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How to create your own spa at home for under £20...

Yayy its February a new month. It feels so better having finished with january. So todays post i was actually inspired by a client i had the other day who asked me what spa products to get to recreate it at home as she was on a budget and Elemis is a very expensive brand of products. So in the consultation room i had to sneakily tell her some products and i thought i would share this idea to the rest of you lovelies :).......
A spa experience can be one of the best things a girl does to treat herself. Instead of having mountains of ironing or making the tea abit of time out is necessary. Visiting a spa can be expensive and costly i should know working at one. Ive witnessed many women coming in for a massage and after the experience letting out all of their emotions and feeling like a whole new person. So if you are on a budget then don’t worry i have some products for you to create the spa experience at home. Having spare time feels like a luxury and alot of us dont have the money to splash out on a spa especially with the crisis of the country. That doesnt mean a pamper session from the comfort of your own bathroom is out of the question beauties. There are plenty of ways to replicate the spa experience at home and it doesnt have to cost alot either. Some of these products mentioned you will be able to use more than once saving you money and these are just an idea of what you can get on a budget and of course you will find other products more suited to you.

First of all is a hair mask. I think hair masks are an amazing invention. Whoever did it is fab!! With most people using heated products on their hair it makes the hair lack life and in return will give you more split ends. This Botanics 3 Minute Moisturising Hair mask is a rich and intensive treatment that restores the moisture transforming damaged hair to be healthier. Its enriched with soy protein and shea butter which helps to repair damage hair leaving it to feel smooth soft and silky all day. 

Boots - £3.33

One of the main things i get asked alot is if when a bubble bath product says its good for stress for example does it actually work. Now you have to look on the ingredients to see if it contains a certain ingredient so for stress you would look for lavender. Radox is a really good brand for stress,  muscle aches or even sleepless nights. Having a good soak with one of these products really does do you the world of job. So one of the products i would have is the Radox Muscle Soak. Its amazing for tired and aching muscles and it also helps to wake you up and get going. It contains natural ingredients which awaken your mind and revives your body.

Boots - £1.00

Body scrubbing is one of the most important things you can do for your skin as it cleanses and exfoliates dead skin.St Ives invigorating apricot body scrub has 100% exoliators which cleanses away dead cells from the skins surface. It leaves your body more refined and instantly soft and smoother. Exfoliating at least once a week is perfect to cleanse your skin and not to over do it.

Superdrug - £2.49

So after exfoliating its really important that you moisturise your skin. By hydrating your skin it wont feel dry and or lacked in elasticity. This cocoa butter hand and body lotion is a lightweight rich moisturiser that has a sweet scent leaving skin feeling soft.

Body Shop - £3.00

Having a face mask i find is very therapeutic. Its so relaxing and amazing for the skin on your face. This little beauty -  Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa mask helps tired and stressed out skin leaving it smooth and rehydrated. 

Boots - £1.29

I absolutely swear by this body detox brush. First off it helps fade stretch marks and improves the cellulite on your body if used every day. By brushing you get rid of all the impurities in your body.

Boots - £4.99 

A face scrub is a lovely way to refresh your skin and it really does improve dull skin. Its perfect if you feel as though your face is abit tired looking as it revives it looking much more radiant. This Vitamin E face scub is rich in Vitamin E and is high in antioxidants which defends the skin. 

Superdrug - £2.99


Okay so there we have it, all the products i would recommend using for under £20 to create the spa experience. Of course you can use other  brands if you are not on a budget and what you feel you need at that time. Adding a few candles will help you relax and even playing some music will make you fully appreciate your pampering time. 

Will you try this out?



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