Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Impossible List.....

I am one of those people who stick to what they know. For example i am really fussy with food i like things quite plain and nothing too fancy so going out for meals with my family they find a nightmare. I always settle for safe things to do and dont like being out of my comfort zone. I was a person who used to plan every last detail of things ahead of time so i had lots of things look forward to and i knew what was happening. This year i vowed to be more spontaneous and not plan everything so of course i mean i do plan holidays but little trips i want it to be more last minute. 
I decided quite recently i wanted to challenge myself more and especially with this blog it has taken me months to actually pluck up the courage and start doing it and as the days have gone by im more and more excited of writing posts and getting to chat to new people. Im definitely embracing new things. As i have mentioned i will write little lifestyle posts on odd occasions when i feel as though i want to share things with all of you lovelies :)
I have created a impossible list of all of things i thought wouldnt be possible. 
So here is my list: 
  1. Help change one persons life for the better
  2. Raise enough money to help children who are less fortunate
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Get over the fear of flying
  5. Get over being claustrophobic
  6. Visit australia 
  7. Travel for more than a month
  8. Do a road trip across europe
  9. Learn to scubadive
  10. Start my own 2 businesses with money ready
 You may read and think that many of these are possible things which they are but personally i have a few barriers to get me to do these things. I think for me to have these and see them more as goals its a little challenge that i can work on for myself. 
 “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney
Would you do a impossible list? set yourself some targets for this year? :)


  1. I love your list. I'm totally with you in regards to fear of flying. There are so many places I'd love to visit, but aeroplanes do not make sense. We have Gravity for a reason. I hope you manage to overcome the fear. x

    1. Thank you lovely :) i hope i overcome it too i want to go on a plane for longer then 2 hours ahhhh xx


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