Thursday, 18 April 2013

Racinne: Hydra Perfection Serum

I love trying out new skincare lately and ive seen a massive improvement over the last couple of months with my skin. When i was asked to try out a new skincare brand i instantly jumped at the chance. 
Racinne is a skincare brand formed in Korea and is inspired by the latest research into plant callus extract technology. They give exceptional results which help to increase luminioisity of the skin and suppleness. The ultra hydra series provides maximum hydration for your skin with a lightweight formula that works to nourish and protect the skin. The Ultimate Hydra Essentialift Supplement Serum* (£28.00) helps to soften and support dry skin with the hydrating concentrate that is enright with extracts of grape and ginkgo biloba leaf that helps leave the skin smooth and nourished.

I have never tried serums before and have found that my skin has lacked moisture and hydration so this came at the perfect time to try out a serum. Its lovely and lightweight and have applied this after cleansing my skin. I have patted this serum into the skin on a night. Ive felt using it on a night more benficial as that is when my skin tends to need alot more hydration. Ive been applying this every night before i go to sleep and have seen such an amazing difference in my skin. Its brightened and nourished my skin getting rid of dry patches on my face. 

The packaging is really simple but adds a luxury feel to the product. It comes with a pump that is easy to apply the product.

Overall this product is one that i will continue to use as its given me that much needed moisture back into my skin :)

Have you tried serums before?

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