Friday, 25 October 2013

Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation In Opal |

I have had always had breakout prone skin from my teenage years and the thing that most affects me is the scarring that is left behind. Over the years i have caked myself in foundation just to be able to cover these minor imperfections and to others it will look minor but to me it was always a big deal. The past year i have been using foundation less and less and opting to get in a good skincare routine habit which has totally helped to clear up my skin from how it used to be and i still help to control it by testing new products aswell. 

I was considering buying the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation but after watching Lisa Eldridges Video on how to cover acne i decided against it. Her advice when it comes to foundation and skin especially breakout prone is less is more which means that spending more time on the area where your skin isnt as breakout or enhancing a feature. So mainly for me i focus on my eyes and cheeks to enhance them. Lisa explains that you dont need a heavy foundation to cover up everything on your face as for example 10% of your face could be breakout and the rest is healthy skin. So as i watched her use the Vichy Dermablend Foundation i had to try it for myself. 

Lisa uses the foundation as a pin point spot concealer with a fluffy brush. A light base beforehand and then concealing on top. The Vichy Foundation is a corrective one where it gives total coverage to imperfections which offers twice the coverage of a normal one. 

The wear time is second to none providing you apply a primer beforehand to make sure it stays place all day. It has a lovely blendable texture without being cakey at all. What i really love about using this foundation as a concealer is how well it covers spots and breakout scarring and is something that i would of never considered to have done or used before. It has really helped to give me that confidence to wear less makeup and more natural skin to shine through. 

Im not too keen that comes in a tube as only a little is needed and sometimes too much product comes out. I like applying powder to help set everything in place afterwards. Opal is the lightest shade and is very yellow toned for my liking but as im onl spot concealing and pin pointing it is easily blendable to match my skintone. 

I think that this a great product to try especially if you have any skin problems or redness that you want to cover up and its also well worth the money in the long run too so  it will last awhile. 

Have you tried this product before?

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  1. I bought this a few months ago and was really disappointed it completely broke my skin out! not only that but i hated the smell! although it did have really good coverage and staying power so i'm gutted it didn't agree with me! xx
    An Uninventive Name


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