Monday, 8 April 2013

Eve Lom Rescue Mask...

Hi lovelies :) Hope youve all had a lovely weekend!! Back at uni this week and cant wait to finish for summer yayyyy!! So much work to do though ahhh!! Anyways ive been trying out a new mask lately from a luxury sought after brand called Eve Lom. Its a gorgeous luxury brand and ive eyed the products for awhile now and ive been testing out their smaller version of the Rescue Mask. 
The rescue mask is a weekly complexion booster which gives your skin a well needed pick me up!! Its an 'emergency' treatment for stressed out and tired looking skin. By smoothing and conditioning the skin it leaves your skin hydrated and soft with added benefits of helping calm redness and soothing puffy skin. 
The mask deep cleanses but without drying the skin out and decongests the pores. Whether it’s blotchy, irritable break-outs, jet-lag, or morning-after puffiness, this hard-working and versatile mask will get your skin back on track.
Featuring Camphor, Almond and Honey-infused Kaolin Clay, it is the perfect weekly deep clean to keep your complexion in radiant condition.
My first impression of the mask was the smell. Im not a big lover of the strong almond smell on my face and that is the only negative that i have. The consistency is very thin and applies evenly to the skin. Leaving it on for 20 minutes or so and it does dry hard on the skin. The after effects are AMAZING. My skin looked 10x better and looked radiant. I love that it helps calm blemishes and redness which it did with me and its great for a weekly treat whether youve been ill or stressed. A lovely mask if you are after a weekly pick me up :)

Have you tried any products from Eve Lom before? what are your thoughts?


  1. Strange, this one looks a lot more runny than the ones I had and I loved them. Did you give it a good shake before use?

    1. Yeah i gave it a good shake and its still quite thin :( xx

  2. Heard so much about this brand recently! I could do with a weekly mask to boost my complexion, I'm nearly finished Uni too but all the exam stress is starting to get to me! I like that is doesn't dry out the skin as I have very combination skin!

    As well as the Eve Lom cleanser this is definitely on my list - thanks for sharing!

    Samuel James Morris

  3. I need to try this, as my skin has been so dull lately. I actually love almond smells so I'll defo be a fan :)


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