Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites |

 This month has been pretty hectic and i have been trying to keep everything as simple and as quick as possible. Its been hard to keep up with everything going on as it happens all at once. I have been loving experimenting more with my eyeshadow as normally i am a very plain jane kinda girl and im really wanting to try more eye looks. So keep your eyes peeled i may do some eye look posts very soon. 

My skin has not been at its best this month and i panic so much that it will never settle but i have my two trust saviours as always. The first is La Roche Posay Serozinc which i have mentioned before here and i love that its a calming toner/spritz. It helps to settle the skin whilst providing a dose of hydration too. I wont go on too much about this product but its a firm favourite in my skincare routine.

The next skincare hero has been the Lush TeaTree Water. Again it really soothes breakouts and redness which is something i battle with daily. Its so affordable and it can last a good couple of months. Again i have a full review on this here.

A favourite of mine from the beginning of the year and has got back into my daily makeup is the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette mentioned here. So many gorgeous smokey, dramatic colours that can easily change your makeup look. The quality of these eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented. I am so happy that i have rediscovered my love for this palette and its perfect for the lovely autumn months we are 
having. To team up with this palette i have been using the ELF Brightening Eyeliner in the shade 'Coffee'. With having blue eyes i find that the brown slightly smoked out eyeliner really makes them stand out and creates a more subtle warmth to my eye look. The palette and the eyeliner are the dream team as of late.

The last product that has been a love of mine is the 17 Blusher in the shade 'First Flush'. I have been trying to rattle my memory to when i brought this but i honestly cannot remember. Buts its a gorgeous deep peachy pink colour and you only need the slightest bit to sweep on the apples of your cheek to create a more deeper natural colour. The colour is super gorgeous and i have been loving wearing this with just a simple eyelook just mascara on. I am so impressed with how pigmented the colour is and also how long it actually lasts. My blusher addiction did fade for awhile after having a big splurge but after reintroducing this it may well give me an excuse to buy more from 17. 

Have you tried any of my favourites mentioned this month?


  1. The Tea Tree water looks amazing! I really want to try it o: xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

    1. Its so lovely :) and i recommend it to anyone and everyone it really helps with blemishes/redness too!! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Me too!! the shades are GORGEOUS!! XX

  3. I bought the tea tree water from lush recently and have been absolutely loving it glad to hear it lasts because i feel like i'm over using it haha! xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. Oh no aslong as you use it like morning and evening then thats just enough :) its such a good addition i love it!! it may appear alot of times on my blog haha i love it too much xx


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