Saturday, 19 October 2013

Body Shop Haul |

I love Body Shop as a brand as i am a big fan of the ethics they believe in and also how amazing quality the products are at such affordable prices. The other day browsing my emails and i found a cheeky 40% off they were having online. I always have mini lists waiting for a body shop sale as they seem to have them alot. I didnt find alot of items that i wanted as they were out of stock but im so happy with the ones i did purchase.

The first item which was abit of a random purchase was a plain white material headband. All this year i have been on top form with my skin and looking after it as much as i can. Applying masks and various other products somehow always ends up in the front of my hair which is so annoying. This headband is perfect. It fits so snug and holds your hair back whilst tending to your face needs. Ive seen brands sell these for alot more money so this was a bargain in my eyes. 

I seem to have a mango obsessions. Im eating mangos, drinking mangos and wanting everything mango. As soon as i clicked on the mango items i knew it wouldnt take me long before one click and they would be in the basket. I decided in getting both the shower gel and the beautifying oil. Ive had the shower gels before and they are so dreamy. Not overly powering with the scents but do a good job of giving the skin a little bit of hydrating and also keeping you squeaky clean. The oil is completely new for me and ive never had a body oil before so this hopefully good things will happen. Both smell absolutely divine and i cant wait to try them both. 

Lastly ive been upping the amount of time i spend on my feet and making sure they are in tip top condition. As soon as the weather changes my feet go completely dry. I already have the pepermint moisture foot butter and i thought to team up with that and give my feet abit more of a pamper i would try the pepermint reviving foot soak. This is meant to revitalise your feet but also help cleanse your feet too. I know what il be doing tonight. 

What are your body shop wishlist items?


  1. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    Please check out my blog..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. Ah the mango scented products from The Body Shop are amazing!

    Kimberley x

  3. 40% off!? GAH! Why did i not see this email :( haha
    I need one of those headbands for when I do face masks and for when I'm doing my makeup - forever getting foundation in my hair. Love the Mango scented stuff! x x

  4. You can never go wrong with TBS and that oil is so so versatile! Fab haul x

    Charlotte - x


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