Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beauty on the go....

I love my iphone. I find it so good for everything i need on the go and including apps. Ive recently been exploring apps to do with beauty which i never knew existed so i thought id share them with you lovelies :) All the apps mentioned are free and are just from the iphone app store. 

The first app is called beautylish. You first have to create an account to access it but once done you then have access to loads of content. The articles page features a wide selection of interesting reads to view where you can like and comment. Ive found these articles so unique and different deffo worth a read!! The next page on the app is the products. Which you can search the products you are interested in and read reviews which is so handy reading different opinions.  The next page they have is a talk one where as a user you can leave questions that you want help with so abit of a forum which i think is always useful again with gathering different bits of help and opinions. Now the video page is one of my fave parts of this app. If you are like me a huge fan of youtube beauty videos then this will be right up your street!! it has a huge collection of videos on all beauty subjects right in the palm of your hand. This for me is the perfect solution especially if im at uni and im on a break feeling abit bored i can whip this out and watch videos on the go :). The final page is the photos. Here there is a selection of photos ranging from nails to eyelashes etc. This is such a great little app and i wish i would of known or even searched for it sooner.

The next app is called Instyle which is in association with John Lewis. Now this app has a wide variety of subjects ranging from tips, skin,  best products for certain areas, best tools, best makeup and best haircare. From this you click on a particular topic so say best hairstyling and you are looking for products to do with curls. Then you see different options and products where you can click for more details. This app is great for if you are looking for the best products in a certain area. As it says on the app it is 2012 so it doesnt have the up to date curent range but it still has plenty of amazing products that have been rated as the best so its worth a look. Again its a good little app to have to just broaden your search for items and see what is out there. 

Barry M Lookz is the next app ive downloaded. Its jam packed with different styles from people and how to get that look with videos. All the videos are of clear quality and so easy to understand. So again if you are a big fan of watching beauty videos and like learning to recreate different styles then this a cute app to have. 
These are my 3 top faves that ive got on my phone and use time and time again. There are other beauty apps out there but for me personally for what i like i love to watch beauty videos and in depth reviews of products. 
Have you got any beauty apps? do you find them useful? :)


  1. I might check some of these out later on :) I love new apps :D - maybe you could check my giveaway out when you have a minute :D

    1. They are such good apps to play around with :) xx

  2. These look great, i havent tried any of them before, great post!

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    1. You should try them out lovely and free too :)!! xx

  4. Oh this such a cool post! I am going to check them all later. :D


  5. What a great idea, it's nice to see a post a bit different! I'm going to have a look at a couple of these.


    Thanks for sending your link, now following!


  6. I always look at youtube and never think of looking at apps - great post :)

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    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  7. I love playing around with new apps, these look great!

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion. Beauty. Lifestyle.

  8. Congratulations, this post has been featured on my top posts for this week feature!!


    1. Awww thank you so much !! :) so sweet!! xx


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