Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Monthly Favourites

Im so glad that January is very nearly over. Ive had the winter blues majorly so far. Really looking forward to spring and summer with no snow :). This month i have been loving quite a few products and i had to wittle it down which has taken me awhile to do so here goes:
MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Heaven And Earth
This palette is amazing and so pigmented. The colours are really natural looking colours and are perfect for an everyday look. I adore this product and have used it everyday since purchasing it. At a cheap price it has high quality and im sure its going to last me abit :)
Embryoliss Lait Creme Concentre
I would have to say this is one of the best moisturisers i have used for underneath my makeup. Its a light base and really helps to create a dewy look if thats what you like. You only need a pea size amount and your face feels so hydrated and ready to start the day. I always look forward to using this in a morning. Gives a lovely glow too. 
Nivea Pearl Shine Lip Balm
This was my first ever lipbalm i ever used as a teenage and i recently rediscovered my love for it this month. Its has a great shine to the finish of your lips and they feel super soft and moisturised. I adore this lip balm. Always carry it round with me and its nice to have abit of a tint to your lips if you dont want have anything heavy on your lips or lipgloss.
Pantene Heat Defence Gloss Spray
I have really been into using less heated products on my hair this month which i havent found difficult at all as ive mainly been wearing it in a bun. But before i blow dry my hair i spray abit of this beauty on my hair and it smells sooooooooooo good :) It leaves a little glossiness to your hair and protects at the same time. Cannot say anything more about it. Just a lovely product that does the job
Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment
This spot treatment is a life saver for me. I have those really nasty under the skin spots not as often anymore but so annoying. Its helped using this product and ive seen them vanish within a few days. To me its abit of a magic as ive never experience a spot treatment thats worked so quickly for me. So i would highly recommend this product beauties :)
Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray
Again this month ive really been feeling the 'au naturale' days with my hair. First off i have had alot of compliments when i use this product about how good my hair smells. I cant describe the smell but its gorgeous. Love using this if i want abit of a beachy messy sort of hair day which is most days when im at uni. 
So thats all my lovely products that i have been loving this month. 
What have been your beauties of this month?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ELF Lip Exfoliator - Yummy!!

Whilst it was snowing heavily i decided to check out the ELF website. I came across the ELF Lip Exfoliator which i thought would be perfect to try out especially as the winter season is when you have dry chapped lips more.

The packaging it came in i thought was really sleek and looked higher brand to me. So i was really impressed. When i undid the packaging the lip exfoliator is the same size as a lipstick. PERFECT!! a little beauty you can carry around in your makeup bag aslong as you have some where to wipe it off. It smells like caramel not sickly caramel just a nice enough whiff off it!! :)
It gently exfoliates lips to remove chapped skin with a sugary sweet smoothing sensation. It has Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado Grape and Jojoba Oil to nourish and protect. 
You apply the product with damp lips and massage in a circular motion to exfoliate. Then after grab a cotton pad that has been moistened with water and wipe away. 
(Its a clear exfoliator)
Its not very bitty i didnt find which obviously you do with exfoliators. Its just a nice simple little beauty that does the job and at the price of £3.75 who can not get it???!!!
Have you tried any lip exfoliators that work a treat? :)

LAQA & CO - Nail Polish Pen

Im a big nail lover. Im a sucker for a new twist on nail products and this polish pen completely drew me in. The first thing i noticed was the gorgeous art work on the packaging. Each colour has a different artist on the box. 

The design is by Carol Del Angel. Carol is an illustrative artist from London and her specialty is mixing photography & freehand but she’s also outrageously good at rich patterns.
 Squid Ink Nail Polish Pen
The colour i chose was Squid Ink - its a beautiful shade of teal. (Definitely has brightened my day! Nail colours changes my mood big time. You have to give the pen a good shake before application and then give the coloured end a push. You may have to push it 5-6 times but be patient :) i applied 3 coats which i think you really need to get that high glossy look. 

Check out this leaflet that came with it - You might not be able read all the writing. (It made me giggle) !! This is what it reads:

I, the leaflet of this product.....

would just like to say how wonderful you're looking today. REALLY!!! I know what you're thingking by the way " A TALKING LEAFLET IS RIDICULOUS!". Well missy who's the one asking a leaflet questions? YOU? Quit questioning the leaflet and read carefully. See the artwork lathered all over the box? it was crated by an INCREDIBLY TALENTED YOUNG ARTIST. And because they're talented and young they'll see a share of profit whenever you buy me. And if you just hae to know more about these awesome artists. Check out LAQA AND CO.COM. Just quietly thank GOODNESS you brought one. You dont want anyone blaming you for the starvation of young creative people. But if that doesnt bother you at least your nails will look good. 

(ha!! i loved this leaflet never read anything quite as funny before)


Overall i love this colour and the quality of the polish. The pen may get abit stuck at points if you have to keep pumping it. But the pen on it is really lovely and easy to use. It is abit pricey for nail varnish but if you wanting to try out a new concept with high glossy colours then i would recommend it!!

This is an exclusive at Selfridges - For £11. here
Do you buy high end nail varnishes? What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Whats Happening? #1

I LOVE finding out new things. Im abit of a geek like that :) i like to learn new things or even read it which makes me question things alot more. Its abit like a challenge for me. So i thought from my last post about the jeans helping cellulite i would do a weekly post on whats happening in the beauty industry. I dont mean new trends or products, i want to blog about news. 
 My first reaction is WOW!! - This beauty vending machine opens at Harvey Nichols and goes beyond the normal vending machine of drinks and chocolate.  This is a different destination for a girl to buy beauty products. Inside the vending machine you will find the worlds very best but hard to find must haves reinvented in the vending machine. 

It was first featured at the pop up Chanel store last summer where they put their season edits of nail colours inside :). Now Harvey Nichols wants a bit of the action when it comes to competition with a fun PERMANENT beauty vending machine all of its own. YAYYYY!! 
This one is on the fourth floor of Harvey Nichols in London and its the first home for it. But im pretty sure that this little idea will flourish in no time. Its filled with 32 beauty bags and is edited by the ex vogue director  - Anne Marie Solowij and Millie Kendall who is the co founder of Rubie and Millie.
The bags start at £3.45 and go up to £98.00.  There are bags such as the love and peace bag which includes a balm and candle to name a few items, a fashion emergency bag filled with Miss Oops Mishap tape, Rescue sponge, mini bastiste dry shampoo etc. 

If you are not sure whats behind the glass you use the touch pad screen to scroll through each bag and you will get a detailed low down on each product. 
Overall i think this is a pretty brainy idea. Vending seems to make shopping simple and abit like fast track shopping. I really love the idea and i think beauty is definately evolving which is exciting to us beauty goers. 
Has anyone seen this vending machine in London? Do you think its a good idea?