Sunday, 3 February 2013

30 Facts About Me......

(Its abit blurry. Little me)!

  1. Laughing is the best cure ever. Make me laugh and i will like you instantly :)
  2. I used to be super super in planning things exactly but now im much more laid back and into being more spontaneous
  3. I am a very caring person so i like to make sure that everyone is alright. So anybody wants a chat i will be there for you
  4. I a little dot at just under 5ft maybe ive grown to be 5ft im not sure :P
  5. I LOVE Cheryl Cole i just find her very inspirational
  6. I am a huge Kardashian fan and have seen every single episode and the same with one tree hill
  7. I am a homely person so i like being cosey and warm but i arent as boring because i do enjoy a few nights out
  8. I am hoping after uni to have my own business or even start an online one in the next year
  9. I am a IT geek. Actually i have a qualification as a IT technician :P
  10. I am a very down to earth person and will never speak badly.
  11. I can keep secrets. I have so many secrets in my brain but i like that people know they can trust me
  12. I would love to go to New York at christmas :) persuading my dad for next year (not going great :(
  13. I hate speaking infront of loads of people
  14. I can appear timid for 30 minutes before i know someone and then im fine
  15. My favourite films when i was younger was matilda and parent trap
  16.  I love summer way too much
  17. I still havent started to learn to drive and i feel bad as im 21. Need to get myself sorted
  18. I am a forgetful person worse now then ever so i have to write everything down
  19. This year i plan to get out of my shell more and do things i wouldnt normally do
  20. My favourite food is a chinese. Yummmm!!
  21. I cant stand people eating loudly. Drives me insane
  22. I love going to zoos so much!! im a big animal lover :)
  23. My cat is named after the holiday company Thomson - My nan chose the name
  24. My biggest achievement is dancing at the Birmingham Hippodrome in front of thousands of people. OMG!!
  25. I dont take things for granted and always think of others before myself
  26. I cannot live without mascara
  27. I dont wear jeans EVER.
  28. I am very much a girly girl
  29. Obsessed with candles alot alot alot alot. 
  30. Love meeting new people so thats what i plan to do this year!! 


  1. I love these posts! It's great to find out more about other bloggers :)

  2. I find such tags so interesting. :D

  3. I love one tree hill! and i cant get enough of candles too. Lovely post!

    Pipp xx

  4. Now following via Bloglovin' Great post I love reading about other bloggers x

  5. I love these posts x

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  6. Love reading all the random facts about bloggers!

    Love your number 1 - laughing really is the best cure for anything!


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