Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Real Techniques Brushes: Update Collection

Real Technique brushes are ones that around the blogging world i see alot of and they are amazing quality. They are a good price and work so well :) Ive been using my other Real Technique brushes everyday and i love them so much!! I thought that i would add three brushes to my collection and ones ive been lusting after for awhile why not treat myself hey?
The powder brush is one that i thought i may use for abit more of a contour so i could work it into the skin alot more easily or for powder of course. I think it will give a more of a 'flawless' look.
The stippling was the main brush ive been wanting to buy. I will use this for cream blushes to stipple it lightly and evenly on my cheekbones to give a lovely bit of colour to them :) I think it will much better then using my fingers as i am a nightmare with cream blush!!
The shading brush was one that i just needed to finish the collection off. I find that i need lots of shading brushes on hand as i change my mind with colours quite quickly so its always handy to have a back up and i think this little brush will be perfect to get a lovely blend on a smokey eye. 
What are your favourite brushes from Real Techniques? :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mini Storage Buys....

Having a small 'box' room is very hard to fit storage especially as my room is a weird shape too. I would love to have a dressing table like most girls but for now i have to create storage for my mini obsession (yeah right) of products and makeup. I went and had a little look into Wilkinsons the other day just a ponder around as i never really go in much to be honest and to my surprise i found the most useful items!!
The first one is infact a bathroom oval chrome effect caddy in silver. I was debating whether this would look right in a bedroom but i then decided i could use it as a place to use my most needed hair items and other items that i am using too. At a mere £2.00 it was brought. Its actually quite spacious then what i thought and i may go back and get another one for other bottled products that i want to just quickly grab. 

Next up is a storage piece that ive wanted for a little while but never found the right sizing. As i said before with my room being quite small its hard to find items that arent too overly big but has that much needed storage. This 2 drawer storage is perfect. Its alot bigger then what it looks. Ive actually brought 2 of these and arranged them with all of my go to items such as cleansers, face masks, nail bits and bobs and things that im trying out. Its 33cm x 20cm and its a great little find at £8.00 really pleased i brought them and as they are neutral they go well with my room decor too!!

I love this cute little pen pot or should i say make up brush pot. Its a great size and im using this again as my go to brushes. Easy to grab. I love the style of it so pretty too :) This Nostalgia Pen pot is at £2.50. 

My last item is a pretty glade candle in the scent 'relaxing zen'. I love the smell of it and i can not wait to light it and hope that it relaxed me during exam revision time. Its got a lovely flower detail on too!!

Hope you liked my very short post about my mini storage!! Next i will be looking at buying makeup storage and sorting it all out eeekkkk!!
How do you store your skincare bits and bobs?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review: No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

When i heard about the No7 match foundation test i was so happy. I always seem to have foundations that are darker then my skin and sometimes the shades on offer with the brands never are quite right. I went along to my local boots to get matched up to the perfect shade of foundation. Its a quick simple process that tests the two sides of your cheeks of course wearing no foundation previously. My shade match was 'cool ivory'. The staff were so helpful in the process of choosing the right foundation type and what i wanted. I opted for a more of a matte finish with a good medium - full coverage. 
I like to have a good coverage as i do have acne scars and i am never confident unless they are covered up. I normally go for a dewy finish with foundation but i thought i would experiment abit more. The packaging looks very luxurious in a glass bottle and a pump that is easy to get out the right amount of product needed. 

The Stay Perfect Foundation is a beautiful flawless finish that lasts all day and with SPF 15 included. Its a soft silky texture that has good moisture. I like that its too heavy or makes you look cakey. Its really blendable and buffs amazing into the skin so effortless. It feels so light on your face and the coverage lasts awhile. 

Ive really enjoyed using this foundation and have found that it hasnt broke me out like some foundations have so it definately has a big thumbs on from me. I would love to try out more from No7 as its a good all rounder. 
What are your thoughts on No7? :)  

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Face Masks Why Bother?....

Having combination skin means it has a mind of its own sometimes dry or sometimes oily. Finding the right products has been an on going struggle for me and my skin we most certainly have a love/hate relationship. As a teen i used have these annoying pesky spots on my forehead really red and pimple like for years and years using specific spot products use seemed to make it worse. Whether it was my hormones or diet that made things bad who knows. This past year ive really learnt alot more about the skin and what it needs to get that healthy looking glowing face. 

Having a good basic skincare routine is a start. Cleanse, tone & moisturise is the essentials adding night cream, sunscreen, exfoliators and masks is a preference.  Regular cleansing will remove dirt but only a facial mask will actually draw out all the impurities from beneath the top layers of your skin. Using a mask helps exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores and also helps stimulate blood circulation leaving your skin feeling softer. 

Sometimes when im in that lazy mood or have had a long day at work and tired the last thing i want to do is add a face mask on my list of things to do. But having learnt that a face mask is needed in my skincare routine it makes me think much more about my skin and how it will look after. Even having a mask once a week will give your skin a more healthy look. It will hydrate the skin and fight acne.

The perfect setting to use a face mask is either whilst you are having a lovely bubbly bath with a glass of your favourite drink at the side and some candles near by :)

Finding the right face mask may be a challenge so i have some pointers which may help your type of skin: 
Acne Prone: Mask treatment that contains honey and cinnamon, Both ingredients soothes the skin and gives a deep clean.
Sensitive: A mask that contains rose clay which is mixed with avocado and chamomile oil which can calm redness and soothes irritation.
Dry: Milk and yoghurt based masks are gentle and more hydrating.
Normal: Fruit masks that give the skin a pick me up
Combination: Banana or sandalwood/honey which degunks the pores and hydrates dry spots.

(Just to add the advice that i am giving to you is one that has been approved by the spa education)

What face masks do you like using? :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

American Haul....

Hi Lovelies :) Hope you are all doing okay!! This post is one that ive been quite excited about. Even though its a small haul its all from AMERICA!!! i came across the site 'Cosmetics and Candy' from twitter where they a range of beauty, sweets and drinks from America that can be shipped to the UK. I have only opted for a small section of goodies. I love watching american youtubers they have some really interesting products :)
Of course the first thing i was eager to try out was the chocolate chip pop tarts i am a massive chocolate lover and i know here in the UK we have pop tarts but only the simple flavours. I had one of them  yesterday and heated it on a low setting in the microwave and it tastes AMAZING :) if any of you are a lover of Dominos Pizza Cookies then its basically like that with the 'gooey' middle but stretches out and with a slight pastry taste. So good :) I would love to try out more of the flavours!! mmmmmm yumm!!

The Kool Aid Pink Lemonade was just a random purchase. Ive always wanted to know what pink lemonade tasted like and its quite sweet with a sherbet tang to it . Not sure if im a fan but im glad ive now ticked pink lemonade off my list.

(Swatch 'Blush Twist') 

Having heard from beauty youtubers about the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Lip Twists i was really wanting to try one of them out. Roughly i would say they are the same price as the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. The shade i opted for was the Blush Twist a beautiful Pink colour that is perfect for Spring. The colour is lovely and pigmented and the balm is so moisturising with added Shea Butter and Mango. A little bit definately goes a long way but it stays on for a good 6 hours or so i would say. 

The Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is my 'go to' blush at the moment. Mine is in the shade Rose Petal and it gives the most natural looking flush of colour. It has a lovely bouncy texture that is really lightweight. I used this with the Real Techniques Stippling Blush and it applied like a dream!! I will be using this soon and a in more depth review!!

The Maybelline Baby Lips is again another product i was really wanting to try. Lip balms are forever scattered around my bedroom and in my bags. They always seem to disappear so another one needed to be mine :) I thought the peppermint one would be perfect. It doesnt have an overpowering mint smell and the moisture it gives to your lips is amazing. I love that it has an added Spf 20. Will be handy to use on holidays too. 

So that is all for my small American haul. I hope you enjoyed reading. I may try out Australia next? :)

What American products would you like to try out?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Racinne: Hydra Perfection Serum

I love trying out new skincare lately and ive seen a massive improvement over the last couple of months with my skin. When i was asked to try out a new skincare brand i instantly jumped at the chance. 
Racinne is a skincare brand formed in Korea and is inspired by the latest research into plant callus extract technology. They give exceptional results which help to increase luminioisity of the skin and suppleness. The ultra hydra series provides maximum hydration for your skin with a lightweight formula that works to nourish and protect the skin. The Ultimate Hydra Essentialift Supplement Serum* (£28.00) helps to soften and support dry skin with the hydrating concentrate that is enright with extracts of grape and ginkgo biloba leaf that helps leave the skin smooth and nourished.

I have never tried serums before and have found that my skin has lacked moisture and hydration so this came at the perfect time to try out a serum. Its lovely and lightweight and have applied this after cleansing my skin. I have patted this serum into the skin on a night. Ive felt using it on a night more benficial as that is when my skin tends to need alot more hydration. Ive been applying this every night before i go to sleep and have seen such an amazing difference in my skin. Its brightened and nourished my skin getting rid of dry patches on my face. 

The packaging is really simple but adds a luxury feel to the product. It comes with a pump that is easy to apply the product.

Overall this product is one that i will continue to use as its given me that much needed moisture back into my skin :)

Have you tried serums before?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mini New Look Haul ......

Following on from my primark haul i did some online shopping on New Look. Im loving the pastel trend at the moment and its nice to have a few pretty colours for spring :) 

 Have you ever had a dress where its just love at first sight? well mine is this GORGEOUS Petite Shell Pink Pearl Neck Lace Panel Dress £27.99 - at first when i saw it online i thought it might be abit too poofy on the skirt bit but its the most perfect fit!! Now this dress im going to wear for my sisters graduation in june and i cant wait to wear this beauty :) its definately my fave dress i have at the minute!! 

These two tops in coral and mint green are pretty basic peplum empire tops for £6.99 each. They are sheer and thin but perfect for the warmer months. Its short at the front and then draping long at the back.I love that its not a standard peplum top and will be great to jazz it up with a statement necklace.

 Ive been after a thin jumper for spring thats still warm but can be worn without a coat. This mint green jumper is so pretty to brighten up an outfit. For £9.99 its abit of a bargain.

The last item is this Pink Curve Hem 1/2 Sleeve Top - £9.99. Its a lovely little basic that will be great for layering up. 

Have you brought anything from New Look recently? :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Body Talk....

For aslong as i can remember ive always had people looking at me and asking me questions on being a size 6. Ive always been small and thats just something ive had to live with. Being just under 5ft its very hard to find clothes that fit perfectly. The other day i had a girl in a shop comment on my size 6 clothes buying and telling me that a size 6 is like being a size 0. No way do i aspire to be like the covers of magazines and its so frustrating to see pictures in magazines air brushed giving young girls false realization of what a normal woman is. Normal to me can be a woman with gorgeous curves or someone who is petite either way every woman is unique. 

I like to think that we should all embrace what we have and if we like we can change. Whether its changing our diet to be more healthy or simply doing exercise to tone and look after ourselves. So many people think that just by doing a few simple changes that its being too much about image and how we look on the contrary we should do what we feel is right. 
Ive been so outraged by people asking about if i go on a diet or if i just dont eat to be a size 6 and its so hard to explain to people that im healthy for my height. Over the past two years ive seen alot more shops introduce petite clothes and for me its been a much better shopping experience. Not having to turn clothes up or buying things that swamp me. 
Can we look beyond weight and shape? stop judging each other? 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Primark Haul.....

Primark have some gorgeous spring clothes and of course its nice to get a few bits to add to the collection of clothes i already have. So this may be a bit of a long post. (You have been warned)! The photos dont do the clothes much justice so im hoping to do a few OOTDs soon :) So lets gets started....

 I brought this bag for £9.00 and i love the heart detailing and the cute little studs. I thought the white colour is very versatile so will go with alot of things. I also liked that its a good size and can fit the necessities :)

These cute little shorts i love already. I paid £3.00 for them which i think is pretty good bargain. I could imagine wearing them on holiday or in the garden when it gets abit warmer. I love the print on them a gorgeous burgundy polka dot. They fit quite snug on me and arent too baggy or tight just right!!

These dark blue joggers were brought for £5.00 again a bargain for lounging around in. Ive been wanting a couple of pairs to just wear around the house in on lazy days so these are perfect. They are rolled cuff at the end and fit really comfortably. 

 These 3 peplum tops above were £4.00 each in black, pink and mint green. They are sheer so a little top underneath is needed. But they are very floaty and loose so will be ideal for when the weather  is warmer. Or layering up which i think il do with a little statement necklace. 

 This mint green dress for £5.00 is one of my fave picks that i brought. Its a sort of lace style at the top then a very floaty bottom with a drawstring type around the middle. I think this is perfect for spring with a tan belt. Looking forward to wearing this little beauty. They also have a dark blue one. 

 These joggers were £7.00 and are the skinny version. Again another pair for lounging in the house in. They are so comfy :)

 This dark blue and white dress is perfect. Its a midi dress and it fits just right on me. Ive wanted a dress for spring/summer thats lightweight and not clingy. At £10 i couldnt resist. 

 Again these little shorts were £3.00. If you cant tell i love leopard print so these had to be mine :) 

This coral/pinky top for £6.00 is a nice simple top to brighten up my wardrobe and so simple for everyday. 

I brought this pink racerback type vest for £2.50 and il wear this with a little bandeau crop top underneath and will be perfect for summer. 

So that was what i brought in Primark. Hope you liked seeing what i brought :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Looking on the brightside......

Lately i have been loving lifestyle posts not that i am getting bored with beauty or fashion far from it but i enjoy reading about things that make you think outside of the box in a way. My situation at the moment is a very stressful one and in a way this post is therapeutic to me writing this all and being able to look back at it but also a little pick me up for you lovelies :). Lately ive been feeling so down and anxious majority of the time and its getting to the point where i dont want to do anything. I just want to curl up in a ball , now i reckon most people out there will agree that at some points in your life you may have felt like this. I tend to get like this when im feeling really stressed. So i was thinking about ways to get me out of this phase and to have a more positive outlook.

* Reading wisdom or inspiration stories/quotes. Ive found lately by reading these sorts of things they really help to put things into perspective and pick me up leaving me to get back on the happy wagon!! 
*Being spontaneous. The other day i went to the cinema last minute and honestly you may think reading this oh my god shes easy to please but it just made me get out of this low point for 2 hours and i really enjoyed it. If you don’t allow some spontaneous moments into your life, a mindless routine will start to get really old and wear on you. "The most creative individuals are also the most spontaneous thinkers and carefree adventurers".
*Start Accepting Stop Expecting.  Accept people and situations the way they are. No-one and no situation is perfect. Accept them anyways. Love your friends, love your situation, love every little thing about your self and your life. In accepting we stop expecting. Expectation only brings about sadness and regret. Both not very happy times. No expectation means no regret, no sadness. 
Ive found that these three things have started to help me slowly to get back into me again and i will continue to try and think positive :) 
Do you like reading inspiration or lifestyle posts? :)