Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beauty on the go....

I love my iphone. I find it so good for everything i need on the go and including apps. Ive recently been exploring apps to do with beauty which i never knew existed so i thought id share them with you lovelies :) All the apps mentioned are free and are just from the iphone app store. 

The first app is called beautylish. You first have to create an account to access it but once done you then have access to loads of content. The articles page features a wide selection of interesting reads to view where you can like and comment. Ive found these articles so unique and different deffo worth a read!! The next page on the app is the products. Which you can search the products you are interested in and read reviews which is so handy reading different opinions.  The next page they have is a talk one where as a user you can leave questions that you want help with so abit of a forum which i think is always useful again with gathering different bits of help and opinions. Now the video page is one of my fave parts of this app. If you are like me a huge fan of youtube beauty videos then this will be right up your street!! it has a huge collection of videos on all beauty subjects right in the palm of your hand. This for me is the perfect solution especially if im at uni and im on a break feeling abit bored i can whip this out and watch videos on the go :). The final page is the photos. Here there is a selection of photos ranging from nails to eyelashes etc. This is such a great little app and i wish i would of known or even searched for it sooner.

The next app is called Instyle which is in association with John Lewis. Now this app has a wide variety of subjects ranging from tips, skin,  best products for certain areas, best tools, best makeup and best haircare. From this you click on a particular topic so say best hairstyling and you are looking for products to do with curls. Then you see different options and products where you can click for more details. This app is great for if you are looking for the best products in a certain area. As it says on the app it is 2012 so it doesnt have the up to date curent range but it still has plenty of amazing products that have been rated as the best so its worth a look. Again its a good little app to have to just broaden your search for items and see what is out there. 

Barry M Lookz is the next app ive downloaded. Its jam packed with different styles from people and how to get that look with videos. All the videos are of clear quality and so easy to understand. So again if you are a big fan of watching beauty videos and like learning to recreate different styles then this a cute app to have. 
These are my 3 top faves that ive got on my phone and use time and time again. There are other beauty apps out there but for me personally for what i like i love to watch beauty videos and in depth reviews of products. 
Have you got any beauty apps? do you find them useful? :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The thicker the hair the better ....

Having hair that is fine and thin isnt the best of things to work if you are after volume. My hair is so thin it really does lack that bit of oomph.... In the past ive tried thickening serums but thats it and they just made my hair really greasy and horrible so i stopped using them. When i went to superdrug just by the chance i noticed this product. 
Samy fat hair "o" calories thickening spray. It transforms fine hair into thicker and fuller looking hair. I brought this from superdrug for £2.49. Its a lightweight spray and smells really fruity. Such a gorgeous smell :) 
You spray this on damp hair generously and then style whatever you want to. I use it on damp hair before blowdrying. Honestly i have never ever had such a thicker feeling from my own hair before. The volume isnt going to be massive as though you have hair extensions in but definately alot more then your natural hair. I couldnt believe my eyes when i felt my hair. The crown of my hair has so much more thickness and really does look it. 
If you are after a thickening product then go grab this. One in a million!!
Would you try this product?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara

As you may or may not know i am a complete mascaraholic at the moment. Im really loving experimenting with different types and formulas straying me from my beloved loreal telsescopic. When it comes to mascaras i always want two things from a product thickness and volume. So when i saw this new maybelline mascara i had to try it out. 

First off the packaging is gorgeous. I love the purple colour but also the cute detailing of a lace pattern going on which i think just looks really pretty and different. I brought this mascara from Boots for £7.99.

This mascara is a new formula with extra long fibres and black pigments creating a false lash effect which looks longer and thicker. The brush is a spoon like shape which fans out lashes and makes sure that generous amount of product deposits and helps build volume without clumping. 

My opinion on this mascara is that the spoon brush is abit unusual but its manageable. If you are wanting to build up the blackness or the volume make sure you dont wait for each coat to dry. Apart from this i really do think it gives a good enough volume and length that i like in a mascara. I like the way my lashes look with this mascara and its one that i will continue to use :)



What Maybelline mascaras so you like? would you try this one? :)

Friday, 22 February 2013



Todays nails i have gone for a gorgeous spring/summer colour called 'orange soda' from 17. This colour just makes me think of the warm weather so i needed this on my nails to remind me that the summer months need to hurry up!!
What are your fave colours to get you in the mood for spring/summer? :)

Sparkly bits and bobs.....

This post is abit of a different one. I thought id share with you my most favourite pieces of jewellery i have and that i wear alot. I love statement jewellery and things that are abit different so you may see that in my little favourite collection. 
First off is my Mulberry bracelet i got from my sister last year on my 21st. I love the colour of it and its just a really cute girly piece. I wear this quite alot and see it more as a personal item. You know when you may have that item that has has alot of meaning or from a loved one well this is mine. I was so over the moon with this bracelet as its the first mulberry item i own yay!!

I love flower rings just something about them when you wear them on your hand. They are so simple yet really do add abit of something to an outfit. This one i got from primark which i think cost about £2. I love the detail of the ring its so pretty :) 
This spiked bracelet from New look has been one of my most worn favourites. Of course spikes and studs are in so its bang on trend. I love that it has a stretchy band which is ideal as i have such a small wrist. 

This cute little bracelet is from Primark and i got it for £3.50. It has little shells and stones. I love dangly bracelets and this is perfect for me. I like wearing this for more in the day its just pretty to look at.
The flower necklace was a present and i dont know where it was from. Its a silver necklace with metal like flowers. I love thats a lovely little statement piece and i wear this sometimes just on its own. Really love this necklace :)
This gold necklace i actually pinched from my sister. I think she got it from primark but i arent sure. This gold necklace is quite heavy and chunky but its just an amazing little piece of jewellery. Its really classic and when its paired with the right outfit it looks so gorgeous. 
This picture doesnt really do this necklace justice. My applogies. Again this was from primark and its a silver sort of metal drapey necklace. It gathers around in a v shape and has little pearls on the end. Such a pretty statement necklace.
What are your most worn jewellery pieces?

Feeling Fruity!!

Lately ive been loving lovely fruity smells which just smell so divine :) i associate the smells of fruit with freshness just something about it!! Anyways in my latest haul i brought two products from body shop. 
The first one is the born lippy strawberry lip balm for £2. This little lip balm has the most nicest smell of strawberries ever!! It gives a slight red tint and a lovely bit of gloss. It doesnt feel gloopey nor does it dry your lips out. Your lips feel so hydrated and moisturized.  Its so handy to carry around this lip balm around and ive forever been using it at uni!! So yes i have been loving this balm.
The next item is the Vitamin C energizing face spray for £9.00. Ive used the serum a few years ago and i just remember my skin being so clear from using it so i thought i would try and go along that same product line again. The smell of this product is insane probably my favourite smell ever. Its really orangey and tangy if thats a word?!! It bring instant hydration and revives the appearance of your skin. Its so cute and will be handy for summer. Ive been using this in a morning after ive had a shower just to wake me up abit more but also for my skin. Ive notice my skin being more hydrated and i feel much more awake when using this little beauty!!
Have you got any recommendations of fruity products?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Treats for the face...

My face is definitely having its bad time so ive been having to buy extra products to help with clearing up my spots and just the overall appearance. In my haul i mentioned a face mask so here is the review :)

This tea tree face from body shop is £10 for 100ml. At first i thought wow thats abit pricey but i didnt realise or even click that it will last abit. I instantly went straight for this mask when i saw that it contained tea tree. Its so good at shifting spot prone skin. The consistency is like a smooth mouse and it doesnt dry like a normal mask it stays wet. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and i would rinse it off with a deep cleansing sponge as its easier then your hand. The smell of the tea tree is quite strong but you know that it will do some good. The results after the mask is that my face felt so much better and my spots redness had gone down so much. Of course my spots didnt instantly go but ive been using this twice a week and my skin is so much more clearer. I also like how cold it stays. Ive been putting it in one of my drawers and i thought it would of gone all warm but its still so cold and it just adds abit more of a fresh feeling :)  Overall i would really recommend this mask if you are suffering with spot prone skin and It doesnt dry your skin out

The next thing i have been loving is the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. This is one of a kind. First off it smells so fruity and really refreshing. This claims to brighten the skin, smooth the complexion repair deep down. Like normal exfoliated they are normally gritty when you squeeze them out with this its a cream. You pop the cream all over your face then wait about 10 minutes and then wash it off. I have never ever had my skin feel so soft!! I love the consistency how its really light and no grittyness to it. The after effects are amazing i really felt as though it was getting rid of everything. Ive been using this once a week and its helped so much with my skin. It appears brighter, clearer and looks more healthy. You can buy this product here for £29.50. I got mine as a little sample and i will be purchasing the full size product. It will last you abit so i think for the quality you have to pay the price.

What are your treats for your face? would you try any of these two ive mentioned?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Decisions decisions.....

From a very early we got asked what do you want to do when your older? and from then on you may have changed your mind or stuck to your decision. When i got asked the question my reply was a hairdresser. I used to love going to my local hairdresser and watch her style and change peoples hair it kept me amused. As we get older we then take on more responsibility and the decisions get more serious.  I used to plan everything and at what age i wanted to achieve it. Hardwork always pays off in the end. 

Ive now vowed this year to be more spontaneous and out of my comfort zone experiencing things i wouldnt normally do and also being more ambitious. My dream now is to have my own business using my spa skills from uni. I want to be my own boss and make my own money. 

Around this time last year i was completely lost i had to make my biggest decision carry on being in a job i hated with a passion or take the plunge with uni? i decided to go for uni and its the best decision ive ever made. 

What im trying to say is that you should always follow your dreams. Do something your passionate about and love :) even taking a leap of faith may pay off. This little post may seem abit of a ramble but i just feel as though its my way of actually being proud of myself for choosing the right decision.


 "youve got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams you die". 

What are your dreams? :)


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Body Shop and Boots Haul .....

Just a little haul of a few things ive picked up recently. Ive had abit of a problem with my skin so i needed to stock up on some products :)

Ive seen many bloggers say abit the extra large cotton pads are obviously so much better then normal cotton pads for obvious reasons i saw on Kayleighs recent haul here that she said how much time it saves with just using one instead of 2 or 3 so i picked up the Boots baby extra large cotton pads which was on a deal so i picked up 2 packs for £3.88. 
Ive been really bad with my removing of eye makeup and dont get it off properly so i brought the Loreal gentle eye make up remover for £1.99. Ive used it before and i really like how it does get off every single bit of your makeup. I also got the sensitive version because my eyes are a nightmare with certain removers. So this little beauty will keep me going for abit. 

I saw a Maybelline deal in the makeup section and i was straight there. Buy one get second half price on selected products. I picked up the Maybelline Popstick in pink sugar (£3.59) and Maybelline the falsies black drama mascara (£7.99) reviews on both of these will be soon :) 
The last thing i got from boots is the Pretty Quik nail varnish remover. Ive had a couple of these before and i really like how quick it is to take nail varnish off you fingers even though after abit if youve it alot you need to buy a new one. I wish they did one for toes though that would be pretty good. But i really like this and its so easy and simple. (£2.50)
Body Shop

Now my face has been a nightmare with breakouts recently and instead of opting for lush i thought id go in and try look at the masks in body shop. I picked up the Tea Tree face mask which was £10.00. I was drawn in for the fact that its got tea tree which is amazing for spots so again review will be coming soon for this. 
The next thing i picked up was the Vitamin C energizing face spritz for £9.00. Awhile ago i tried the vitamin c face serum and it was so so good. My skin was at its best when i was using that so i thought id go back with that range see if there was anything i could get. So many of them i want to try but i thought the spritz would be a good alternative. First off it smells so fruity and would fit really nicely in your bag. Would be perfect for summer too. So im really hoping that this sort of pumps abit of life back into my skin :)
Just a random purchase i wanted a lip balm and saw this Born Lippy strawberry lip balm for £2.00. Will try this out and see if i like it. 
Have you brought anything from body shop recently? anything good for breakouts you would recommend? :)