Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sharing The Blogging Love |

Just lately i have had alot of time to discover new blogs and some firm favourites of mine at the moment. I love finding new blogs and people who share the same passion but also i like reading not just purely beauty too!! I just thought i would share with you all my favourite four that i am loving, i also have many other blogs that i love and read on a regular basis too!! So here they are: 
First of all Bird Words is my go to blog! Not only is the girl behind the blog amazing ;) she has the most honest and thorough reviews. Her blog pictures are second to none. So clear and well presented. I love the way she writes with abit of wittyness and is someone you can just relate to instantly. You can tell from her blog she puts alot of effort and time into it. My favourite posts are her how to contour and blogging tips!! I can honestly say you wont be disappointed :)

Un-Observed is a blog i recently discovered a couple of months again and i am so annoyed with myself that i didnt find it sooner. I am addicted,  her photos, her reviews. WOW.  I have spent many times going through her whole entire blog and just reading all of her posts one by one. I love that it isnt just a beauty based blog and also has some great DIY posts included.  I just have alot of love for this blog and will continue to do so. 

Jennypurr is a new blog that i have recently found and i am loving it. Her skincare posts are ones that i cannot spend a day without looking at her latest reviews. With the same skin type as me i really like reading what works for her and also gives me a huge wishlist of products to try. I love the in depth reviews which are so helpful. 
Jenny Purr 

Through Chelsea's Eyes is a stunning blog. Her outfit posts are always so pretty and i love that they are bang on trend. I love reading her beauty reviews as they are always so thorough and i feel like i can always trust her opinion on products too. If you are after clear photos and in depth reviews then this is the blog for you. 

Through Chelsea's Eyes 

Hope you have liked my four favourites. I thought i would keep it short and sweet but you can always head on over to the blogs mentioned and you never know you might find a new read. I wanted to have a different sort of post but also giving the ones mentioned abit of blogging love from myself as they are my favourite reads. 

Have you checked any of these blogs out? :) 


  1. This is a lovely post, I'd never be able to narrow down all the new blogs I like theres so so many!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. I love these posts!

    Kimberley x

  3. I have a new blog I set up recently and would love it if people could check it out..

  4. I love finding new blogs too- I'm new to this whole thing myself. Thanks for the links, going to have a browse now :)



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