Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mini Storage Buys....

Having a small 'box' room is very hard to fit storage especially as my room is a weird shape too. I would love to have a dressing table like most girls but for now i have to create storage for my mini obsession (yeah right) of products and makeup. I went and had a little look into Wilkinsons the other day just a ponder around as i never really go in much to be honest and to my surprise i found the most useful items!!
The first one is infact a bathroom oval chrome effect caddy in silver. I was debating whether this would look right in a bedroom but i then decided i could use it as a place to use my most needed hair items and other items that i am using too. At a mere £2.00 it was brought. Its actually quite spacious then what i thought and i may go back and get another one for other bottled products that i want to just quickly grab. 

Next up is a storage piece that ive wanted for a little while but never found the right sizing. As i said before with my room being quite small its hard to find items that arent too overly big but has that much needed storage. This 2 drawer storage is perfect. Its alot bigger then what it looks. Ive actually brought 2 of these and arranged them with all of my go to items such as cleansers, face masks, nail bits and bobs and things that im trying out. Its 33cm x 20cm and its a great little find at £8.00 really pleased i brought them and as they are neutral they go well with my room decor too!!

I love this cute little pen pot or should i say make up brush pot. Its a great size and im using this again as my go to brushes. Easy to grab. I love the style of it so pretty too :) This Nostalgia Pen pot is at £2.50. 

My last item is a pretty glade candle in the scent 'relaxing zen'. I love the smell of it and i can not wait to light it and hope that it relaxed me during exam revision time. Its got a lovely flower detail on too!!

Hope you liked my very short post about my mini storage!! Next i will be looking at buying makeup storage and sorting it all out eeekkkk!!
How do you store your skincare bits and bobs?


  1. I really need to invest in some new storage, I like the way you have done yours :)

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

    1. Thank you :) they are really handy!! xx

  2. Some great storage solutions there! I really need to start getting myself organised!

    1. Thank you its taken me awhile to get organised :P xx

  3. I love love Relaxing Zen. My bf got it for me while I was on a trip to London. I liked it so much I did a post on my blog of it!

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life


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