Friday, 15 February 2013

Lovely Lips....

When i was contacted to try out this lipbalm i was quite sceptical. Ive tried so many out and i was wondering if i could ever find the 'one'. The one lipbalm that just had everything i wanted. 
This lipbalm is by Grace Cole and its the coconut & lime lip balm for £2.00*. You can buy it here. When you open the lipbalm open the colour is a lovely lime green and the consistency is just right not too gloopy or thick and clear. 
It has the most lovely moisturising formula too it and your lips feel so hydrated from using it. Now on the smell..... i arent a lover of the smell of cocunut whatsoever and immediately i was hesistant to have this on my lips but i smelt it first and it actually reminds me of holiday in a good way. You know the smell of some sun creams it really does make me happy. When i actually put it on my lips i was imaging being on holiday on the beach. So ive been carrying this around with me at uni and whilst applying it thinking of holidays :) 
Such a lovely little lipbalm and so affordable. Im hoping i can try out more from the range. So if any of you are feeling the holiday blues then pick us this little beauty it will soon make you happy!!
Have you tried anything from Grace Cole range or would want to?


  1. I actually love the colour so much xx

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  2. I love this colour!

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  3. That looks really good. I have some similar lip balms but I love the green tin of this one. Yum.


    1. Its a good handy lip balm :) so weird that it reminds me of a beach haha!! xx

  4. This looks really nice, I should try it out! :)

    Inês xx

  5. Such an unusual lip balm colour, I love it!



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