Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jeans that banish cellulite.. REALLY?

Jeans and me we dont get on at all. I arent a jeans kind of girl i just feel like i cant move in them no matter what style i go for. Im much like a leggings/skirt type of girl :) Ive just been doing some uni work and i came across an article that said about WRANGLERS DENIM SPA JEANS - So of course as a spa student i had to read more on this and thought i would share it with you all. 
Wrangler is to lauch a denim jean line that tackles cellulite. Ive NEVER heard anything so bizarre in my entire life? WHAT?!!!
The smooth legs skinny jeans are made from facric that  have been treated with orange peel ingredients which include caffeine, retinol and algae ectract. In the ad compaign for this collection Wrangler have hired the beautiful Lizzie Jagger to model the range. In the article it goes on to say that maybe Wrangler have hired the super skinny as they have said model because they are worried the jeans wont work. 
Clinical tests have stated that 69% of those trailing the jeans have seen a difference in the appearance of their thighs. Any day now are going to be having other denim spa range on sale which include pairs that are infused with moisturising olive oil extract and soothing aloe vera. The coating only lasts for 15 wears. So Wrangler have also created a reload spray to use after each wash which should extend the beauty benefits. 

In my opinion until i see the results i wont believe it. But i think that companies go too overboard trying to convince results that may never happen.
 Would you try out these jeans?


  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award please check out my blog post for details

    Sarah xx

  2. This post is great, I also saw something about this but thought it must be a joke haha! If they work, they will be bloody extortionate!

    From what i've seen of your blog so far, its great! Followed x

    1. Aww thank you :) i love finding out new beauty ideas and inventions. Bit of a geek :P xx

  3. I think the same really, denim is denim to me no matter what it's been infused with! I do wear jeans sometimes but I'm like you, they feel a bit restricting


    1. Its a clever idea but i wont believe it untill i see results :) haha. See it to believe it xx


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