Friday, 15 February 2013

My Affordable Favourites - Nail Varnishes Under £5...

I love painting my nails i find it really therapeutic even though i arent the best nail painter. Nail varnishes are one of my favourite and most brought items i will get when shopping. I get so easily distracted if i see a pretty colour :) Colours for me change my mood so much so i tend to go for bright colours!! If i dont wear nail varnish for at least a day i will feel abit 'naked' so to speak without them painted. Here are my lovely favourites.....
1. Nail Paint By Barry M - 272 Shocking Pink - Boots £2.99

I love this colour i think for me its one of those colours that i will wear throughout summer constantly something bright and in your face. Its such a gorgeous colour.
2. Maxfactor Maxeffect Mini Nail Polish - 28 Pretty in Pink - Boots £3.99

This colour for me looks more like a nudey peachy colour which i think is lovely for this season trend as more nudey colours are in. I love that its really simple but also would look lovely with a more sophisticated outfit.
3. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish - Pink Grapefruit - Boots £2.99

This colour pink is less intense then the number 1. But i still love it all the same. Again i think its perfect for spring or if you after a dash of intense colour.
4. 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish - Garnet - Boots £2.99

One of my favourite colours ever. This colour would be perfect for valentines or even if you are going out and not dressing up too much your nails will just so beautiful. Love this :)
5. Maxfactor Maxeffect Mini Nail Polish - 38 Purple Haze - Boots £3.99

Purple is one of my favourite colours and i think having a dark deep purple is perfect for this month now and then slowly going into brighter colours. This colour really makes me happy whenever i wear it hmmm strange...
6. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish - Orange Soda - Boots £2.99

Love this colour for on the beach and the summer months. Not nomally a huge fan of orange but a splash of this colour on your nails just feels right as a holiday colour.
7. MUA Fairy Dust Nails - Rose Dust - MUA Online £2.99

At first glances it looks really glittery but it applies on so good with one coat and adds a touch of girlyness and sparkle to your nails.
What are your favourite colours on your nails? :)

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  1. Beautiful shades

  2. I love polish! None on now but i've been enjoying the Joe Fresh and Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro ones (in Iris for Joe Fresh and 332 Baby Pink from Rimmel) Please check out my beauty blog! Yours is cool too!

    Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger


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