheek to create a more deeper natural colour. The colour is super gorgeous and i have been loving wearing this with just a simple eyelook just mascara on. I am so impressed with how pigmented the colour is and also how long it actually lasts. My blusher addiction did fade for awhile after having a big splurge but after reintroducing this it may well give me an excuse to buy more from 17. 

Have you tried any of my favourites mentioned this month?