Monday, 10 June 2013

10 Things You Dont Know About Me....


Todays post is  abit of a more get to know me type of thing. I thought it would be really fun to know a few more things about me as in 'the girl behind the blog'. I love reading blogs that are personal and easy to relate to the person. I really enjoy lifestyle posts and travel too!! Here goes.....

1. I am an emotional person as in if im sad, happy, angry, excited you will know about it. I show my emotions easily

2. When i was little i used to constantly watch matilda and the parent trap every weekend without fail. 

3. I prefer to go shopping alone then with other people. I find it more easy to know what i want without getting strayed to buy other things i dont need ;)

4. I actually never wanted to go to university ever. Now im starting my second year in september

5. I was very much a girl who had a plan. Everything i wanted was mapped out at a certain age but now i dont. Spontaneous all the way!!

6. My mum always said i should of been a writer as i have a very creative brain. My dreams are crazy and if i documented everyone im sure it would make a great story. 

7. Im a very homely person and i would love to live in the countryside in a little cottage someday

8. My biggest fears are planes and injections/hospital

9. The things in my past have made me who i am today and without that experience i wouldnt be as confident or know exactly what i want out of life.

10. When i was little i used to think i had a secret garden in my garden. Again my imagination never let me down!!

So a few little things that you might now know about me. Let me know if you like reading more personal posts?


  1. I love these posts, I'm so nosy! Number 7 is my favorite - I'd love to do that too!


    1. Me too i love personal posts :) nice to get to know a blogger abit more :) xx

  2. i agree with shopping alone, i'm the same. i find it impossible to traipse around shops with other people and having to wait for them, i just want to do it all by myself because i know what i want! x

    1. Me too i get easily distracted with other people shopping haha!! xx


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