Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review: Area H20 Medium Water Shampoo & Conditioner For Coloured Hair |

For me haircare is one of those things that is trial and error. Finding the right products that dont weigh down my hair, gives my hair good moisture and also moisture. When i won a haircare set on twitter i was very excited to be trying something completely different. 

Area H20 is a brand that formulates shampoo and conditioner against the water type in your area. Water varies in the country and where you live and these three main water areas are soft, medium and hard. The main difference between these water areas is the mineral properties and from these is how it can affect your hair. For example if you used your regular hair mask but wash it at your friends house instead of your own it could take longer to wash out or not have the same affect then washing it at your own house. All types of water have metal ions in them and these react with our haircare products in the shower to form mineral deposits that can cling onto the hair. The science behind the brand is to combat the water effects in the different water areas.

The brand makes shampoo and conditioners for all the named water types, soft, water and hard and within these ranges also for normal/fine hair and coloured. I think that this is a great idea especially for people who are travelling to different water areas on a regular basis.Using the two products you have to be quite sparingly as they are very concentrated. I found that the shampoo creates a good enough lather and really cleans my hair throughly. It didnt overly dry my hair neither and it created a lovely shine too.

Ive found that using both of these products that my hair was slightly more softer and i would recommend them to anyone who is always on the travel. You can buy them at look fantastic

Would you try these out?

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