Friday, 4 January 2013

First Post EEEKKKKKK!!!

So as my first post it is very daunting as a new experience but i hope that you lovely people out there will be patient and friendly :) 

The reason i have started this blog is to express and share my opinions and thoughts on the beauty products i have tested, what i get up to (if that will interest anybody?)

Having a passion for beauty isn't just about trying and testing out new products it is also about speaking to people who also work in the industry which i find really interesting. As beauty and new trends are always changing and developing it is always exciting to see what is out there and to get experiencing it

What are your thoughts?

Love Emily x


  1. Far from shabby and I completely understand your passion for beauty xx

  2. Is there any way I can follow you on bloglovin? x

  3. I have now put on bloglovin so you can follow me? :) xx

  4. I just started a beauty blog too :) Have a look? I'm hoping we can be friends here on blogger :) xx

  5. I just started my own blog so I know the feeling of 'who wants to read my staff'!

    But I like what I have seen so far of you, so I am following you.

    Check out my Blog as well. :D

    Love, A!

  6. i've started blogging 4 months ago , and honestly it's such a fun thing to do ! I love everything that has to do with beauty and being able to share that with people who have that same passion is amazing ! I wish you all the best for your new blog!

    x Liyana


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