Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Faves |

 Wow i cannot believe tomorrow is going to be the 1st of July!! Its crazy how fast this month has come and gone. This month i have been loving skincare so much and my skin has not been its best but everything ive tried has worked. Another thing i have been crazy about this month is blushers. I cannot get enough of them cream or powder. 

I have mentioned in My Lush Winner Combo - The Ultrabland Cleanser and Tea Tree Water. The cleanser is really rich and i find it works wonders on balancing your skin if its a problematic and also really moisturises in those pesky dry areas. It contains very bland ingredients so works well with all skin types. I find that it really gives my skin the control of oil but yet gives that moisture that is needed also. Again this cleanser i do swap and change depending on how my skin is on that day. The Tea Tree Water is AMAZING. Such a good product for the money. It contains tea tree which is antibacterial and helps to clear those dreaded blemishes. I find that it works so well with the cleanser in giving the skin a good clear out of any dirt and grime. This is the perfect combo and i really cannot recommend enough. 

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is the best brush i have found to apply foundation. It just glided the product on effortlessly and doesnt give that cakey look neither. It blends the foundation in perfectly and i find that it works well with all of my foundations that i have. Its a definate cannot live without brush. 

MUA is a really affordable brand and the products are always so pigmented and have amazing lasting power. The small eyeshadow pot for £1 in Shade 1 - Pearl is a shimmery gold sort of colour which i love applying on my brow bone but also on a night out. It stays on all night, doesnt budge at all and for £1 its a bargain. The two £1 blushers Marshmallow and Candyfloss are lovely colours for that flush of colour on the cheeks. Ive recently done a post on this here.

A new addition to my blusher family is the  Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush In 'Nude Velvet'. Its a lovely soft apricot shade with no shimmer like some of the other shades available, and have been using it ever since. I love that English rose complexion of peaches and cream, and if you have pale skin like me then this shade should compliment you well. 

What have been your monthly faves this month?


Thursday, 27 June 2013

SOS Haircare Treatment - Goldwell Dual Senses Scalp 60Second Treatment |

Just lately my hair has been really dry on my scalp and somewhat irritated too. I have been using my beloved Redken range for so long and even that is just making my scalp even more sore. So i have been using Oilatum Shampoo twice a week which has been really soothing and gentle but i was still left with dry patches on my scalp. I have been searching for a good month something to clear and help my hair as i cant even bare to get my roots re done as im worried that my scalp will be irritated further. I came across on Feelunique the Goldwell Dual Senses Scalp 60 Second Treatment for Sensitive Scalps. 

This treatments aims to calm the scalp and soothe it completely and is ideal for all hair types. Its applied to shampooed hair for 60 second before rinsing out and conditioning after. It helps to regenerate the scalp and leaving your locks more healthy. Its also free from colourants and fragrances. 
To be honest trying this out i was sceptical as i have been trying other treatments to help my scalp and nothing had done wonders or miracles. I applied this to my hair after shampooing massaging my scalp and the ends of my hair. When i was washing the product out i could feel how soft my hair was and completely detangled. It was like that feeling when you have your hair washed at the hairdressers and your hair feels so silky and soft . It felt like that. My hair felt like its best. I then blow dried my hair and again my hair was shiny and soft but also my scalp and dryness was no where to be seen. This was my impression after the first use WOW. I have continued to use this twice a week concentrating on my scalp and my hair is very nearly back to its best. I love the silky soft feeling and my hair looks so healthy and i feel so much more happier about the way my hair and how it looks. Now i think im brave to get my dreaded roots re done again yayyyy!!
Have you got any wonder hair products?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Elf Haul |

Hi Lovelies, today is another small haul from the brand Elf. When i saw the sales on their website i just had to have a cheeky splurge. Ive never brought a huge amount from Elf and i think that its a brand that i never hear alot about. Anyway the items i brought....

(Swatch - Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick) £2.50

First item i brought was the Mineral Lipstick in the sade 'Natural Nymph' which is a gorgeous nude shade. I love the colour pay off and i think it suits me abit more when i have abit of colour to my face. I think its such a good shade to have as if you are going for a more dramatic look on the eyes you can just apply this to the lips for a more natural lip colour. Its quite hydrating which i really like and i love that it doesnt have any parabens or nasties too!!

(Swatch: Butter Pecan ) £1.00

This gorgeous eyeshadow duo shadow cream just had to be mine. I dont tendto wear alot of cream eyeshadows but ive started to really get into them and i find i tend to like them more on a night out.  I brought the shade 'Butter Pecan' which the lighter shade is a more nude shade and the darker shade is a bronze shade. I really like that its long wearing and no creases as i tend to find alot of cream shadows crease easily but this one doesnt at all!!

(Swatch left to right: wheat, mocha) £0.45 each!!

These two eyeshadows are my favourite from this purchase. First of all in the sale they were 45p each!! secondly the pigmentation is so good!! I actually didnt realise when i brought them that they need to be potted for a palette so that is my next thing to do!! Wheat is a pretty gold shade with a slight shimmer and Mocha is a deep bronze with slight shimmer. Both have high pigmentation formula which is easy to see from the swatches. Im looking forward to creating a pretty bronzed smokey eye.

(Swatch: Brightening eyeliner - coffee) £1.00

Last of all is this brightening eyeliner in the shade 'coffee'. I have never owned a brown shade of eyeliner ever i have always been so trusty with a good old black eyeliner. I thought this would really compliment the eyes with the two eyeshadows shown above and would be more natural on the waterline. Its a lovely rich brown that will warm the eyes up too!!

Have you shopped on elf lately? any bargains?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sharing The Blogging Love |

Just lately i have had alot of time to discover new blogs and some firm favourites of mine at the moment. I love finding new blogs and people who share the same passion but also i like reading not just purely beauty too!! I just thought i would share with you all my favourite four that i am loving, i also have many other blogs that i love and read on a regular basis too!! So here they are: 
First of all Bird Words is my go to blog! Not only is the girl behind the blog amazing ;) she has the most honest and thorough reviews. Her blog pictures are second to none. So clear and well presented. I love the way she writes with abit of wittyness and is someone you can just relate to instantly. You can tell from her blog she puts alot of effort and time into it. My favourite posts are her how to contour and blogging tips!! I can honestly say you wont be disappointed :)

Un-Observed is a blog i recently discovered a couple of months again and i am so annoyed with myself that i didnt find it sooner. I am addicted,  her photos, her reviews. WOW.  I have spent many times going through her whole entire blog and just reading all of her posts one by one. I love that it isnt just a beauty based blog and also has some great DIY posts included.  I just have alot of love for this blog and will continue to do so. 

Jennypurr is a new blog that i have recently found and i am loving it. Her skincare posts are ones that i cannot spend a day without looking at her latest reviews. With the same skin type as me i really like reading what works for her and also gives me a huge wishlist of products to try. I love the in depth reviews which are so helpful. 
Jenny Purr 

Through Chelsea's Eyes is a stunning blog. Her outfit posts are always so pretty and i love that they are bang on trend. I love reading her beauty reviews as they are always so thorough and i feel like i can always trust her opinion on products too. If you are after clear photos and in depth reviews then this is the blog for you. 

Through Chelsea's Eyes 

Hope you have liked my four favourites. I thought i would keep it short and sweet but you can always head on over to the blogs mentioned and you never know you might find a new read. I wanted to have a different sort of post but also giving the ones mentioned abit of blogging love from myself as they are my favourite reads. 

Have you checked any of these blogs out? :) 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Review: Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser For Dry Skin |

 Who has ever felt like moisturising is abit of a task? i am a lazy person when it comes to tending and looking after my skin on my body. I do try to have a good few days that i moisturise but especially in winter its an impossible task where as summer time i feel the need i have to. When i saw the Nivea in Shower Body Moisturiser advertised on the tv straight away i knew that someone had answered my prayers. Whoever invented this idea i love you!! Its such a good idea and will help to keep my skin looking its best on lazy days however i do love slavering on my body shop body butters on a good day. 
Nivea i find is a trusted skincare brand they do amazing quality moisturisers for reasonable prices. This is no different. At the moment at Boots its £3.56 and i think thats pretty good going for a new product. 
The idea behind this is to give the skin a good thorough cleanse just like the face. So you use your usual shower gel rinse off then follow up with this. Its enriched with almond oil which leaves the skin feel the softest ever. Its thick and really creamy so gives a good lather too. It has the usual nivea smell which i am really fond of. I do tend to leave this moisturiser for a couple of minutes before rinsing off to allow it to sink into the skin abit longer. At the moment i wouldnt say its a product i NEED in my life as it does the job of helping keep the skin supple and soft. However i do think if they brought out a non scented version or even something abit richer for those pesky dry areas like elbows and knees they would be on to a winner. 
I think that this is a great product and maybe after alot more uses i may find to see a big difference in my skin. Its great to slather on for lazy days or preparing for those sunbathing days in the garden afterwards. 

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser For Dry Skin 
Have you tried this nivea product? would you give it a whirl?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Winning Skincare Combo - Lush Ultrabland Cleanser And Tea Tree Toner Water |

I am a massive skincare lover and i find that if you have look after your skin your makeup seems to go on alot better. The past year i have developed my love for skincare by really understanding what it needs on a day to day basis. Listening to my skin and switching up what it needs whether one day its lacking dehydration or looking dull. My skincare bundle of joy is ever expanding and i LOVE IT. Recently my blemish prone skin has been an absolute nightmare and i ended up with 5 sore under the skin spots all around my chin area at the same time (Eurghhh ) and that made me stop and think is it my diet or stress or hormones?!! I have always had blemish prone skin since i was a teen and it always felt to me so bad and horrible. Now its gone back to the stage of being unruly and having 20 spots at one time (No Joke!! ) I have found recently with my change in diet and exercise they have decreased. After reading a couple of blog posts i found this combo - Lush Tea Tree Water Toner and Lush Ultrabland Cleanser. 

I have to admit i have never tried Lush's cleansers or toners before only the masks and i absolutely love the masks they have. So i thought why not try something different. 

I opted for the 45g Ultrabland Cleanser which is the smaller size of the two. Its a rich oily cleansing cream that is suitable for all skin types and softens the skin whilst giving the skin a good clean out. Based on an ancient beeswax and vegetable oil formula from the times of Galen, the Greek physician and philosopher, this product will lift dirt, grease and make up from the skin, without stripping away your skin's natural defences.

Ingredients - Almond Oil, Rose Water, Beeswax, Honey, Fresh Iris Extract, Glycerine, Rose Absolute, Tincture of Benzoin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

This cleanser is quite literally 'bland' as its leaves the skin with no cause of irritation, reaction or puffiness so it works with every skin type too. Lush recommend for problem skins stopping using all regular skincare products and using nothing but the ultrabland for one month to bring skin back into balance.

Working alongside the cleanser is the Lush Tea Tree Water. I brought the 250g which is the bigger bottle of the two as i thought the smaller one wouldnt last me that long. The Tea Tree water is a wonder product for anyone with oily or spot prone skin as it has antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients. Its a gentle toner that does the job.

Ingredients - Tea Tree Water, Grapefruit Water, Juniperberry Water, *Limonene, Perfume, Methylparaben

 The combo - Overall i think that the two products work so well together. The cleanser is really gentle and so effective in getting the days grim away from the skin and really has helped to improve my skin alot. I was using both of these products together twice a day for the whole month as suggested and my spots cleared within a couple of days when they appeared. I used the tea tree water on a cotton pad to swipe away the cleanser as advised and it worked really well together. I felt like my skin was being properly cleanser. I added a moisturiser in to my routine and only the every other week did i exfoliate as i didnt want to strip the skin completely as i wanted the cleanser to be able to do its job in balancing my skin. I have repurchased my second tub as the first tub lasted a whole month. I think this cleanser and toner is something i will continue to use in my routine but still being able to switch things up. I really recommend these two together if your skin is breaking out and you are wanting a gentle solution to help clear them without being too harsh on the skin. 

Have you tried this combo? Would you try it?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty Website | Ps Beauty....

The internet is a whole other world with millions of websites launched and available it can be so overwhelming at times. Being a lover of all things beauty i love nothing more then finding now concepts, the latest phone apps or websites. Apart from the beauty online shops i never read or hear anything of a beauty website that is knowledgeable and able to guide us girls in what is right for our skin type or what we are after with makeup. 

Ps Beauty is an online beauty website that started out as an experiment to test the theory that buying beauty products can be a long process with not knowing what products to buy. From this it then questioned:

How much money have we wasted buying products we won’t use?
Why is it so difficult to buy the right beauty product?
Is it possible to find the right products without having to leave the comfort of your own home?

Ps Beauty saw this as an opportunity to fix this problem, they launched in 2011 with a handful of beauty tools created by beauty experts who were curious of the theory. The results wowed everyone and were able to recommend products successfully that suited the individual needs. This then started handful of feedback from all over the world and developed the technology powering the recommendations which is called Poppy! Everytime you rate a beauty product Poppy learns what you like and dislike making the recommendations more accurate. Taking in considerations like the latest trends aswell. With your help this makes finding beauty products easier for everyone.

An example of the foundation tool: 

 As you can see above using the foundation tool it really helps to guide you through what is best for your skin type, what finish you like, your skintone etc. The end results are fab and the products recommended are ones i would most definately try out. 

The site also tailors what suits you in other beauty products such as mascaras, blushers. Overall i think this is such a good handy website that is so unique and helps you find new products too!!

What do you think of this site? would you use it?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

MUA Haul |

Hi Lovelies, todays post is a haul from MUA (Make up Academy) which is a well known brand amongst the blogging world with its affordable prices and the latest beauty products. I have to admit i have only brought a couple of items from this brand like a mascara and a lipgloss both i really enjoy using on a regular basis. 

(Left to right on nail wheel: Ameretto Crush, Pistachio ice cream, All nude, Lush Lilac)

The first things that caught my eye were these pretty pastel nail varnishes for a bargain of £1!! yes £1!! Amaretto crush is a beautiful salmon red colour. Pistachio ice cream is a pretty mint green colour, All nude is a classic pale white colour. Lush Lilac is a beautiful pale lilac colour. On the nail wheel this is with one coat applied and i think with two coats plus a top coat they will look stunning colours. I love all four of these colours and will no doubt be wearing them non stop. 

Next was this lipstick that was also a £1 and i brought the shade 'Bare' its a light nude and the pigmentation is amazing on the lips and ive only had to touch up twice in a  day with it which for a mere £1 that is not bad quality at all. On the lips its quite matte which i really like in a lipstick. Another winner in my eyes!!

Again this eyeshadow was £1!! getting all the bargains. I brought the shade 1 - Pearl which is a gorgeous gold slightly shimmery colour, i have been using this as a eyeshadow and a brow highlighter too. Its a versatile shade that can be used for many looks. 

(Left to right: Candyfloss, Marshmallow)

These blushers were also £1 each and are part of the new spring blush collection. Candyfloss is a more rose gold shimmery shade i would say and is amazingly pigmented a little goes along way!! Marshmallow which is quickly becoming one of my favourite blushers is a pretty light pink shade and gives a lovely healthy bit of colour to the apples your cheeks. 

(Swatches left to right: Marshmallow, Candyfloss, (blushers) Pearl eyeshadow and bare lipstick)
I also brought this blusher f6 brush which was £3. Its shaped to easily glide along your cheekbones to give you a flawless colour to your cheeks. The brush is so easy to use and with synthetic bristles. I love how easy it is to contour and to apply blush!!

Any items from my haul you want to go out and try?

Monday, 10 June 2013

10 Things You Dont Know About Me....


Todays post is  abit of a more get to know me type of thing. I thought it would be really fun to know a few more things about me as in 'the girl behind the blog'. I love reading blogs that are personal and easy to relate to the person. I really enjoy lifestyle posts and travel too!! Here goes.....

1. I am an emotional person as in if im sad, happy, angry, excited you will know about it. I show my emotions easily

2. When i was little i used to constantly watch matilda and the parent trap every weekend without fail. 

3. I prefer to go shopping alone then with other people. I find it more easy to know what i want without getting strayed to buy other things i dont need ;)

4. I actually never wanted to go to university ever. Now im starting my second year in september

5. I was very much a girl who had a plan. Everything i wanted was mapped out at a certain age but now i dont. Spontaneous all the way!!

6. My mum always said i should of been a writer as i have a very creative brain. My dreams are crazy and if i documented everyone im sure it would make a great story. 

7. Im a very homely person and i would love to live in the countryside in a little cottage someday

8. My biggest fears are planes and injections/hospital

9. The things in my past have made me who i am today and without that experience i wouldnt be as confident or know exactly what i want out of life.

10. When i was little i used to think i had a secret garden in my garden. Again my imagination never let me down!!

So a few little things that you might now know about me. Let me know if you like reading more personal posts?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

May Faves....

Hi lovelies hope you are all doing well. I cannot believe we are only in the month of june and halfway through the year. I have officially finished my first year at university and the summer is a well deserved break!! Hopefully booking a holiday at some point whilst i have this time off. Plenty of relaxing is needed!! If you havent read my previous post im also on a abit of a lifestyle change at the moment eating healthy and exercising. Maybe updates on my progress soon?

Okay so onto my monthly faves. I only have 5 products that i have been using constantly as ive been trying to let my skin breathe abit and im trialing new skincare for my blemished prone skin. 
First up is this gorgeous plum colour lipstick 'plum perfection' from Collection (2000). I brought this about a year ago i think and ive just been reaching for this quite about this month. To be honest it is a more winter colour but i really think it suits my skin tone and ive not been much for going crazy on makeup this month so its just been nice to have a pop of colour on the lips. 
Next is the MUA mascara which i have reviewed in full before here. This mascara is abit dry but the wand itself just gives a very natural look to the lashes so effortlessly. Id say that if it wasnt as drying it would be amazing and it does such a good job seperating all of the lashes equally. I have been loving the natural look too this month so its been right up my street. 
The Revlon photoready cream blusher in 'flushed' is the most prettiest colour on the apples of your cheek. Teamed up with the real techniques stippling brush its the perfect combo. I love wearing this blusher as its not drying and it stays on for a good while too. It definately makes me feel more summer ready wearing this beauty!!
As i have said i am trialing new blemish products for my skin and i brought the Clinique ant blemish foundation '01' earlier this month. I think its a really good foundation and covers blemishes up so well and has a good medium coverage. The only issue i have is that it does tend to stick about to dry skin. The colour is the perfect match as i am so pale right now. I think i will carry on using this more for this month to be able to give a better review but so far im really liking this foundation. 
Last of all is the Body Shop Vitamin C microdermabrasion. Im a huge skincare junkie i admit and for me that is the one thing i enjoy is buying new skin products. I have heard alot about microdermabrasion and its basically a more in depth exfoliation. This one contains really fine beads that help to slough dead skin. Using it a maximum of twice a week it helps to reduce scars and rid of dry skin. Its worked wonders on my skin and the smell is so fruity and fresh. Its a lovely product if you are after abit more of a thorough exfoliation. 
What have been your monthly faves this month? :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

OOTD: Primark Dress & Gladiator Sandals

Hi Lovelies, hope you are all well!! Today i thought i would share with you a quick ootd post (Excuse the mirror shot) but i brought this skater style dress yesterday from primark at £5!! yes a mere fiver!! its absolutely stunning so simple and fits effortlessly. Styled it with my gladiator sandals that i brought also from primark for £10. Im planning on making the most of today in the gorgeous sunny weather :)
Do you like this dress? what are your plans in the weather today?