Sunday, 16 June 2013

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The internet is a whole other world with millions of websites launched and available it can be so overwhelming at times. Being a lover of all things beauty i love nothing more then finding now concepts, the latest phone apps or websites. Apart from the beauty online shops i never read or hear anything of a beauty website that is knowledgeable and able to guide us girls in what is right for our skin type or what we are after with makeup. 

Ps Beauty is an online beauty website that started out as an experiment to test the theory that buying beauty products can be a long process with not knowing what products to buy. From this it then questioned:

How much money have we wasted buying products we won’t use?
Why is it so difficult to buy the right beauty product?
Is it possible to find the right products without having to leave the comfort of your own home?

Ps Beauty saw this as an opportunity to fix this problem, they launched in 2011 with a handful of beauty tools created by beauty experts who were curious of the theory. The results wowed everyone and were able to recommend products successfully that suited the individual needs. This then started handful of feedback from all over the world and developed the technology powering the recommendations which is called Poppy! Everytime you rate a beauty product Poppy learns what you like and dislike making the recommendations more accurate. Taking in considerations like the latest trends aswell. With your help this makes finding beauty products easier for everyone.

An example of the foundation tool: 

 As you can see above using the foundation tool it really helps to guide you through what is best for your skin type, what finish you like, your skintone etc. The end results are fab and the products recommended are ones i would most definately try out. 

The site also tailors what suits you in other beauty products such as mascaras, blushers. Overall i think this is such a good handy website that is so unique and helps you find new products too!!

What do you think of this site? would you use it?

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  1. Oooo just tried it and its so cool :D awesome because I never know whats out there that will match my tone



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