Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nail Add Ons: Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener & Rimmel Ultra Shine Top Coat |

If you are a big nail lover like myself and love switching up the colour on your nails weekly then finding products that give your nails a much needed boost or shine may be something you look for but not necessarily have in your stash. My nails lately have become really dry and somewhat brittle and to have no colour on my nails it just feels weird but for a good week or so this is my aim to let them have a big of downtime away from polish. Wearing nail polish frequently actually wears your nails down even though it may not show signs and once in a blue moon i catch a glimpse of them looking bleak. Ive had the Sally Hansen Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener for a little while and it is my go to nail aid. It aims to bond and seal fragile nail layers to resist breaking and with regular uses help nails back to full health. If you are wanting bare nails then just applying one coat will be perfect but for getting colour back on your nails you apply it as a base coat and then as a top coat over the colour which helps to seal and protect. The drying is pretty quick so ideal if you are a little impatient. The finish of the nails is super glossy and i realy love that look with nails. After using this for a week i noticed that after my nails had slowly started to show signs of chipping that my nails looked so much more stronger and no peeling whatsoever. I really think using this regular would benefit my nails.

To add to my nails when painting i like to use a top coat which makes my nail polish last alot longer then without. I have been loving the Rimmel Ultra Shine Top Coat as its has a lovely wide brush which covers the whole nail within two strokes and seems to pick up just the right amount of product. The finish is super glossy which makes the nails gleam in the light. The lasting power using this for me is about 6-8 days and with only two chips which i think is amazing for a drugstore product. The drying time isnt too bad but not overly quick. I love using this product and even on my toes too!!

Have you tried either of these products?


  1. I'm very interested in the SH Bamboo jobby! My nails are cracky and flaky and peely all over the shop :( Everything works for a while and then stops, and my Nail Envy is coming to an end so I might well give this a go next!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. You should have a whirl at this and its just the same as the nail envy but i like it much more :) xx


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