Tuesday, 12 February 2013

"Your hair is your strength, no matter what length"...

Our hair is one of the most valued parts. We can spend so much time, effort and money to make sure our hair is just how we like it. Your hair is like your personality you decide how you like it whether its dying it purple or going for a nice chopped bob. I would say that when i have my hair done i feel a million times better especially when you get to that hair stage when its just not doing what you want it to do. Since having my hair coloured 3 years ago ive seen how much your hair takes a battering. Having it coloured means your hair is not as strong as with all the chemical that is going on to it. So looking after and nurturing your hair will make it 10x more happier. 
I came across these two different treatments and both under £5. Bargain :)
First thing is the Loreal Elvive Triple Resist Arginine Masque Pot 300ml - Boots £3.70. This little pot is enriched with arginine and leaves your hair healthy and shiny from root to tip. It leaves your hair detangled and gives your hair the nourishment it needs. If youve ever tried loreal shampoo or conditioner then it smells just like them. Cant really describe the smell its just really unique. I applied this after i had shampooed my hair in the shower and left this on for about 3 minuted then rinsed it out. I cant tell you how good my hair felt after it just felt so much better and really shiny. 
The nest thing i got was the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Protection Cream - Superdrug £1.85. The smell from this is so fruity it smells gorgeous :) i applied this on damp hair and left it in as i was drying my hair naturally. When i woke up my hair felt so bouncy and really fresh looking. This cream really gives moisture back into your hair and helps to restore its strength. Really glad ive purchased it and my hair is alot stronger with using it. In a way i would say its like a hair oil and just another way of protecting your hair.
Have you tried any hair masks or protection creams lately? Any ones your suggest i check out?


  1. I am loving hair care so much at the minute. I've just done a mini review of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth shampoo, conditioner and treatment on my Haul Post, I love it!


    1. My hair has really grown alot stronger and healthier with added hair treatments so good :) xx

  2. I'm trying to stay away from silicones but the herbal essences cream looks really nice, might have to get it! Xx

    1. Its so nice lovely :) your hair feels completely diff afterwards in a really good way!! xx


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