Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July Favourites |

So another month has been and gone. Cant believe how fast this year is going and i will probably carrying on saying that every month as its so crazy how time flies. This month i havent been trying new things out as much as i have want to as with the gorgeous sunny weather we experienced made me lack on the makeup front. 

The first product that has been my skin savious has been the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser which i mentioned in my last post. I love the smell of cocoa butter and dries within a couple of minutes leaving you not with that sticky feeling whatsoever. Its perfect for when you are feeling lazy and the application with the nozzle is practical and easy. For me this is a big winner. Well done Vaseline for bringing out a fab product!!

La Roche Posay is a brand that i have never tried before but have read many reviews on their range of products. The Serozinc has a slight hype surrounding it from Caroline Hirons when she talked about it on the Body Talk Channel. Its basically a toner that helps to soothe skin irritations and is great at locking in extra moisture for that second cleanse. I think that this is a lovely product and has been another favourite for being in the hot weather. Its very refreshing and has no scent at all. Its calmed down any redness and even my spots have calmed down aswell. Link to ebay seller.

My hair is very fine and i mean really really. I dont have much hair naturally as when i was younger in my teens i went crazy with straightners and curlers everyday non stop. I long for that bit of oomph in my hair. The Tresemme Texture Spray has been a complete god send. Its a spray that that leaves your hair with beach babe hair and abit of volume at the roots aswell. I concentrate mainly at the roots where i need the volume the most and i love the result. 

The Origins Zero Oil Cleanser has been a firm winner lately. Even though its a gel cleanser which you are supposedly meant to stay away from its completely opposite. Packed full of natural goodness and the minty fresh scent its made a big difference to my blemish prone skin. Its combatted oilness and unblocked my pores. Love using this and will continue to have alot of love for this product. 

The last item is the Bourjois 1 Second polish in Melon. Such a beautiful pinky peach colour and i love the gel finish. Its a gorgeous spring/summer shade and goes well with lots of outfits. I posted about this too if you want to see the picture of it on my nails. 

What have been your favourite items this month?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Review: Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant |

With having this heatwave in the UK in the last month which has been amazing getting some rays in the garden or as i like to call them 'garden days' moisturising just hasnt been at the top of my list. Im normally fairly good with moisturising not every day but at least the bare minimum of once a week. Seen as i tried the Nivea in shower moisturiser and have really enjoyed that i thought i would give this ago - The Vaseline Spray and Go Body Moisturiser - this appeals to my laziness and has been a god send in the heat when im not wanting that horrible sticky feeling. 

As the product contains cocoa butter its very hydrating for the skin and leaves it feel ever so soft and supple. I love the spray nozzle applicator which is a no fuss way of applying it so easily too. Spraying this product onto my skin is heaven feels so light on the skin and the drying time is less then 2 minutes (and i timed this to be exact for you all)!! If you arent a fan of cocoa butter when its quite heavy then i wouldnt go for it but i do really like the scent. I think this would be perfect for travelling on holiday as its so lightweight and easy to store too. 

The only downside is not knowing when the product is going to run out with it being in a can form. But it does have an advantage of being really easy to apply. For right now this does the right job for me and i think in the winter i do need something that is alot richer and creamier. 

Would you try this product? Its perfect for the summer months!!

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant - £4.99

Friday, 26 July 2013

Review: Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Cleansing Oil |

 Being a skincare lover/obsesser means that any chance of trying out new skincare then i will jump at it. The main reason why i love skincare so much is how much of a difference using the right products for you skin can make. Lately alot of my purchases have been skincare products and with all of these products they have helped me gain more confidence in my skin in such a short period of time. I was recently contacted by SHU UEMURA to try out the new addition to the cleanser aisle which is the Anti/Oxi skin refining cleansing oil*

Research has shown that harmful pollutants can elevate stress which then results in dull/lack lustre skin. People who live in cities with alot of pollution are more likely to have signs of stress in the appearance of the skin and this is where this cleansing oil comes to the rescue. Alot of the times you may not even notice that your skin is starting to becoming dull, if you are like me then i am always conscious on what is going on with my skin. 

This cleansing oil is beautiful and actually is the first one ive ever used. The thought of putting an oil onto my already oily face did sort of put me of for a couple of days but after i got over the initial first reaction phase it became more and more enjoyable. The slight fragrance of blended oils gives a much needed relaxing experience when massaging into the skin. Ive found it to be a lovely therapuetic time on a night and has infact made me sleep better. It removes makefup effortlessly and i feel that its giving my skin a thorough cleanse too. My pores are less noticeable from using this after first use and my skin has a slight glow to it. My skin looks so much more healthier and alot more refined too. 

If you are after trying a cleansing oil or are wanting a more 'glow' to your skin then i would highly recommend this product. Really interested to try more from the brand as the quality from this cleansing oil has been nothing but luxurious :)

Have you tried Shu uemura before? 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review : Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish Meli Melon |

One of my all time favourite things to do is paint my nails. Now i wish i had an artistic flair and be able to create some cute nail art. Believe me ive tried and failed. I love to paint my nails when im not working in the spa and alternate the colour depending on my mood. Yes i am that girl that doesnt paint nail colours going on season. 
I love the glossy finish on nails and im not a matte nail girl. So when i saw the Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish it just had to be mine. First of all the colour ' melon' is the perfect summer colour. Its a lovely rosey peachy colour and looks great with a tan :) 
The formula is amazing with a gel consistancy and a glossy shine it creates a lovely neat and groomed nails. The size of the brush is really thick which means with two strokes to one nail its quick and fast for application. Speaking of fast the actual drying time is very quick which is a huge plus. Following on with two coats and your nails will look divine. The only downside to this polish is the packaging as its quite hard to store with the actual top of the polish so big. 

I would love to see this range in more neutral colours for all year round. 

Would you buy this range of polishes? :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Recent Buys |

I like to treat myself once in awhile to new beauty and skincare bits from the drugstores this usual happens every month sometimes il buy alot and other times just a few little bits. Boots and Superdrug are the two shops i can spend awhile in and il be happy browsing all the aisles and popping things into my basket. Once ive completed my shop il be happy for a long time and im a easily pleased person :)

Onto the shopping......

Ive heard alot about the Serozinc from the amazing Caroline Hirons and of course other skincare fanatics. Its a lovely refreshing toner that has a light spritz to it and helps with oily skin and even other skin irritations. Unfortunately our local drugstores dont have this ready available so i browsed online and found ebay was stocking this. I have been using this for a good couple of weeks packing this onto my skin as a double toner and its also great for this heatwave we have in the uk at the moment!!

The Vitamin E range from Superdrug is something i have browsed at many a times but never plunged to by anything. Ive read a few reviews on the Hot Cloth Cleanser that they do in this range and at the time i was shopping my skin was dry and patchy in places so i thought this would help solve my skin a little. The smell reminds me of holidays so already it won me over without even trying the product. Its a lovely rich creamy cleanser that leaves your skin feeling so soft. Ive been really surprised at how good this product has changed my dry skin in the matter of days. Fab price for how much you get of the product and im sure it will last awhile too. Again with this heat ive found my skin has been drying out alot so this is just the best product to have handy to fix my skin.

The Garnier Intensive Hand Cream was on offer in Superdrug at the time and my hands were horrible and dry. None of my other hand creams seemed to be actually moisturising my hands at all and this cream just really won me over. Its a rich cream but not overly rich and leaves my hands feeling in better condition. After one use my hands were back on track. Its ideal to have on the go in your daily bag as its so small aswell. 

The Maybelline polish in 'Mint For Life' is one of my fave colours at the moment. The brush is amazingly thick to coat the nails so easily and the formula is so strong. Teamed with a top coat it stays on for a good few days without chipping. I have been wearing this on my toes and it looks beautiful with a tan :)

The Bourjois 1 Second Polish in 'Melon' is AHHHHMAAAAZZZZIINNNGGG. I had this on my nails for my sisters graduation and it looks just like you have gel nails and super glossy too. This colour is so summery and my nails look so pretty. Full review coming soon!!

What have been your recent purchases?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ebay Lust List |

Ebay Lust List

Shorts | Bag | Shoes | Necklace
 Ebay is a well known online website and some people love it or hate it!! I on the other hand love it and ive never had any problems in the years ive been buying. You can find some really good hidden gems and unique pieces so i thought i would share with you a few things ive seen that have caught my eye. 

The Denim shorts are just a staple item for summer and is so versatile to either dress up or down. I love wearing denim shorts with a cami top of some sort and some cute wedges or sandals. Especially now this weather is here to stay abit longer i want to get out my milk bottle legs!!

This clutch bag i think is so pretty and different. On a night out im abit like mary poppins and want to take everything with me (what a drama!! ) this is a well sized bag with plenty of room for those party essentials. 

The white sandals are so up my street and add abit of girlyness to an outfit. I love the flower detail and that it has a low wedge too. Putting this with denim shorts or a maxi dress and a bright colour on the toes will look so cute. 

The necklace is a pricey one at £35 but its a glass pendant and i love wearing statement necklaces with a basic top it really brings an outfit to life . 

Do you buy ebay? any items you have brought that were a bargain? :)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Review: Clarins Lotus Face Oil & Nude ProGenius Oil |

Facial oils have always been a little daunting to me. I have never known why they are needed and if you have oily skin why put oil on your skin. Does it make it worse? After reading alot about the benefits of facial oils and why they give the skin that much need boost of moisture i set out to try two sample sized oils, One from Clarins and one from Nude. 

The Clarins Lotus facial oil is ideal for oily/combination skin.Its contains 100% pure plant extracts. Packed with Rosewood, Geranium and Lotus extracts it aims to purify and tighten pores and refines the skin texture.On first impressions i thought that this oil would make my skin worse and it isnt what i thought it ten times better! It doesnt leave the skin feeling greasy and ive found that its created wonders for my skin. Tightening my pores and leaving my skin plump and soft in the morning. From using this i have also noticed it helps to shift blemishes that bit faster and after using this for a couple of weeks ive noticed the difference in my skin with not using it after one night. I spend a couple of minutes massaging this into my skin and i really like what i see from the results. I think i will be buying the full size and i reckon it will last a long time too. 

Now Nude is a brand i really want to try out from. Ive read so many good things about the products and really am eager to get my hands on a few things. The Nude ProGenius Oil is aimed at all skin types and is rich in omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 which provides a good balance for the skin. I find this oil effortlessly sinks in the skin after massaging it in after a couple of minutes.I find this oil really wakens my skin so use this on a night when my skin looks abit dull and in the morning my skin is alot more glowing. I have also been noticing a very slight improvement in my blemish scars so maybe using this for longer it may help to shift them abit. 

Overall i am really loving using facial oils. I find that it gives your skin that extra boost of moisture to the skin and is a ideal step in your skincare routine that gives you that glow to your skin in the morning. 

Have you used facial oils? any you really like?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: SuperFaciaist By Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Moisture Mask|

Superfacialist by Una Brennan is a  brand that is completely new to me and after reading many reviews about the brand i knew i had to try a product out. Una Brennan has a wealth of knowledge with skincare and she is Londons best kept secret. From the success of her business growing and inspiration she tailored her own skincare brand 'Superfacialist'. Its super affordable and combines formulations with some amazing fragrances. The range has been developed and tailored to suit individual needs and is a simple skincare that works for everyone. It has three skincare product lines - Rose products, Tea Tree products and Neroli products. 

The Rose Hydrate Intense Mask can be found at Boots for £8.99. It helps to boost skins moisture levels and radiance with an intense moisture that is even suitable for the most sensitive skins. It lends white willow extract which enhances skin cell turnover, vitamin E and urea with soothing marshmallow extract to hydrate and replenish the skin. Using this once or twice a week and leaving for 5 minutes then wash off i find that my skin is at its best and looks more healthy. I love that this mask is a quick moisture boost that is easily taken off and really gives my skin all the benefits it needs. The rose scent is lovely and so calming towards my skin. Ive noticed that without using this product my skin is dull and dehydrated.
I think its a lovely product to have in your skincare routine even just once a week it has my skin so much better and equally soft too!! Really want to try out more from the range. 

Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Moisture Mask

Have you tried any products by Una Brennan Superfacialist?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review: Ren Aha Concentrate |

Okay so before i begin this review let me just take a moment to say that this is my first ever REN product WOW!! Its taken me a rather long time to take the plunge but im a total convert now. 

About the product - 'A concentrate formulated to resurface the skin and renew the complexion giving a radiant, youthful glow. A complex of Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric and Citric acids promotes skin-cell turnover leaving skin looking revitalised, brighter, smoother and more healthy' This product contains AHAs which are found in fruit or milk which work to exfolate your skin. They can help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tones. Just to note make sure you use SPF to protect your skin when using AHAs.

My opinion: This product is a chemical exfoliator and i find that they have a much better result on the skin. Apparently this is like Liquid Gold but a less harsher effect which i really like. I have been using this for a good few weeks and love the results. It comes with a pipetter applicator with a slight fruity smell. I tend to use this every few days then give my skin a break from it. From first use the results were amazing. My skin felt so soft and my complexion was brighter and smoother with a little hint of a glow. I have been using it on its own after my cleanser as i feel it gives my skin better results. I love this product so much and my skin really likes it. If you are looking for that glow factor and more radiance in your skin then i would suggest this gem. 

Have you tried many Ren Products?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review: OriginsZero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser |

Origins is a well known brand in the skincare beauty blogging world and i always read such amazing reviews on all of the products that they offer. I absolutely love the Drink Up Overnight Mask and ive been after another cleanser to try out for blemish prone skin so i thought i would have a browse at Origins seen as they always deliver such good results. 

So considering i have only ever tried the overnight mask i really am always intrigued with the brand and the products. I love that they make products that really work and the results are second to none. The range that stood out  me was the Zero Oil. Having blemish prone skin can be a battle at times and trying out new products is something im always doing to try and find the ones that really work so this range is exactly what i need in my life. 

The Deep Pore Cleanser is a lovely minty fresh smelling product that lathers up with water. The minty fresh smell is from the ingredients Saw Palmetto and Mint which makes it really delightful and refreshing on the skin. It also contains Salicylic Acid which is a gem of a spot fighting ingredient. From these ingredients it gently exfoliates the skin whilst giving the skin a much needed clean. I love to use this in a morning when im in the shower as it really wakes me up and gives me that much needed kick to start the day. Again i use this depending on how my skin is on that day.

I have been using this cleanser for a good month now and i absolutely LOVE it. It has helped to clear up my skin when its been needed and my oil is back under control and less of a problem. My skin hasnt looked as clear in awhile and alot of praise goes to this clanser. My pores are alot less bigger and my spots are less frequent aswell. At £17 its a pricey product but if it does this well to sort out my skin then i will keep on repurchasing.

  Have you tried any origins products that make a difference to your skin?