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My Affordable Favourites - Eye Products Under £10....

Being a student im always on the hunt for a good bargain as i dont have endless amounts of money. Lately ive found that drugstore products can be perceived as cheap and doesnt have the quality that high end brands do. So i thought id research into this abit more to see about other opinions. I first went to my Debenhams beauty area and asked a few sales assistant if their customers prefer high end or drugstore. I got a mixture of responses and here are a few:
 "Drugstore products dont do the job that high end brands do. Im after quality and something i know is going to work".
 "Drugstore products are really good money for value. With the recession more and more people dont have the money to splutter around on high end items so having a good price is key for what i look for".
" I like knowing that i pay alot for good quality and know that paying more i will get what i want in a product". 
"I dont think cheap brands do me justice and they never work". 
These are just a few comments the assistants shared with me. I do really believe that you can get value for your money and ive tried so many drugstore products and sometimes have been better then high end. Here are my favourite eye products :)
Barry M Bold Waterproof Mascara - Boots £6.19

This mascara is very long lasting and stays on all day. Ive worn this when its been snowing and raining and as it says its waterproof it didnt budge all day and didnt leave me with black bits under my eye. The brush is fine and dense and it really defines your lashes. This is my first try at a Barry M mascara and its one of my favourites. 
NYC big bold mascara extra black - Superdrug £3.99

First of all the packaging looks quite similar to Rimmels Scandaleyes mascara but at a fraction of the price. It has a chunky fibre brush and it really does give you thickness and volume to your lashes. This is AMAZING. My lashes appeared really black and thick with so much volume. I love having big lashes so for me this is the perfect mascara and im so so glad ive found it. This little beauty is one that i would HIGHLY recommend and will keep on recommending for all of you who are looking for thick volume lashes for not very much money at all.  -Big lashes for a small price :)
*Gosh boombastic mascara - Superdrug £8.49

This is the first time ive ever experience anything from the brand Gosh so i was looking forward to trying this out. If you are after extreme volume and length then this is perfect for you. Its great at seperating each lash and you can really build up the volume depending on how much you want. The brush is made up of different plastic bristles which enable you to get right into the inner and outer lashes. 
MUA mega volume mascara - Superdrug £3.00

Being a good value for money brand i was really excited to try this mascara out. The wand is plastic and really gets in every single lash to give volume. I liked that this wasnt too much volume and can be more buildable with a second coat. I loved how my lashes felt after one application the difference was amazing. All in all for the price of this mascara i think just looking at the picture of my lashes will tell you why its one of my favourites. 
George Asda velvet eye palette - £2.00

I got this in the colours rain forest and the colours are so pretty. Not normally what i would go for but the quality of them are so good. Not the most pigmented colours but they a palette that i really enjoy using and mixing the colours. Bargain for the price and i would like to try out more from the range. 
NYC HD quattro eye shadow best of broadway - Superdrug - £2.99

This little beauty is amazing the colours are so pigmented and just are the perfect shades for a smokey eye or a natural look. Its so handy to carry this around on the go instead of a big palette. The colours really stay on for a long time without a eye primer and are just really pretty. Again for the price the quality is so good and would really recommend this palette. 
MUA professional eyes primer - Superdrug £2.50

It creates a lovely base for long staying eye shadow. If im wanting my eyeshadow to stay in all day then i have to use this product. Its true to its word and really does help make your eye colours stay on. Pick up this bargain :)
* Eye Candy dramatise strip lashes 017 - Boots £4.49

These eyelashes create a lovely intense look with volumised lashes. They come complete with a storage tray and adhesive. I really loved these lashes and my eyes looked really glamourous. If any of you lovelies go out alot then i would recommend these. They are so easy to use and arent fiddly at all. 
Phew...... this is a long post my longest ever!! Next weekend i will be posting my affordable favourite lip products under £10.
Will you trying out of any of these eye products? Let me know below :)


  1. I've never tried any of the MUA mascaras but the mega volume one does wonders to your lashes! I'll be trying this, definitely :) lovely blog :)

    Jennifer @

  2. Looks really good! you have a great blog here
    new follower hope you can follow back :D

  3. I've never thought to try a MUA mascara, but they make your eyelashes look amazing. By the way, your eye colour is so pretty.
    xx Becky

  4. These all look really good! I'm always on the lookout for affordable products so will definitely give some of these a try!

    Sarah @


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