Thursday, 7 March 2013

Charles Worthington BAFTA goodies....

First of all ive never won a competition in my life and when im on twitter il retweet a few comps that are going and then il just forget about it. Well i had a huge surprise when i had a mail from Audi Uk to say i had won the BAFTA gift bag eeeekkkkk :) it contained so many lovely prizes and 2 trips away!! 

Now the bag that it all came in is such a unique and will be treasured bag. Its absolutely massive and the detail is incredible. Sorry for the not so zoomed in photo but by the envelope it just says' and the BAFTA is awarded to'.... The inside of the bag has the cute BAFTA envelope which is a lovely little pocket. 

Onto one of the best parts of the goodies. Inside was a Charles Worthington Salon At home box which again will be treasured. 

Opened up inside contains 3 products. A volume and bounce instant amplifying volume treatment, shine booster diamond shine gloss treatment and a strength and repair miracle repair elixir oil. As soon as i opened the box the smell is absolutely gorgeous from these products and i was so excited to try them out. 

The volume treatment is collagen enriched and is ideal for all hair types. It creates maximum bounce and body to your hair. I love again that it has the BAFTA logo on the product another keepsake!! This is a rinse out jelly texture that works to lift the hair from all angles which leaves it fully conditioned for full voluminous hairstyles. After shampooing you apply this product onto your hair and massage for 30 seconds or so. By blowdrying upside down the volume is insane. My hair was so full of volume even with fine hair. It looked fuller and was able to get a nice but of oomph at the roots for the hairstyle i was going to. So a massive thumbs up!! Also big congratulations to Charles Worthington for being the official hair stylists for the BAFTAS fifth year running :), 

The next product is the diamond shine gloss treatment. A dramatic shine and glossy finish with powdered diamonds. Its enriched with luminoll complex and is a rinse off formula. It smoothes the hair whilst nourishing the hair cuticle for a dramatic shine from the inside out!! You apply this product on dry hair not applying much to the roots leave on for 10 minutes whilst blowdrying on a low hot heat which intensifies the shine and then rinse out with warm water then follow with shampoo and conditioner. I had never tried a glossy shine product before so i was really looking forward to the results and i was not disappointed. My hair looked so shiny. healthy and nourished. My dark brown hair looked so glowy and the colour looked at its best. I will continue to use this beauty as the difference it makes is stunning. 

The last item is the miracle repair elixir oil. This is a deep conditioning oil with a weightless finish ideal for all hair types. It has a blend of five oils including argan oil which nourishes, smoothes and makes the hair appear more silky. Applying 2-3 pumps through the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Ive found using this product nearly every time ive washed my hair that its really helped to build up the strength of my hair and has helped it grow loads. Ive also been using it has a hair mask too just to add abit more nourishment to the rest of my hair and its really worked. 

Ive enjoyed using these Charles Worthington products and have seen such a difference in my hair that i think i will be purchasing more hair care from this brand. 

Have you tried Charles Worthington products? what are your faves? :)


  1. What a pretty presentation box - hopefully they work just as well!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  2. oooh, well done you! Products look fab but what are the trips?? Tell us more! xx Gem

    1. The two trips was a stay at geneva in france and a hotel in Gloucestershire :) very exciting and so lucky !! :) xx

  3. This all looks lovely, the diamond gloss sounds fabulous. Hope you have a lovely time away x

  4. What a great prize, you lucky girl!

  5. Well done on winning, what a fabulous prize! These products sound amazing and as though they really make a difference. Will need to see if I can get my beauty mitts on some. Great post x

    Miss Sunshine Sparkle

  6. Wow what an amazing prize! I lve Charles worthington products so much, and the bag is amazing :) x

  7. Hi thanks for tweeting me your link! I love the Charles Worthington products, they're quite a good price range for such a nice collection :) Great post!

    If you have a minute, stop by and take a look at my blog? if you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x

  8. That's amazing - congratulations on your win!

    If you fancy entering another competition I'm actually having a Benefit cosmetics giveaway on my blog at the moment, would love for you to take a look.

    Jo x

  9. WOW so jelous! well done on your win! what are the trips away?

  10. Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Check the link our below and leave me a comment on the post if you decide to participate :)

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid

  11. wow I'd love to see what else you won in the bag !

    Check out mine and let me know if you want to follow each other xx

  12. What an amazing prize - I need to start entering all of these! Thanks for sending me your link on twitter :)

    Roisin x


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