Sunday, 14 April 2013

Body Talk....

For aslong as i can remember ive always had people looking at me and asking me questions on being a size 6. Ive always been small and thats just something ive had to live with. Being just under 5ft its very hard to find clothes that fit perfectly. The other day i had a girl in a shop comment on my size 6 clothes buying and telling me that a size 6 is like being a size 0. No way do i aspire to be like the covers of magazines and its so frustrating to see pictures in magazines air brushed giving young girls false realization of what a normal woman is. Normal to me can be a woman with gorgeous curves or someone who is petite either way every woman is unique. 

I like to think that we should all embrace what we have and if we like we can change. Whether its changing our diet to be more healthy or simply doing exercise to tone and look after ourselves. So many people think that just by doing a few simple changes that its being too much about image and how we look on the contrary we should do what we feel is right. 
Ive been so outraged by people asking about if i go on a diet or if i just dont eat to be a size 6 and its so hard to explain to people that im healthy for my height. Over the past two years ive seen alot more shops introduce petite clothes and for me its been a much better shopping experience. Not having to turn clothes up or buying things that swamp me. 
Can we look beyond weight and shape? stop judging each other? 

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