Sunday, 20 January 2013

Out with the old in with the new..

Today ive been thinking alot and ive decided to make a few changes. I probably should of started in the new year but better later then never!! I have decided to start the 30 day shred and also have abit of a budget on my spending of money which means i am selling things on ebay. 
I love ebay it feels like a car boot sale except doing it from the comfort of your own home :) 
So hopefully i can get rid of some of my things just to start off with bits of clothes, shoes and dvds. Then hopefully when i get time il maybe do a little blog sale on here of my makeup/ nail bits etc i havent used!!
(Hopefully that link above works if not just search for me which is: lovexbeauty2012
If anybody is interested in my items but havent got an ebay account then leave me a comment and can sort out the items you would like!!

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