Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hello Shopping Goodbye Money....


Ombre jumper £12 - Primark

Cream star studded chunky knit jumper £10 - Primark

Beige knitted jumper £8 - Primark
Cream wooly jumper £7- H&M

Long gem necklace £5 - New Look
Feather necklace £4 - New Look
Peter pan necklace collar £6.99 - New Look
Bronze spike bracelet £4 - New Look
Gold spike hair bobble £2 - Primark

Cute pig socks £1 - New Look

Flower headband £2.99 - New Look
Studded bow headband £1.50 - New Look
Bag £7.99 - New Look
Iphone money purse £4 - Primark
Handmade cat iphone pouch £8 - Etsy
Its that time of year again where the january sales are mayhem and you know what you want but you cant find it because of the shops being so busy and crowded (Expecially primark ahhhhh!!!) 
The first essentials on my shopping list was jumpers especially as i travel from stoke to buxton everyday and it will almost likely snow in buxton before it hits my hometown so i thought i would be prepared with thick jumpers that are warm and cosey whilst im busy studying at uni. 
I havent brought jewellery in a LONG LONG time and im currently sorting out all my belongings. Every year when its a new year i sort through all my old things that i can get rid of ready for new things (bit of an excuse for more shopping? of course not who i am kidding? haha. At the moment i am loving statement necklaces anything unusual and long is right up my street. They bring a little extra to an outfit and makes it more complete i think. 
Headbands are another item that i think can just jazz up your hair something simple and classy.
Now i have a confession to spill.... i am loving non stop buying cute socks im like addicted honestly. When i entered new look i got so easily distracted by the pig socks that i HAD to buy them. They are so cute and a bargain. Honestly in my sock drawer i will most probably have a whole zoo tucked away haha. 
Ive seen the iphone money purses for awhile like the croc effect ones in topshop but i saw this in primark and i just think that say on a night out if you didnt want take much you have your phone and money in one place which is ideal. The cute cat iphone pouch was a MUST as its so PURRRFECCCCCTTT!! (Getting carried away now)..... again this will be handy for in my bag.
What has been your number one bargain purchase from the sales? 
Love Emily xx




  1. I love the cream star jumper! I might have to pick it up!

    1. Its a little beauty :) Hope you can find it.

      Love Emily xx

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog hun, I've followed you back now :)
    Can't believe that iphone clutch/purse from Primark.. it's a clone of my Urban Outfitters one that was about 5 times the price haha feel mortifed! :'( xx

    1. They are so handy to have :) i love the ones from topshop the croc effect ones hmmmm very tempted to get one of those beauts. I didnt even know primark did them hidden away haha xx

  3. That iPhone case/purse looks so good! I might just have to invest in one, it's so hard to find a clutch bag that fits an iPhone in plus everything else you're taking out with you!! I must say I didn't buy much from the sales, I opted for lip sticks and they weren't on sale :( BUT I bought a beautiful navy dress with gold and navy sequins on the top half from Topshop. £46 reduced to £20, and also a black velvet dress with gold glitter stars from Topshop, £42 reduced to £22.50 yey :) xo

    1. I love the topshop croc effect iphone purse thingy at the moment so tempted to buy it :( trying be strict on my bank balance dont know how long its going last for ahhhh!! They are very handy to have so i would say get one :P. Those dresses sound gorgeous cant go wrong with topshop dresses xx


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