Thursday, 7 February 2013

A day in the life of a spa girl....

To all the lovely people out there. I thought id share a more personal post seen as many of you liked the facts about me post :) 
This is a day on a typical shift!!
(I look like a budda haha. And of course i wouldnt be wearing nail varnish)!!
8.00am: Arrive at the spa nice and early to prepare for clients. Place our belongings into the lockers and we wait at the top of the seating area for the 'huddle'.
8.30am: Wait for the rest of the team to arrive and have a mini gossip
8.45am: Spa manager gets us all together to start the huddle. She starts by saying how many clients are due at the spa today, what treatments and if they any special requirements. From this the treatments will already be assigned previously depending on what you are qualified in. The roles start with receptionist, spa host, spa tour, therapists and senior therapists. 
9.00am: Start with the wet room which is where the aromatherapy suite is, hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room, foot baths, monsoon shower and dry flotation. All of the heated equipment need to be turned on and do sodium/chloride tests for the pool to check that enough is putting put in or not.
9.30am: Chop up lemons and lime for the refreshing cleanser and add ice for the bowl in the wet room. Also add enough flannels for people to use. 
9.45am: Set up the relaxation room with candles and cushions. Making sure that everything is to the right standard and everything is in the same position. 
10.00am: Set up individual treatment rooms by adding candles. Filling up oils and turning on the cabbi adding mittens. Making up the treatment bed with surrongs and a pillow. Adjusting the bed for the right height for the therapist to do treatment. Getting any necessary equipment for treatment. 
10.30am: First client will usually be entering at this time and be taken to the seating area and asked to complete a medical consultation form. They are then lead by the spa host to the changing area and told to meet them back in reception.
10.40am: The client is then greeted again by the spa host and is started the tour of the spa. They are told about the benefits of the aromatherapy suite, hydrotherapy, monsoon shower. The guidelines for the sauna and steam room and how to use the foot baths. They are then told to relax and forget about time. 
10.45am: So whilst the client is in the spa which they have an hour before treatment. The medical form is then checked over for any contra indications which would affect the treatment or any sort of requirements. After this they will take a drink to the client into the spa. 
11.45am: The client is introduced to their therapist and shown to the correct treatment room. 
11.50am: They are then asked to go over some more questions that will determine the type of products will be used and their wants or needs of the treatment so if they want to have more pressure on the neck area or suffer with a sore part of the body. After this they are then asked  get changed into something more comfortable ready for the treatment.
12.50: Depending on the type of treatment typically 30minutes to an hour. From this treatment they are then given aftercare instructions. 
13.00pm: The client is leaded to the relaxation room with a good cuppa!! 
13.30pm: Typically the client stays in the room for a good 20-30 minutes and then escorted to reception by the same therapist and asked how their treatment was and to pay. 
After this client has gone sometimes you dont have a  break with treatments which may be back to back or you may have a few gaps in between where you would have to do laundry and take food to clients. Everyday is different and sometimes more busy then others. Hope you enjoyed a little peep into my job :) 

Have you been to a spa? what has your experience been? 


  1. I also work at a spa in a 5* hotel in South Afria - so it was really interesting to see how a day in the life of another spa girl elsewhere is like!

    Love the oufit, much nicer then mine!
    You're the Buddha and I am the Ninja!

    1. Oh wow that sounds amazing. Do you like it? Awww thankyou im not too sure the colour is a me but i deffo look like a buddha haha xxx


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