Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Looking on the brightside......

Lately i have been loving lifestyle posts not that i am getting bored with beauty or fashion far from it but i enjoy reading about things that make you think outside of the box in a way. My situation at the moment is a very stressful one and in a way this post is therapeutic to me writing this all and being able to look back at it but also a little pick me up for you lovelies :). Lately ive been feeling so down and anxious majority of the time and its getting to the point where i dont want to do anything. I just want to curl up in a ball , now i reckon most people out there will agree that at some points in your life you may have felt like this. I tend to get like this when im feeling really stressed. So i was thinking about ways to get me out of this phase and to have a more positive outlook.

* Reading wisdom or inspiration stories/quotes. Ive found lately by reading these sorts of things they really help to put things into perspective and pick me up leaving me to get back on the happy wagon!! 
*Being spontaneous. The other day i went to the cinema last minute and honestly you may think reading this oh my god shes easy to please but it just made me get out of this low point for 2 hours and i really enjoyed it. If you don’t allow some spontaneous moments into your life, a mindless routine will start to get really old and wear on you. "The most creative individuals are also the most spontaneous thinkers and carefree adventurers".
*Start Accepting Stop Expecting.  Accept people and situations the way they are. No-one and no situation is perfect. Accept them anyways. Love your friends, love your situation, love every little thing about your self and your life. In accepting we stop expecting. Expectation only brings about sadness and regret. Both not very happy times. No expectation means no regret, no sadness. 
Ive found that these three things have started to help me slowly to get back into me again and i will continue to try and think positive :) 
Do you like reading inspiration or lifestyle posts? :)

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