Saturday, 12 January 2013

Pretty Lashes

I absolutely love MASCARA and i feel the most confident when i have it on. Even if i have no other makeup products on my face if i have mascara on i feel as though my confidence and personality just comes out (bit weird?) Each to their own really. 

I try out way too many mascaras every year to experiment for different effects whether im going for natural lashes or night time dramatic lashes. Ive been trying out the Loreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara for about 3 months now and its just exactly what i like in a mascara. 

The wand on the brush is perfect as it gets every single lash for an intense look.

'The innovative lengthening fibre formula builds intensity. Lashes look elongated as if beyond their tips'.

I totally recommend this mascara if you are after length and fullness in your lashes.

Its £10.99 which is abit on the pricey side but its worth the money. 

(My lashes everyday without mascara or eyelash curling)

(My lashes with the mascara on. Excuse my eyes looking abit scary!!)

The mascara is very buildable if you wanted your lashes to stand out more. The photo above is after just one coating of mascara.

What is your must have mascara? 


  1. Nice post, looks like a good mascara! I've used ones from L'oreal before, I love the volume million lashes one. My favorite mascara though is probably the Max Factor false lash effect one :)

    -Lucy xx

    1. Oooh i will have to try out some of the mascaras youve mentioned i like to try different ones all the time :) so thanks for that il have a cheeky purchase :) xx

  2. That mascara looks so good, I really want to try one like that! I currently use Scandal Eyes mascara which is pretty good :) xx

    1. Il have to try the one out that youve mentioned lovely :) - mascara is my must have!! xx


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