Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn Beauty Picks |

So as the nights go darker quicker and the weather is getting colder its time to change up the makeup look. As ive said before im a very simple makeup girl and tend to stick to the same things for awhile but as its a new season i slightly change the products ive used. Ive chosen two products for eyes, lips and blusher which are the ones i use on a regular basis. 

Eyes - For the autumn months i like to wear a stronger eye look then normal which includes one of my favourite eyeshadows. The shade is called 'Mocha' which is a lovely rich bronzy colour from ELF. Its finely pigmented  and creates such a lovely intense look. To pair up with this i use the MUA 'pearl' eyeshadow for a brow highlighter and inner corner. It really helps to open the eyes in a subtle way. I then like to add a thin eyeliner look thats close to the lashes to define them slightly. 

Blusher - I am a big blusher lover and i think it really can add warmth to your face which is something that i need more in the colder months as my skin goes very dull. To help perk up them cheeks i have loved using the Maxfactor Miracle Blush in 'soft cardinal' which i have spoke about recently. Its a lovely bright pink colour that is a natural flush colour and perfect for paler skin tones as it really warms the skin up. On other days i have dug out one of my powder Illamasqua blushers 'Allure' which is a pretty muted coral colour with fine bits of sparkle added which adds a subtle glow to the skin. Both of them are my go to for this season.

Lips - I have two colours for autumn which i tend to stick to either a nude or a bold coral colour. For the bold lip look i have been using the NYC lipstick in 'smooch' which is a pretty pinky red colour. It makes my teeth look so white and i love wearing this dabbed on the lips after some balm likewise the ELF lipstick in 'natural nymph' a lovely nude colour that is suited to my skin tone and perks up my everyday look to make me look more natural fresh faced.

What are your autumn beauty picks this year?


  1. I love the colour of that Natural Nymph! I'm looking for a nude coloured lipstick,great picks xx

  2. I'm loving the look of that Illamasqua blush! I really wanna try the Max Factor blush too read a lot of good reviews about them but not actually got my hands on any yet.

    1. I want to try more blushers from both of the brands. im slightly addicted to them xx

  3. That Illamasqua blush looks divine! x


  4. the Illamasqua blush looks lovely but I don't think I could get it to work on me!

    lovely post:-)
    zofia xo


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