Friday, 22 February 2013

Feeling Fruity!!

Lately ive been loving lovely fruity smells which just smell so divine :) i associate the smells of fruit with freshness just something about it!! Anyways in my latest haul i brought two products from body shop. 
The first one is the born lippy strawberry lip balm for £2. This little lip balm has the most nicest smell of strawberries ever!! It gives a slight red tint and a lovely bit of gloss. It doesnt feel gloopey nor does it dry your lips out. Your lips feel so hydrated and moisturized.  Its so handy to carry around this lip balm around and ive forever been using it at uni!! So yes i have been loving this balm.
The next item is the Vitamin C energizing face spray for £9.00. Ive used the serum a few years ago and i just remember my skin being so clear from using it so i thought i would try and go along that same product line again. The smell of this product is insane probably my favourite smell ever. Its really orangey and tangy if thats a word?!! It bring instant hydration and revives the appearance of your skin. Its so cute and will be handy for summer. Ive been using this in a morning after ive had a shower just to wake me up abit more but also for my skin. Ive notice my skin being more hydrated and i feel much more awake when using this little beauty!!
Have you got any recommendations of fruity products?


  1. I love the Body Shop products just for the smell! The tangerine is my fave :)

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    Thanks! Charlie xx

  2. I've almost bought this lip balm a few times now but didn't know how good it would be. I will have to pick one up next time I'm out shopping :) x

  3. I love both these products but the vit C skin reviver is my all time body shop fav! I'm using it at the moment and feel so nice and works like a primer under foundation,it goes really well with the apritz and smells the same! give it a try!!


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