Friday, 30 August 2013

Spot Treatment: Malin & Goetz |

 Nobody likes getting blemishes they can leave you feeling pretty horrible about yourself if you are like me. Reasons behind them can vary from hormones, diet or lifestyle (stress) if you know what triggers them then you are likely to grab those pesky spots and be able to sort them out fairly fast. The last few months i have been 'studying' rather looking at my skin and ive noticed i tend to breakout the week before that dreaded period and also my diet. Those nights where i go out and drink with my friends and have that cheeky takeaway at god knows what time boy oh boy do i see what it does to my skin. 

The Malin & Goetz spot treatment is a sulphar based product that works to dry out the spot and also exfoliate. At the bottom of the product there is the thick layer of sulphar then on top is the alcohol part. (yikes it sounds scary) but it works wonders on any blemishes. The treatment works amazingly on all kinds of spots and does a good job at reducing those pesky under the skin spots. I noticed a huge difference after using it for 2 nights and they were almost gone just a scab form. I just take a cotton bud and dip it in the solution and dot it on the blemishes. It does have a slight weird smell but once you get over that its fine. The white dot then dries as a sort of a mask texture and then left over night to work its magic. You wake up in the morning with a much more calmer looking blemishes that are soothed and reduced in size not forgetting to wipe the white dots in the morning!!

What i really love about this product is that has fast working results and doesnt leave my skin irritated. I like products that give great results within a couple of days and this is definately a firm favourite in terms of getting rid of spots quickly. At £16.50 from Space NK it is a pricey little fella but it is very much worth the money. Aside from the weird smell i cannot not recommend this product much more. Alot of love for this product :)

Do you have any blemish treatments that work quickly?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review: Area H20 Medium Water Shampoo & Conditioner For Coloured Hair |

For me haircare is one of those things that is trial and error. Finding the right products that dont weigh down my hair, gives my hair good moisture and also moisture. When i won a haircare set on twitter i was very excited to be trying something completely different. 

Area H20 is a brand that formulates shampoo and conditioner against the water type in your area. Water varies in the country and where you live and these three main water areas are soft, medium and hard. The main difference between these water areas is the mineral properties and from these is how it can affect your hair. For example if you used your regular hair mask but wash it at your friends house instead of your own it could take longer to wash out or not have the same affect then washing it at your own house. All types of water have metal ions in them and these react with our haircare products in the shower to form mineral deposits that can cling onto the hair. The science behind the brand is to combat the water effects in the different water areas.

The brand makes shampoo and conditioners for all the named water types, soft, water and hard and within these ranges also for normal/fine hair and coloured. I think that this is a great idea especially for people who are travelling to different water areas on a regular basis.Using the two products you have to be quite sparingly as they are very concentrated. I found that the shampoo creates a good enough lather and really cleans my hair throughly. It didnt overly dry my hair neither and it created a lovely shine too.

Ive found that using both of these products that my hair was slightly more softer and i would recommend them to anyone who is always on the travel. You can buy them at look fantastic

Would you try these out?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Whats In My Bag: Night Out |

One of my favourite things to read about on blogs and watch on youtube is the whats in my bags features ranging from everyday, travelling etc. I find it really interesting to know what people carry around with them. Seen as i was going out for a late birthday celebration i thought i would share with you all what i carry around with me on a night out. Just to point out these things generally change.

To start with of course your phone, money and keys are the essentials. (My phone isnt pictured as i used it for these blog pictures). On my keys i have this pig key protector which i got from ebay. Its so easy to pick out my keys from my bag with this on as its abit bulky so i can easily get them and also the pig is just too cute. To carry my money and my phone i use the primark wallet phone case for £4.00 which i got awhile ago. They may still have something similar but i find it so handy to carry all my id and money and phone all in one place. Its also quite small so it doesnt take up too much room.

Now the black bag has a cute chain that you can use for on the shoulder or just hold the bag as a clutch. I love the flowers on there for a little bit of detail too and i really like that it can go with most outfits. I dont know where the bag is from as it was a gift.

I normally carry around with me 2-3 lip products depending on where im going. The two that were with me that night was a 'Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipstick in the Shade 20' which is a pretty fushia pink colour. I love the formula of these and i find them to be quite lasting on the lips too. Its amazing pigmentation too. To team on top the lipstick was the Rimmel Stay Glossy in '105 Pop Your Pink'. Another gorgeous pink glossy finish that gives the lips some serious glossyness to them. Love the two combination together. 

I also always carry with me chewing gums just one of the many essentials i always have with me pretty self explanatory. Finally i always pop a little bottle of perfume for a little spritz on the night or a top up. I keep sample perfumes and think its so handy to carry around. The one i was spritzing was one my Juicy Couture 'Couture la la' a lovely fresh sweet smelling scent.

What do you carry with you on a night out? 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Review / NOTD: Collection Lasting Gel Nail Polish |

I love painting my nails a little too much. Even after throwing out alot of polishes that had gone all gloopy its given me more permission to go and buy some more for my collection. As i have probably said many of times on my nail posts i do like to change my colour every week depending on the mood im feeling as i dont go for nail colours just because of the current season. 

The latest addition to my collection is the Collection Lasting Gel Nail Polish in 'Red Hot'. Now i noticed these on a stand near to the checkout and i was so drawn in with the word 'gel'. The lastest nail crazy is definately the gel polishes ranging from Bourjois, Maybelline, Barry M. I have all of these formulas from those brands so i thought why not give a go with the collection bunch. At a mere £2.50 and currently on offer i couldnt refuse. I opted for the shade 'red hot' as its a classic sophisticated colour in my opinion. Its a gorgeous deep red and really adds abit of class to the nails. The brush is wide so its helpful for application only taking a couple of swipes. The drying time is a few minutes not as quick as some of the others though.

The formula of these are as equal to the other brands i have mentioned. Its super glossy with only one coat on and with two its a dream. I have only experienced one chip out of the 6 days ive been wearing it which i think is a pretty good job to be honest. I think that this shade would be good if you were wearing a plain outfit as the red will really give some colour and if you are a season follower of nails then this is lovely autumn/winter shade. 

Have you tried the collection gel polishes?

Collection Lasting Gel Nail Polish in 'Red Hot'

Saturday, 24 August 2013

How To Be Yourself |

On my blog i like to have a  lifestyle/reflective kind of post. I find by doing these kind of posts its sort of like therapy but also can help others too. I was speaking to my best friend the other day and we were on about being true to yourself and how hard for many  years it has been to discover the real 'you'.

I wish as a teenager that i kept a diary as it would be so good to reflect and look back on. As a teenager this was where i was at my most confident stage i would say. I knew what i wanted to be and was very determined. But along the way i sort of did get 'lost'. I always wanted to fit in and for people to like me. I was very self critical of myself and i think along the way now i would of changed a few things. I thought this post would be helpful for people who are going start college or university, new job or a new situation. 

First of all you need to find yourself - by that i mean you cant be yourself if you dont accept yourself. Having time to youself 'me' time is always a good way to find out what you like and dont like. From this you can then know overtime that if you are with the right people that they will accept you for who you truely are. This may be abit of a hit and miss especially in the first few weeks of a new situation. Dont change yourself to fit into a group that you dont fit into.

Letting go of the past is always a tricky part of growing up. Its taken me personally a long time to get other things that affected me for so long. You shouldnt think that a moment or a period of time has to define you as a person for the rest of your life. This has been one of my hardest lessons to date and i think that allowing yourself space to grow and improve will better you in the long run. 

Stop caring about how people perceive you -  i for one am majorly affected with this point. This is something that i am still working on but i think that its one that completely makes you be yourself. If you change yourself for one person or a whole lot of people they may not like you and it could go on and on for a long long time. Being a people pleaser or always wanting that approval of love from people is never going to work out so who cares what other people say? this is your life and its up to you to do what you want to do.

Being honest and open - We are all not perfect and human after all. We do mistakes and may have things that we are ashamed of. Owning up or even admiting your flaws can help you to grow as a person. Even getting negative critism from your job or college/uni can help you improve your weaknesses and better yourself. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review: Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque |

I have been intrigued with Aesop products for a few months now and i have a couple of them on my wishlist. I really like products that contain natural ingredients too as i find that my skin generally really thrives from them. Stress, diet and hormones can really play up your skin resulting in pesky blemishes. At the moment as i am trying out new products i do tend to slightly break out if a product doesnt agree with me and it does get me down so i thought i would try the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque. Its a clay based masque packed with anti-bacterial Tea Tree Leaf, Rosemary, Sage, Lemon Peel, soothing Chamomile Bud and Evening Primrose extracts. These ingredients help to reduces inflammation & draws out impurities. 

 The texture of the masque is lovely and not overly thick. It actually surprised me after putting it in my drawers how it actually stays cold and it feels really cooling on the skin too. I love the scent even though Chamomile does remind me when i had chickenpox when i was younger and i had to have this everywhere to stop me from itching!! anyway..... I found this masque to be exactly what i need in my life. It sorts out those pesky under the skin spots amazingly well. Even thought the masque doesnt cure blemishes it sure as hell does a good job of making them go away and heal alot quicker. It doesnt strip the skin or leave it feeling tight which i really love about this product. Ive applied it as an all over masque and also a directed spot treatment. A couple of the days where im at home and having a pj day then il just dot this on any blemishes then leave for a few hours.

Even thought the price tag is pretty out there its one of those products that is an investment piece in my eyes. I think it will last a good while and i have been using it constantly and have only scrapped abit of the top. If you are after a spot treatment that really calms them down and reduces them in size then this is something you should try. 

Have you tried Aesop products before?

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque - £33.00

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment |

I love Origins as a brand for skincare it delivers exceptional results and im always eyeing up the latest products. I do think that paying that little bit more and in this case with Origins it is really worth it. The Origins Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment is something i have read many reviews on blogs and alot of people said it really helps with blemishes etc so i thought i would take the plunge and get this product, 

The rejuvenating treatment contains natures rose of jericho lychee and watermelon which helps to add moisture to dry, dehydrated skin and gives a instant boots to help keep the skin hydrated all day. This product is best for oily/combination skin. 

 Its a gel like texture which is oil free so doesnt clog the pores in any way. The smell of it is really floral infact quite warming. The product gides and skins into the skin almost immediately and feels comfortable leaving my skin plump and soft. Origins never fail to deliver and my skin loves their products. It helps with blemishes to keep them moisturised and in return they disappear and heal alot quicker. Since the product is a gel on a night i like to apply something abit thicker on top of my skin just to give my skin a good boost of moisture.

This product could be holy grail in a few months time. So far the difference in my skin has been more plumped and less blemishes. Also with the blemishes i do have they seem to heal alot quicker and my skin doesnt look as dull or congested aswell. So in my eyes its a winner and next on my list is the rejuvenating moisturiser. 

What Origins products do you like to use?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Primark, Boots & Lush Haul |

So it was my birthday on thursday this week and i turned 22!! I had a lovely day shopping and just relaxing. I did have a good shopping spree but i thought i would share with you some of the things i picked up. 

I went into Primark and straight away i got carried away with all the cute loungewear/sleepwear and just HAD to buy some of them. I did restrain myself and probably will go in again for some more. They have so many cute prints/designs!! I brought the monsters inc (£7.00) and french bull dog legging sleepwear (£5.00) which are SO cute. I didnt want the tops with them as i have so many. But they are very cosey and i think i will get alot of use out of them too. 

I then went on over to the socks/slipper section and straight away noticed they had pug footlets (£3.00) eeekk!! I am a big pug lover lately and i need everything pug related. Ive never had any of the footlets before but they are so comfy and warm. Perfect for keeping my feet warm. I also chose some leopard print ones too which were £1.50. 

I was after a small makeup bag to carry around with me in september as besides makeup i pop in other essentials like hand gel, deodrant etc this was £3.00 and i adore it. Its a lovely size and will be able to fit everything i need on a daily basis. 

Next part of the haul is boots......

I always always get sucked in with boots, any offers and im straight there, any new releases im there....

Bit of a boring product but i am loving the berocca vitamin drinks. Ive noticed that it really perks me up when im feeling slugish and has made me feel so much better. Not only myself but also my skin just seems alot more nicer too. 

I then repurchases the collection lasting concealer (£4.19) i just love this product for covering imperfections such good coverage too. I also noticed that collection had some gel nail shades so i picked one up in Hot Red. I really want to see if its as good as other brands and this was £2.50 on offer. 

Yesterday i was having my roots done (finally) so i thought i would get a couple of new hair products to try out. The Tresemme Platinum Strength Shot (£1.49) looked really interesting and just what ive been after to give my hair some added strength. Also along them same lines i was after a leave in conditioner and the Dove nourish leave in conditioner oil (£3.59) seemed a good option. Ive heard fab things about both of these products so looking forward to test them out. 

Lastly, i never hear much about Sanctuary Spa products on blogs to be honest and ive loved some of there products from awhile ago and i really want to reconnect with the love of them and try some new things out. I thought the Salt Scub (£1.75) would be a lovely deep exfoliation to test out as my skin is crazy dry and horrible. Also another brand i dont hear much about is Champneys Spa products and in fact ive never tried anything from them before so i thought i would try the mini version of one of the body butters (£2.50)

The only thing from Lush that i repurchased and will continue to is the Lush Tea Tree Water ive done a whole post on this product and i LOVE LOVE LOVE. Just so good if your skin is having a bad skin day and at £3.95 for a small bottle is so affordable to try and test it too.  Also as a free sample i got given the Ocean Salt Cleanser.

So that is it for my small haul. Alot of reviews will be coming up on the blog with these products and im really looking forward to trying some new products out too!!

Have you done a haul recently?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Face Mask: REN F10 Smooth And Renew Mask |

After really loving the Ren AHA Concentrate i decide to try one of the masks that they have and instead of going for the popular 'Glycolatic' one i thought i would try the F10 Smooth And Renew Mask. The mask is designed to gently exfoliate the skin which promotes skin renewal making your complexion more even toned, smooth and radiant. You apply a generous amount to clean skin, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse off mask with a flannel.  

Now at first use the texture of the gel is very weird since ive always been used to clay based ones and ive never experiences much else. This mask is a gel texture which is abit like scooping marmalade on your face. I love that it has a pump applicator which makes it easier to get out just enough product too. The scent is fresh and fruity which i really like. 
Ive been using this once or twice a week for an exfoliating treatment as its really gentle and doesnt irritate the skin at all. By using this product weekly it enhances the skins renewal process leaving smooth skin. Using this for a good few weeks i even had my sister comment on how smooth my complexion looked and it takes alot for her to compliment me!! 
Overall i think this mask is a great one to have as it works great on all skin types and even sensitive skins too. I love the results its given and i actually really like the texture of the mask on my skin its somewhat relaxing. This is a mask i also use on a sunday - i use this mask first and then a good clay mask after to give my skin a thorough pamper. I also think from using this mask my skin  has become alot clearer aswell. It has made such a difference and i highly suggest you give this a try!!
 What Ren Products do you like?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Nail Picks |

( Left to Right: Mua All Nude, Maybelline Mint for Life, Bourjois Melon, Barry M Grapefruit, Illamasqua Obsess, China Glaze Orange Knockout (neon) )

When it comes to nail colours i either opt for bright colours or pastels. Simple as that. I tend to stick to the same colours and end up having about 4 of the same shades in one colour which can be abit annoying!! Seen as its still the summer season i thought i would share with you some of my favourite nail colours that are perfect for beach days, holidays and even summer days out. Even though the sun is not shining today hopefully the weather might change to give us another couple of days sun before we have the constant rain everyday (grim). 

There is always a pattern when it comes to my holiday shades i always have a classic nude/white for when i return from holiday or are tanned. I think that this colour always makes you appear alot more browner and it always looks flattering. The MUA All Nude is meant to be a dupe for Essie's classic Fiji. It takes a couple of coats to build up to a good classic white but i love it and it only cost £1 which is a complete bargain. 

A pastel mint is one of my favourite colours for spring/summer and i love having this colour. I think that if you were wearing an outfit like denim it really brings that pop of colour to an outfit without being too over the top. I had alot of compliments when i wore this colour on my nails. Its so pretty!! I also love the brush of this polish and the long lasting wear. I went 6 days without a chip.

A peachy colour is right up my street. I love this colour as its not so out there but its a very classic colour. I think that this is perfect for beach days and it always reminds me of the beach for some reason. Again i love this formula as its so thick and fast drying. I really want to get my hands on some more colours from this range. 

Barry M Gelly polishes are still big within the blogging world and its definately a hype that is a big thumbs up. The Grapefruit shade is a lovely rosey pink shade and gives your super glossy nails too. Its so affordable and i always seem them with offers too. This shade is one that i would wear if i was wearing black. I like that pop of colour and its super girly too!!

Illamasqua Obsess is one of my all time favourite colours. Even though its a recent purchase of this year its just the most fun colour i have ever seen. Its a bright fuschia pink and is so so pretty for summer. I just adore everything about it from the brush to the formula. Love love love. 

Lastly China Glaze Orange Knockout is perfect for summer. The neon orange is an amazing colour and even in the dark it sort of glows up. This would be ideal for going out clubbing or if you just fancied wearing an eye catching neon colour and trying something new. 

What are your summer nail picks?

Monday, 12 August 2013

My Top 3 Hair Products |

I have always had very fine and thin hair which is something that never used to bother me at all and i was very happy with my mousey colour hair. As soon as i turned 18 i wanted to change my hair up so i opted for a very dark brown. I love my hair colour but it takes alot of maintaining as it seems to fade quite easily and loses its shine very easily. I like my hair as a side fringe and then on the crown/roots of my hair i like to have volume and texture at the ends. I have not been using straighteners or hairdryers as much probably about once a week in the last 5 months or so and ive said a big difference in the strength of my hair as it used to break so easily and everywhere in the house used to have little bits of my hair. Not good!! I tend to switch my hairstyles up and at the moment i am always seen with my hair in the bun as im getting my outgrown roots done on my birthday this thursday yayyyyy!! 

Anyway onto the three products that are my top favourites.......

The first one is the Tresemme Texture Spray. I love this spray as it provides a lovely beach babe effect in the hair without wearing your hair down with loads of product. I like to spray this in the roots of my hair and give it a quick working in with my hands and im left with that bit of volume and effortless look. This is such an affordable product and ive already used so much of it. I dont tend to use this everyday as i find it does dry my hair out pretty quickly but when im in that mood of cant be bothered to do anything but i want to look reasonable i spritx abit of this and im done. 

The next favourite is the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Shine Booster. I was lucky to receive this in the BAFTA goody bag that i won a few months back and i am in love with the range. I am really itching to try more. But this product is amazing, its just like red carpet material for your hair. You apply this to your hair before you wash your hair and want 10 minutes or so rinse out and follow up with shampoo and conditioner. Be careful not to out too much product on before as your hair can become very greasy the next day. I loved the result when i blowdried my hair afterwards. My hair was gleaming and so glossy. I use this about once a week just to give my hair abit of a boost in shine. I think this is a lovely treat for special occassions like birthdays etc when you want to feel your best!!

The last product is the Samy Fat Hair Thickening Spray. I adore this spray so so much. I brought this a at the beginning of the year on a whim thinking that this spray would do absolutely zero to my hair and i was totally surprised. Its a cheap product that is so easily affordable and provides such fabulous results. You spray this on hair before you blowdry your hair and then afterwards you feel like your hair is 10x thicker. Especially on the roots it feels and looks amazing. I love using this on a night out instead of backcombing my hair as it gives enough volume and lift. 

All three of these products have changed my hair and have given me the things i have wanted for my hair like volume, shine and texture. Each one of them are affordable and i am looking to find some more hair products that will be some more favourites too!!

What are your favourite hair products?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Review: Trilogy Rosehip Oil |

Over the past couple of months i have been trialing the Trilogy Rosehip Oil. Battling from blemish scars are the bane of my life and even though i have been very restrained into not picking at my skin (ewwww) i have noticed that scarring is still an ongoing issue for me. I have been searching for awhile to find something that at least reduces scarring without having to double layer concealer on. I did try out another product from a unheard brand for a good month or so and it was a complete waste of my time!! so i really hoped in buying this product from a good well known brand i would notice at least a bit of a difference. 

Trilogy is a well known New Zealand Brand that has natural and organic in mind with the products. They stand for no animal testing and only provide the purest ingredients to help your skin. Taking into consideration for the environment and using products that only give the maximum effect to the skin without damaging the environment. Rosehip oil is believed to be highly effective in helping to banish stretch marks, scars and helping dehydrated skin.

The Trilogy Rosehip Oil has a minimum of 80% fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and fatty acid (Omega 9). Its a fairly lightweight oil that is massaged into the skin with 2/3 drops. I would say that even though its a lightweight oil it can look to appear abit oily on the skin so i would avoid using this before makeup and opt in using it on a night time or on make up free days. I have been using it every morning and sometimes night for the past 2 months and have noticed my scars on my chin almost gone and the side of my temples are really starting to fade. If you are after  a product that fades scars quickly then this isnt the product for you. The scars have to be fairly new in order to see the results in fading even though i have been putting it on old scars a very slight change has been noticed. 

I would really recommend this product if you are battling with blemish scars and want something that is really going to do good for your skin not only for your skins but also blackheads and dehydration. Its an added product that also helps to give the skin a vital boost. 

Trilogy Rosehip Oil - £16.50

Have you tried Trilogy products before?


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser |

Hi lovelies :) hope you are all doing well! Im here today with another skincare review which has blown my mind with how amazing and understated this product is. 

First of all i love drugstore brands just as much as i like my little luxuries and sometimes i do admit i overlook the cheaper store special own brands as i never think they would be as good as something that is advertised and well known. Ive read a couple of reviews on this product so i thought i would take the plunge and give it a try. 

The Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser is a dreamy rich creamy cleanser that is high in antioxidants and vitamin e. It helps to remove the daily grime of makeup whilst provide a slight exfoliation. This is aimed at normal to dry skin. The price of this is £4.00 for a 200ml bottle which is such a good bargain price and will last a while. 

Onto my thoughts - as i said above i completely misregarded this product into not thinking it would do much for my skin but infact its a hero product. It nourriches dry skin and gives  a thorough clean to the skin leaving you feeling soft and silky on the face. Massaging it onto dry skin its a thick consistency and has a lovely sort of holiday smell which i really like. After massaging rinse with a flannel and then pat dry. Simple as that. 

I absolutely love everything about this product curing dry skin and giving a smooth complexion ready to start the day. I tend to use this on days where ive applied a heavy product that has made me really dry on the face and i think this will be perfect in the winter morning as its not too heavy. As far as removing makeup i think it does a pretty good job and ive tried both ways using this for taking my makeup off and using other makeup solutions. 

I find that its given my skin that much needed boost in moisturisation whilst keeping it hydrated all day too. Its a bargain at the price and is wonderful to use all year round. If you deal with dry skin then i think this is something you should consider having a try at. 

Have you tried the Superdrug Vitamin E Range before?

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Loving Lately |

Things i have been loving lately:

 1. These cute moomin pjs have taken me back to when i was little. I used to LOVE this programme alot. Primark you have done well!! :) £7 for the set.
                                                                       2. Anything pug related and i want it. This picture just makes me laugh everytime i look at it. Dont judge im easily pleased ....
 3. The leopard print shorts from topshop have been my little sale find for a bargain of £5. They are so comfy and can be styled for day or night easily. You know me i love anything leopard print ;)
 4. With the lovely hot weather in the garden i have been picking at the strawberries growing in our garden like crazy. Love strawberries they are one of my favourite fruits.
 5. This cat ring i saw on ebay and i thought it wa so unique and different. Im a huge cat lover and this ring is just perfect. I only like silver jewellery as i dont think gold suits me.
 6. I have been trying out this mini sample of the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask and i absolutely love the results. Its unlike other clay masks that ive tried as its not drying on the skin whatsoever. It feels very luxurious and the benefits of my skin lasted a good few days after. Yay for good skin days.
 7. These brown aldo shoes are perfect. Im waiting untill my birthday to wear them. Cant wait :)
 8. My cat is so cute and its been lovely having garden days and him rolling around on the grass. Hes a timid little guy. This is his grumpy i dont want a photo taken kind of face >>>

What things have you been loving lately? :)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Birthday Wishlist |

My Birthday Wishlist

ASOS print dress / Zara mini handbag /
 New Look | New Look Exclusive to ASOS Geeky Cat Print Scarf at ASOS  /  
Omorovicza 4 Piece Discovery Collection —

The month of August has come around so quickly meaning one thing only the month of my birthday!! I will be turning 22. 
These four items are just a few of the items i thought i would share with you that i have swiftly put down on my birthday wishlist.....

To start with the gorgeous pug dress is right up my street. I absolutely adore pugs and anything pug related i will want and someday i will own a pug :) as soon as i saw Zoella wearing this i knew i had to have it. I think the style being a skater dress its so versatile and easy to wear. I like to feel comfortably in a dress and not feel as i though i have no room to breathe in it. So this beauty will be in my wardobe. 

The next thing i have been eyeing up from Zara is the City Mini Bag - yes of course the whole blogging world went crazy for the 'blogging bag' which i think is a lovely practical bag but for me i think it will be too big and will drown me even more being a small dot of a person. The mini bag looks a standardish size for me and my belongings day to day so i will have to see what i think of it after a good inspection. 

I am all over Asos at the moment especially bringing the highstreet shops on their website like New Look and Primark. Sometimes i cant be bothered to go into the store with all the hustle and bustle - and i love Asos Delivery may i add!! This cute cat geek scarf is again just me. I love cats alot and i think something like this adds abit of character to an outfit. 

The last thing i am lusting over is the Omorovicza Discovery Collection. Being a Spa student and a spa fanatic this brand is from the home of the spa land Budapest. Ive recently tried their deep cleansing mask which is INCREDIBLE and i would love to try out more from their range as they use thermal properties so its all very pure and natural. I think this is also a fab price for the set and of the quality of the brand as it is very luxurious so hopefully this will be mine very soon :)

That is all for my small wishlist. Im pretty sure i will do alot of shopping too so hopefully a good haul post will be soon!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lifestyle: "YES" |

I find that once in awhile i get those times in my life where i feel like i want to shut myself away from everyone just to have abit of 'me' time. I find that having this personal time on my own i can have some thinking time away from everything and will help to change my mood. I was reminiscing a few days ago about when i was little and how carefree everything was. Everything that i learned was all so new and exciting - i loved that feeling. The feeling of discovering something new maybe a new hobby or something i was really good at. This reflection so to speak has been something i have thought about abit especially with my birthday coming up i feel like i should be about 80 as i much prefer a cosey night in!! Where is my zest for life gone???.....The word 'No' and me have had a constant battle lately as im feeling unmotivated and lacking fun so i decided to myself that i need to change this to the word 'Yes' - i should be saying Yes to alot more things. 

'So many people go through life and work convinced that there is only one path open to them. That makes it true, because they never try anything else. But the world is a huge, glorious experiment, not a set of rules to be followed and boxes to the checked. How much you are willing to join in that experiment is up to you. The closer that you stick to the same script, the less you will discover about what might be even better. What holds most people back is fear of losing what they already have, however imperfect it might be. Just remember that you are in control of the experiment. You can try a little change as easily as a huge one' - (Love this from reading an article, huge motivation)

What do you want to say yes to more often?