Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Whats Happening #2 - Drink collagen to make yourself beautiful WHAT?.....

Collagen is a type of protein that looks after your skins firmness and it is found in everyone's skin. But with age it does decrease which often leads to wrinkles. Various collagen products can help gain some of it back so that the skin can keep as much elasticity as it can. 

Celebrities and other famous people have been admitting to say they are not drinking their beauty products. The one that is most popular is the drinks that contain collagen which ultimately will give you a youthful look. Brands such as Pure Gold Collagen have claimed that these drinks boost collagen levels in the skin. Particularly Brazil and Asia are all stocking up on this kind of product. 

According to analysts who look at the global markets they expect to see a rise in around £41.3 billion by 2014 in this product.
Dr Sam Bunting a dermatologist has said that he hasnt seen any evidence that explains why taking collagen orally should improve the quality of collagen in the skin. Apparently there are plenty of testimonials on the Boots websites from women speaking highly of this sort of products. The pure gold collage drink sells for £35.00 for a ten day supply. 

 To be honest with you i think that this is a load of rubbish. People are inventing the craziest things to do with beauty and i reckon that in years to come it will get  much more advanced. At the end of the day everyone at some point is going to get old and you can only do so much to prevent or even help your skin with the aging process. Whether you choose to have botox etc is up to the person. I dont think drinking collagen is going to have a big dramatic effect on your skin. You should embrace who you are and everyone is beautiful in there own way. Everyone gets down days and insecurities so sometimes it is nice to have a little bit of pampering to make you feel good about yourself :) 

You are who you are!! :)

What do you think about this collagen drink?


  1. I don't think drinking collagen sounds like a good idea. Plus, I'm way too lazy to do any sort of regimen! I agree with you that everybody has their flaws but it's important to embrace your own beauty before trying to alter it :)
    Steph // GIVEAWAY fun size beauty

    1. I know i dont really believe in things like that i have to see big evidence in order to be convinced :) xx


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