Thursday, 1 August 2013

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I find that once in awhile i get those times in my life where i feel like i want to shut myself away from everyone just to have abit of 'me' time. I find that having this personal time on my own i can have some thinking time away from everything and will help to change my mood. I was reminiscing a few days ago about when i was little and how carefree everything was. Everything that i learned was all so new and exciting - i loved that feeling. The feeling of discovering something new maybe a new hobby or something i was really good at. This reflection so to speak has been something i have thought about abit especially with my birthday coming up i feel like i should be about 80 as i much prefer a cosey night in!! Where is my zest for life gone???.....The word 'No' and me have had a constant battle lately as im feeling unmotivated and lacking fun so i decided to myself that i need to change this to the word 'Yes' - i should be saying Yes to alot more things. 

'So many people go through life and work convinced that there is only one path open to them. That makes it true, because they never try anything else. But the world is a huge, glorious experiment, not a set of rules to be followed and boxes to the checked. How much you are willing to join in that experiment is up to you. The closer that you stick to the same script, the less you will discover about what might be even better. What holds most people back is fear of losing what they already have, however imperfect it might be. Just remember that you are in control of the experiment. You can try a little change as easily as a huge one' - (Love this from reading an article, huge motivation)

What do you want to say yes to more often?

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  1. Think I'm going to give this a go! I'm always worrying about things and saying 'no' because I'm afraid of the unknown.

    An insightful post indeed :) xx


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